The Problem of the Supreme Court

2 June 2011 2:29

Readers in England and other less-fortunate lands may not have been following the latest stushie in Scotia new and braw. This time it’s the law that’s the problem. Or rather,… Continue reading


Thought Crime in the Brave New Scotland

26 May 2011 13:55

It cannot be said that Alex Salmond’s ministry is off to a good legislative start. Not when its immediate aim is, apparently, to rush through ill-considered, illiberal, speech-curbing legislation that… Continue reading


This Scotland Subordinate? Only to a Crying Fool.

18 May 2011 15:30

Much of Alex Salmond’s speech on the occasion of his re-election as First Minister was entirely unobjectionable and some of it was even eloquent. A shame, then, that his peroration… Continue reading


This Social Union, This Commonwealth

18 May 2011 1:03

On reflection, perhaps I’ve been a little too quick to discount the historical significance of the Queen’s visit to Ireland this week. Like so much else, it’s a question of… Continue reading


Labour’s Holyrood Campaign HQ? The Beach.

11 May 2011 23:54

YesterdayTom Harris MP wrote a savage-but-accurate appraisal of Labour’s Scottish election failure for Labour Uncut. Pretty much every part of his analysis is persuasive, most notably his appreciation that Scottish… Continue reading


Aunt Annabel Departs But the Tories Can Live Again

10 May 2011 12:54

So farewell then, Annabel Goldie. As Hamish Macdonnell says, your position was weakened by the inquest into last year’s disappointing (let’s be kind, here) Westminster results. But Miss (never Ms)… Continue reading


A leadership contest might be just what the Scottish Tories need

10 May 2011 9:08

That’s it, the full house. Alex Salmond has seen off all three main opposition party leaders before the Scottish Parliament has even convened for the first time in this new… Continue reading


The Size of Things to Come & Unionism Needs a New Story

10 May 2011 0:27

Recalling the collapse of RBS, Tyler Cowen suggests that Scottish independence might not be such a nifty notion: The conceptual point is simple.  If you think that the world is… Continue reading


Salmond sees out his rivals

8 May 2011 18:32

Two down and one to go: that’s the score among the opposition leaders in the Scottish Parliament as the parties continue to sift through the wreckage left by the SNP… Continue reading


The winners and losers from Thursday’s elections

7 May 2011 12:51

After every election, the political stock exchange goes into a frenzy trying to work out who is a buy and who is a sell. Thirty-six hours after the polls closed,… Continue reading


Now Salmond can begin his battle for indepedence

6 May 2011 19:37

After all the carry-on with the new Scottish Parliament building, they may have to rebuild it yet again to accommodate Alex Salmond’s head. Never the smallest object, it will have… Continue reading


Team A Thumps Team B

6 May 2011 18:00

What a year! First Fianna Fail in Ireland, now Labour in Scotland. If only all elections were this entertaining and satisfying. At long last the anti-Labour vote was organised properly.… Continue reading


Salmond’s next stop: testing the Act of Union

6 May 2011 12:48

Fresh from his astonishing victory in Holyrood, Alex Salmond has declared his next stage is an independence referendum. This is scoffed at: technically he has no powers to do so… Continue reading


Three points from a remarkable night

6 May 2011 10:13

This has been a remarkable election night. To my mind, there are three big stories out of the polls. First, the George Osborne masterminded campaign for a new Conservative majority… Continue reading


Surprise, surprise … the Lib Dems are taking a battering

6 May 2011 8:39

If you fell asleep expecting heavy losses for the Lib Dems, then you will not have been disappointed upon waking up. At time of writing, around 100 English councils, comprising… Continue reading


Salmond’s victory

6 May 2011 7:43

When I stood down as political editor of The Scotsman five years ago, the country looked to be forever Labour – even if they called in Salmond for some Puck-style… Continue reading


An Astonishing Night in Scotland

6 May 2011 6:04

Scottish elecctions tend to be boring. Little happens. Small earthquake in Scotland, not many dead. Just for once, however, that has not been the case tonight. Labour’s dismal, depressing, you-cannae-do-anything-right… Continue reading


The Scotsman Sees Sense

4 May 2011 19:17

The Scotsman’s endorsement of the SNP and the Scottish Conservatives is so thoroughly, even startlingly, sensible it could almost have been written by me*. [T]here is no other credible candidate… Continue reading


Your guide to tomorrow’s elections

In light of ICM’s latest poll, Lib Dems might be relieved to hear that tomorrow isn’t all about the AV referendum. But it’s a meagre sort of relief: they’re facing… Continue reading


Labour are still off course in Scotland

2 May 2011 16:01

Of all the election results due in on Thursday night, those for the Scottish Parliament may be the most significant. Labour’s Scottish base, which has been the party’s bedrock for… Continue reading


Alex Salmond and Donald Trump

28 April 2011 0:08

Since Donald Trump and the Birthers are everywhere today, I wonder if Alex Salmond winces at the memory of being described by Trump as "an amazing man"? I hope so.… Continue reading


Labour’s Secret Weapon: Stupidity

26 April 2011 13:26

I don’t think this is a very good idea: Senior staffers in Ed Miliband’s office started briefing Scottish hacks last night that Miliband is now going to take a much… Continue reading


Balls and Miliband to rescue Labour’s Scottish campaign…

25 April 2011 18:00

Can Ed Miliband and Ed Balls save Labour in Scotland? The two Labour heavyweights have decided to move in to rescue their party’s disastrous campaign in Scotland — with Balls… Continue reading


Local hero fears complacency as Labour disintegrates

24 April 2011 12:09

The SNP have this morning been put a whopping 13 points above Labour in the Scottish Parliament race: on 45 percent and 46 percent of the vote in two separate… Continue reading


The Sun Shines on Salmond

18 April 2011 20:00

Severin Carrell reports that tomorrow’s edition of the Sun will endorse Alex Salmond and the SNP. This should not surprise anyone. I suspect most of the Scottish press will support,… Continue reading