Social housing

There is not enough housing and insufficient properties are being built. Social landlords have had to adapt.

Housing associations have had to change in order to fulfil their social responsibilities

22 November 2013 14:30

Regardless of your views on social housing, you’d have to admit there are far more obvious, and natural, targets for people to choose to protest against rising rent levels in… Continue reading

Involvement in schemes like Build to Rent have damaged the reputations of social landlords. (PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/GettyImages)

Social landlords have prostituted themselves over ‘Build to Rent’

21 November 2013 11:03

Last weekend a group of young professionals, forced by a spiralling housing market to rent rooms in shared houses at exorbitant prices, moved into a new development in London’s Stratford… Continue reading


Removing housing benefit for under-25s will help glue families together

10 October 2013 12:23

People who support removing housing benefit for young people always focus on two arguments: finance and fairness. The former concerns the amount of money the government could save by not… Continue reading

Social housing has lost all sense of society and relationships.

Social housing needs to be more social

12 August 2013 12:53

With the recent anniversary of the Beveridge report, TV channels have been packed with an array of documentaries on our welfare system. Most of these have been fairly hopeless, trying to make… Continue reading

Cameron and Clegg and the rest of the Quad discussed options for the mid-term review

What will the coalition do next?

11 November 2012 17:53

We are now closer to the 2015 election than the 2010 one. We also expected by now to have the coalition’s mid-term review, the document that will set out its… Continue reading

Policy Exchange proposes selling off high value council homes. Photo: Getty.

Is selling off expensive council homes such a bright idea?

20 August 2012 8:53

Here’s a policy that looks like it could be a vote winner while helping to solve Britain’s housing crisis: selling off expensive council homes. Think tank Policy Exchange has published… Continue reading


Should evictions from social housing be broadened?

11 August 2011 14:13

I understand that the government’s view is that social housing tenants whose children live with them and are convicted of looting should be evicted from their homes. The law already… Continue reading


Housing benefit reform is a Good Thing

30 October 2010 10:46

Dressed with his effortless prose, Matthew Parris has a point (£) that proves why he is the leading commentator of the last two decades. Housing benefit reform is his subject… Continue reading


The Big Society in action

28 October 2010 10:45

The Big Society, in so far as it can be defined at all, envisages an empowered people taking responsibility for their local communities. The little platoons’ efforts could determine the… Continue reading


The new fairness battleground

27 October 2010 13:42

The f word, fairness, got another outing today at PMQs as David Cameron attempted to defend the coalition’s proposed housing benefit changes from attack by Ed Miliband. Cameron’s argument was… Continue reading


Miliband’s stage directions

27 October 2010 10:21

Labour have sprung a leak, and it’s furnishing the Times with some high-grade copy. Yesterday, the paper got their hands on an internal party memo about economic policy. Today, it’s… Continue reading