Public Spending Cuts: The Theory vs The Reality

18 September 2009 14:15

Everyone agrees that cuts in public spending are necessary. Everyone also agrees that we could do with a better and more candid class of politician. And everyone should agree that… Continue reading


Who really freed Megrahi?

4 September 2009 10:48

Who really freed the Lockerbie bomber? The question cannot be answered by deliberately looking in the wrong place. And for the fortnight since Kenny MacAskill, Scotland’s Justice Secretary, announced Mr… Continue reading


Lockerbie: Why Did the SNP Do It?

3 September 2009 15:11

Party discipline can be a troublesome thing. Especially when insisting upon it actually works against you. Yesterday’s votes in the Scottish parliament criticising Kenny MacAskill and the decision to release… Continue reading


Why did the SNP do it?

2 September 2009 16:54

Looking through correspondence published yesterday, it is clear that Alex Salmond and Kenny MacAskill understood immediately that they would be “left to deal with the consequences” of releasing a convicted… Continue reading


What If Megrahi Didn’t Have Cancer?

2 September 2009 14:28

There’s still plenty, I’m afraid, that needs to be said about the decision to send the Lockerie bomber back to Libya. But, since many people think that there was a… Continue reading


The Lockerbie papers

2 September 2009 9:03

Bill Rammell’s admission that the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary told the Libyans that they ‘did not want al-Megrahi to pass away in prison’ is the bombshell the government… Continue reading


Cameron is the winner of the al-Megrahi scandal 

1 September 2009 9:04

It is clear that the al-Megrahi release has damaged Labour, not least because their collective refusal to condemn, or at least have an opinion on, the release of the Lockerbie… Continue reading



30 August 2009 12:15

Pete suggests there’s little more to say about the Sunday Times story on the UK government’s attitude towards the release of the Abdelbaset ali al-Megrahi. The suggestion given by the… Continue reading


Libyagate: first denial, then silence now contradictions

29 August 2009 15:27

The Times has obtained confidential correspondence suggesting that, in 1999, Robin Cook assured Madeleine Albright that those found guilty of involvement in the Lockerbie bombing would serve their sentences in… Continue reading


Brown’s hypocrisy over Lockerbie?

28 August 2009 15:52

So far, Gordon Brown has refused to specifically comment on the Scottish Government’s decision to release Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi to Libya.  Yes, we’ve heard that he was "angry and repulsed"… Continue reading


Delicately poised in Scotland

27 August 2009 17:59

Despite a week of international codemnation, a YouGov poll shows that 42 per cent of Scottish voters still agree with Kenny MacAskill’s decision to release al-Megrahi, whereas 51 per cent… Continue reading


Lockerbie & Occam’s Razor

24 August 2009 13:06

So, I’ve got this correct, the initial reaction to Kenny MacAskill’s decision to free the Lockerbie bobmber was that this demonstrated nothing but the SNP’s provincialism. Small-toon politicians desperate to… Continue reading


Lockerbie Decision: The Backlash Begins

20 August 2009 17:44

I was wrong. I argued that people can disagree in good faith on the question as to whether Kenny MacAskill was correct to let Abdebaset Ali al-Megrahi return to Libya… Continue reading


Sending the Lockerbie Bomber Home

20 August 2009 14:42

I could have done without Kenny MacAskill talking quite so much about our values "as a people", if only because, as Fraser writes, we actually often do insist that prisoners… Continue reading


Latest Lockerbie Conspiracy: Megrahi is an SNP Agent!

19 August 2009 16:17

Well, sort of. If one only paid attention to what Hillary Clinton or (some of) the relatives of the victims of the Lockerbie bombing said, you might gain the false… Continue reading


Big Business & Big Government, Together Again…

28 July 2009 16:37

There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical of the Scottish government’s desire to set alcohol prices. Not the least of them is that, in addition to the usual health… Continue reading


The SNP, Cricket and Soft Unionism

14 July 2009 10:16

There were at least a dozen people on my flight from Edinburgh to Cardiff last week who were clearly heading to Wales to watch the test match. This was not… Continue reading


A Desperate Prime Minister’s Desperate Ploy

25 June 2009 14:47

Although I’ve long felt that the Unionist parties would have been well-advised to call Alex Salmond’s bluff and have an independence referendum as soon as possible (like, er, this year),… Continue reading

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The View from the North

9 June 2009 14:40

Away from the BNP and the Woes of Brown (which sounds like an Aberfeldy tea-room or something) the other notable european result came in Scotland where the SNP’s handsome victory… Continue reading


Easy Populism

15 May 2009 13:51

In her speech yesterday Annabel Goldie decried the cheap and easy populism that she, rightly, described as the SNP’s approach to government. Fair enough. A shame, therefore, that she resorted… Continue reading


The Royal Navy vs the SNP

6 May 2009 23:38

Alex Salmond may argue that Scotland is "two thirds" of the way towards independence (though even if Salmond is correct that doesn’t mean independence is necessarily imminent) but the Royal… Continue reading


Are the SNP even more deluded than Labour? Why, yes, they are!

22 April 2009 20:42

Scottish public spending has essentially doubled (albeit in absolute terms) since Labour came to power. (To what end, you ask? To very little end, I reply.) Now the British government… Continue reading


SNP to World: Help!

12 March 2009 11:39

How would the SNP have delat with the banking crisis? The FT’s Jim Pickard points out that "This is a valid question. The rescue of the Scottish banks has cost… Continue reading


No Scottish Referendum?

22 February 2009 20:42

It’s not been a great couple of weeks for Alex Salmond, has it? First there was the budget hullabaloo, then the SNP was compelled to abandon (at least for the… Continue reading


David Cameron’s Peculiar Unionism

10 February 2009 0:35

David Cameron’s op-ed in Scotland on Sunday this week was interesting. Not because of anything that Cameron said but because it appeared at all. It’s another small indication that the… Continue reading