Social conservatism

Jeremy Thorpe, Edward Heath and Roy Jenkins at a Britain in Europe event in the 1970s. (Image: Getty)

If Britain has a culture war, it’s the euro-enthusiasts who started it, not Ukip

30 May 2014 11:39

Following last week’s Purple Revolution in which the pro-democracy Faragist rebels liberated Britain from the hated pro-EUSSR LibLabCon stooges (at…

Research suggests that liberals and conservatives like to live around people like them.

When it comes to diversity, most of us vote with our feet

26 November 2013 14:37

Liberals are almost as likely to flee diversity as conservatives, according to new research by Prof Eric Kaufmann for Demos.…

Have permissiveness, pornography, sensationalism and elements of the music industry created a society in which sexual abuse, especially between teenagers, is increasingly common? (DANIEL GUIMARAES/AFP/Getty Images)

Is the permissive society causing pain and harm?

26 November 2013 12:12

It was a curious coincidence, don’t you think, that the sexual conduct findings that the Lancet published today coincided with…

The age of consent is not actually designed to reflect teenagers' sexual habits, but to protect children from exploitation. (PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images)

Yes, let’s have a debate about teenage sex and the age of consent

17 November 2013 15:01

Whenever a public figure says ‘we need a debate here’, as Professor John Ashton, president of the Faculty of Public Health,…

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Can we expect more social conservatism from the Tories?

11 November 2013 12:26

The Telegraph reports that the Relationships Alliance, which is to launch in the House of Commons, warns that the ‘disintegration of…

Reigate, a pretty town in Surrey, is the setting for the latest ugly battle for the future of the Conservative Party.

Crispin Blunt and Reigate are fighting for the future of the Conservative Party

9 November 2013 18:09

Senior Reigate Conservatives are trying to de-select Crispin Blunt as their MP, who lost a re-selection ballot of just 22…


A serious political party would defend traditional marriage

6 February 2013 10:23

What is the point of a Conservative party that does not see practical value, perhaps wisdom, in traditional institutions such…

Cameron tackles internet porn with more government

11 October 2011 12:28

David Cameron is taking his woman trouble seriously. He will unveil plans to curb internet pornography at a meeting with…

In defence of Liam Fox

10 October 2011 10:20

The feeding frenzy over Liam Fox tells us a great deal more about what is wrong with the Conservative Party…

Why conservatives should welcome gay marriage

5 October 2011 16:02

David Cameron just told the Tory conference that he supported gay marriage “because I am a Conservative”. In last week’s issue of…

Sex gangs and the triumph of ignorance

8 January 2011 12:12

As Rod Liddle notes, there’s a hell of a media storm raging over sexual abuse committed by men of Pakistani…

David Aaronovitch and the social conservative consensus

6 January 2011 18:34

David Aaronovitch is one of the preeminent voices of the liberal-left in this country. He is no social conservative and…