Local hero fears complacency as Labour disintegrates

24 April 2011 12:09

The SNP have this morning been put a whopping 13 points above Labour in the Scottish Parliament race: on 45 percent and 46 percent of the vote in two separate… Continue reading


The Sun Shines on Salmond

18 April 2011 20:00

Severin Carrell reports that tomorrow’s edition of the Sun will endorse Alex Salmond and the SNP. This should not surprise anyone. I suspect most of the Scottish press will support,… Continue reading


Muckle Eck’s Big Mo

17 April 2011 2:12

Scotland on Sunday publishes a thumper of a poll today that suggests the SNP is on course to defeat Labour and remain the largest party at Holyrood. In fact, John… Continue reading


Burying the dead

6 April 2011 10:34

Lockerbie is back in vogue. The Telegraph reports that Mi5 has ‘conclusive evidence’ that Moussa Koussa was ‘directing operational and intelligence gathering activities against Libyan dissidents’ and organising support for… Continue reading


One More Trip on the SNP-Labour Fantasy Coalition Merry-go-round

4 April 2011 16:30

Crivvens, the idea of an SNP-Labour coalition refuses to die. Here’s Iain Macwhirter in the Herald: The rule seems to be that, in Scottish politics it’s easier to work constructively… Continue reading


Scotland is a conservative country

4 April 2011 14:00

The Scottish Centre for Social Research has released its latest survey of Scottish attitudes. It confirms that SNP government at Holyrood has reduced the appetite for independence. For now it’s… Continue reading


Iain Gray’s Remarkable No-Man Band

29 March 2011 19:12

Meanwhile, STV have a poll asking punters who they think would make the best First Minister. The results are almost entertaining: Don’t Know – 37% Alex Salmond – 30% None… Continue reading


Dogs Will Not Lie Down With Cats.

29 March 2011 18:56

I’m fonder of wacky political hypotheticals than the next fellow but even I draw the line at Sunder Katwala’s assertion that some people can see a path towards a Labour-SNP… Continue reading


Eck The Comeback Kid?

16 February 2011 1:49

Though this blog has tried to ignore the fact, there are elections to the Scottish Parliament this year. In just over ten weeks time in fact. I’ve ignored the subject… Continue reading


The Looming Liberal Democrat Paradox

3 February 2011 2:23

You know, when you see that Neil Clark has written a piece for the Guardian arguing that, from his perspective, this government is even worse than Margaret Thatcher’s you might… Continue reading


Oh Christ, Bloody Lockerbie Again

8 December 2010 3:49

Whaddyaknow, Wikileaks have some Lockerbie-related cables? Unfortunately they’re only about the release of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi and so less interesting – or perhaps simply less illuminating – than Lockerbie-related cables… Continue reading


Who got good value-for-money in the general election?

2 December 2010 14:36

Coffee House has wrung today’s party expenditure figures through the calculator to produce the colourful graphs below. As the headings suggest, they show how much was spent by each party*… Continue reading


The Scottish Nationalist Pathology

2 December 2010 1:44

Commenting on this post, "Robert the Bruce 2.0" complains: Scotland has its own Government, Parliament, Courts, Legal System, Royal Household, Great Offices of State, Flag, Banner, Badge, Anthem, Language, Lingo,… Continue reading


Devolution 2.0: A Centre-Right Revival?

1 December 2010 14:47

On this, at least, there is consensus: devolution has proved a disappointment. How could it be otherwise when the Scottish parliament was granted power without responsibility? A parliament that may… Continue reading


Another Irish Loser: Alex Salmond

15 November 2010 17:05

There are precious few heroes in Ireland today and no gods either. But not all the losers are Irish either. Some are Scottish. Chief among them, Alex Salmond and the… Continue reading


Weak, weak, weak

27 October 2010 15:00

Weak again. For the second session in a row Miliband was feeble at PMQs. He opened in his quiet-assassin mode with a quickie question. ‘There are reports that the government… Continue reading


The unavoidable cruelty of necessary cuts

19 October 2010 16:59

Even though the SDSR promises that it “will be used by units returning from Germany or retained for other purposes,” the loss of RAF Kinloss will still be a body… Continue reading


Salmond Derangement Syndrome

10 October 2010 0:32

The main sufferers of this admittedly rare condition are London-based Scots. Fraser, I’m afraid, seems to have come down with a case of SDS if this post is anything to… Continue reading


Who speaks for Scotland?

9 October 2010 16:51

Ten years ago, when I was doing my tour of duty as a reporter in the Scottish Parliament, I had a talk with an SNP figure, who shall remain nameless,… Continue reading


Alex Salmond’s Women Problem

10 August 2010 13:05

No, not that kind, the vote-winning kind. Despite the fact that the party itself has honoured or at least admired warrior queens (in the members’ estimation) such as Winnie Ewing,… Continue reading


The SNP was responsible, all the way

20 July 2010 18:03

A little odd, and certainly inconvenient, that al-Megrahi still lives and breathes. Then again, Scotland’s a notoriously unhealthy place and a bit of desert air probably did him some good.… Continue reading


The Lockerbie Conspiracy

16 July 2010 0:57

First things first: it is extremely inconvenient, even embarrassing, that Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi is still alive nearly a year after he was released from Greenock Prison on the grounds that… Continue reading


Salmond Accepts Reality

25 June 2010 13:51

A very interesting interview with Il Tartanissimo in the Times today in which Salmond accepts, quite candidly, that independence isn’t happening any time soon: “The centre of gravity in Scottish… Continue reading


Bannockburn Should Be Celebrated

25 May 2010 14:28

The usually estimable David Maddox has a very strange post up at the Scotsman’s politics blog complaining that Alex Salmond wants to exploit the 700th anniversary of Bannockburn. Apparently: While… Continue reading


Bercow remains Speaker, as Parliament reconvenes

18 May 2010 15:00

David Cameron sat alongside Nick Clegg on the government benches, with Harriet Harman two sword-lengths away as leader of the Opposition.  Even though the coalition has been around for a… Continue reading