The Lockerbie Conspiracy

16 July 2010 0:57

First things first: it is extremely inconvenient, even embarrassing, that Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi is still alive nearly a year after he was released from Greenock Prison on the grounds that… Continue reading


Salmond Accepts Reality

25 June 2010 13:51

A very interesting interview with Il Tartanissimo in the Times today in which Salmond accepts, quite candidly, that independence isn’t happening any time soon: “The centre of gravity in Scottish… Continue reading


Bannockburn Should Be Celebrated

25 May 2010 14:28

The usually estimable David Maddox has a very strange post up at the Scotsman’s politics blog complaining that Alex Salmond wants to exploit the 700th anniversary of Bannockburn. Apparently: While… Continue reading


Bercow remains Speaker, as Parliament reconvenes

18 May 2010 15:00

David Cameron sat alongside Nick Clegg on the government benches, with Harriet Harman two sword-lengths away as leader of the Opposition.  Even though the coalition has been around for a… Continue reading


The developing picture

11 May 2010 12:37

The emnity between Labour and the SNP is legendary. Scenting opportunity, Angus Robertson has tried to appeal to Labour’s progressive instincts and substantial Scottish support to secure protection from cuts.… Continue reading


This isn’t English

11 May 2010 10:51

‘The Tories are stuffed,’ a resigned Shadow Cabinet minister tells Gary Gibbon. Endorsing any such view is premature but, with Lib Dem elders counselling Clegg to join Labour, the most… Continue reading


Where are Labour’s manners?

8 May 2010 15:29

For all the feverish political activity in Westiminster today – and beyond the occasional voting reform protest – there’s a strange, impermeable calm to the situation.  Everything is going on… Continue reading


Cameron Should Also Talk to Alex Salmond

7 May 2010 15:51

Whither Scotland? Well, apart from Labour regaining the two seats it lost in by-elections not a single seat changed hands north of the border. Indeed there was a swing to… Continue reading


The Scottish Question

28 April 2010 0:24

The other day a wise friend, lamenting the "madness" of the people carried away with Cleggmania, fretted that it all amounts to the beginning of the end. For the Union,… Continue reading


Shock: the SNP are Right to Complain About the Debates

25 April 2010 15:17

No-one should be surprised that the SNP are going to court to try and change the terms and conditions of this week’s final "Leaders’ Debate". What may be more surprising… Continue reading


Will Cleggcapping Work?

22 April 2010 17:16

Well, yes, it probably will have some effect. But as Jonathan Freedland argues Clegg may survive the press’s assault with his dignity and credibility more or less intact. Indeed, the… Continue reading


The Land That Time Forgot

19 April 2010 12:34

That would be Scotland, of course. Dear old Scotia, meek and mild and quiet as a well-nursed child. There was another YouGov poll released at the weekend and this Scotland… Continue reading


Small Drama at Holyrood; Not Many Bothered

3 February 2010 23:06

A reader asks for a comment on the Scottish Budget "debate" at Holyrood. Well, I’m always sometimes happy to oblige: It passed. OK: the Tories and the Greens supported the… Continue reading


Rompuy wants the EU to slither onto the world stage

19 January 2010 13:05

Well hello there, Rompuy. We haven’t heard much from the new EU president so far – he was upstaged by Barroso at the Copenhagen conference, showing that the EU stage… Continue reading


Today Wales! Tomorrow Scotland?

18 January 2010 14:00

Iain Dale says he has absolutely no idea why the Scottish Tories have failed to make as much headway as their Welsh counterparts. A new opinion poll puts the Conservatives… Continue reading


Christmas Scandal: Bute House Edition

8 December 2009 18:48

Why do so many people hate politics? Partly because politicians insist upon making everything a matter of wearying, partisan, sillyness. Take this painting for instance. Hardly a masterpiece, not least… Continue reading


The odds on independence

30 November 2009 18:35

Whenever a London bookmaker made odds on Scottish politics, my former colleagues at The Scotsman used to make easy money*. The world of Holyrood, where yours truly served a one… Continue reading


An Open Letter to Alex Salmond

30 November 2009 0:14

Dear Alex, Happy St Andrew’s Day! Today you publish your mildly-awaited plans for a referendum on Scottish Independence. Alas, unless the Liberal Democrats can be persuaded to endorse the bill,… Continue reading


Caledonian Blues

27 November 2009 15:01

Ochone, ochone! The plight of the Scottish Tories has been receiving attention again this week. As Pete pointed out, the latest Tartan poll puts the Tories at just 18% north… Continue reading


The SNP flees for the hills

17 November 2009 13:05

Last week, I argued that the Glasgow North East by-election would force the SNP to alter its tactics. The Scottish press are reporting that Salmond will scrap his plans for… Continue reading


The tactics of political insurgency

13 November 2009 17:46

That Labour held one of its safest seats is newsworthy either indicates how desperate the party’s predicament is or that it is a very slow news day. Anything other than… Continue reading


Lessons from Glasgow North-East

13 November 2009 1:06

The result hasn’t been officially announced yet but it’s clear that Labour have won a handsome victory in the Glasgow North-East by-election. That’s no surprise. I don’t think the SNP… Continue reading


Referendum Questions: The 1707 Edition

5 November 2009 0:42

Now that the Conservatives have promised a referendum on any future transfers of power to Brussels and have, in general, become fans of referenda perhaps the party leadership can address… Continue reading


The State We’re In

3 November 2009 11:42

Deficits aren’t necessarily the end of the world but they’re not your best chum either. This chart, pinched from Burning Our Money, is a handy reminder of where we are… Continue reading


Referendum Delayed: 2012 to be the new 2010?

2 November 2009 13:53

So, it seems that dreams of a referendum next year have been dashed. 2010, once the Year of the Referendum, will now be plebiscite-free. No referendum on the Lisbon Treaty… Continue reading