Europe's Oldest Surviving Iron Chain Suspension Bridge Connecting Scotland And England To Be Closed

Two nations, two cultures? Britain is divided by the Trent, not the Tweed.

19 August 2013 13:26

Of the many certainties those Scots in favour of independence hold to be self-evident two in particular stand out. First that Scotland and England are fundamentally different places whose political… Continue reading

Members Of Scottish Parliament In Temporary Debating Chamber

David McLetchie’s decency served the Tories well but they need bolder leadership now.

14 August 2013 14:51

David McLetchie, who died this week aged only 61, was a politician who, in style and manner, rebuked those cynics who presume – lazily – that politicians go into politics… Continue reading


Nate Silver on Scottish independence: Alex Salmond has “no chance”

13 August 2013 11:07

Nate Silver, in Edinburgh to punt his new book, appears to have annoyed some Scottish nationalists today. The “polling guru” (according to all newspapers everywhere) has told the Scotsman that he thinks… Continue reading

Alex Salmond's nationalists are afraid of people who think for themselves.

Independence would not change single ideology Scotland

12 August 2013 16:12

There is probably no other country in the democratic West where the state oversees economic activity and regulates private life as thoroughly as in Scotland. So it has come as… Continue reading


Denial is a River in Scotland

27 June 2013 13:25

Aye, the old ones are the best. You might think that George Osborne’s decision to  leave the Scottish block grant more-or-less untouched in yesterday’s spending review would be a cause… Continue reading

Scotland's First Minister Launches His Economic Paper For Independence

Prime Time for Nationalists: STV screens a 60 minute advert for the SNP

5 June 2013 13:04

Until now, television coverage of Scotland’s independence referendum has largely been confined to news bulletins and specialist, late night, political programmes unwatched by most of the general public. In that… Continue reading

Europe's Oldest Surviving Iron Chain Suspension Bridge Connecting Scotland And England To Be Closed

Free Caledonia: a land of opportunity (and corporate welfare) for Big Business?

28 May 2013 11:54

It is not unusual to hear dark warnings of what might happen if Scotland votes for independence. Big Business is flighty. It is rather more unusual to hear leading business… Continue reading

A photo taken on April 2, 2012, shows Fr

Scottish independence: it’s still (almost) all about oil.

21 May 2013 15:57

The Scottish government published a paper on the national economy today that, according to Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, makes the case for independence. You can read the pamphlet here… Continue reading


Will Nigel Farage and UKIP help ditch Alex Salmond?

21 May 2013 10:05

Yesterday’s Survation poll reported that UKIP (22%) are, for the moment, just two points behind the Tories (24%) and therefore and given the margin of error in these things possibly… Continue reading

The Labour Party Hold Their Annual Party Conference - Day 4

Who is allowed to speak for, and to, Scotland?

7 May 2013 13:39

I shall be on hiatus for the next week as I’m getting married on Saturday and I have an inkling that this is no time to be concerned that people… Continue reading

Lucky Escape

Margaret Thatcher and Scotland: A Story of Mutual Incomprehension

8 April 2013 19:48

There is a poignant passage in Margaret Thatcher’s memoirs during which she contemplates her failure in Scotland. She seemed puzzled by this, noting that, in her view, many of her… Continue reading

HMS Astute sails up Gareloch on the Firth of Cylde to her base at Faslane. (Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images)

Nuclear weapons, Scotland and the future of the United Kingdom

5 April 2013 10:47

David Cameron – who, in case you’d forgotten, leads the Conservative and Unionist Party – made a rare visit to Scotland yesterday. He spoke about defence. His message was clear:… Continue reading

2012 Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony

David Cameron’s Legacy? Preserving the Union or presiding over the Break-Up of Britain

4 April 2013 15:51

Politics is at least partially a matter of perspective. The same object can look very different depending upon the angle from which it is viewed. Which brings me to Brother… Continue reading


Independent Scotland: neoliberal nirvana or Scandinavian paradise?

2 April 2013 13:37

So, an independent Scotland. Neoliberal nirvana or Scandinavian paradise? True, these are not the only choices available but as a useful shorthand for the size of the state and its… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron And Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond Meet To Set Out Independence Referendum Deal

Referendum Spin: Beware the Tory Bogeymen!

21 March 2013 18:50

So we have our date with destiny. Scotland will march to the polls nine days after the 501st anniversary of the Battle of Flodden. September, 18th 2014. There are fewer… Continue reading

Celtic v Rangers

The Boys of the Green Brigade

21 March 2013 14:27

Och, now’s the hour and now’s the day for the Historic Announcement of the Historic Date for Scotland’s Historic Referendum on Independence. It’s only taken the SNP the best part… Continue reading

Pipe Major Scott Taylor, 34, from Glasgo

Nemo me impune lacessit: defending an independent Scotland

14 March 2013 15:38

Sometimes I wish Conservative cabinet ministers would couch their arguments in favour of the Union in terms of principle, not process or drab accountancy. Philip Hammond, the unimpressive Secretary of… Continue reading

Fishermen Sort Catch At Peterhead Harbour

Scotland's position in europe is weaker than the SNP would have you believe

26 February 2013 20:13

Nicola Sturgeon, arguably the SNP’s most effective asset at present, went to Brussels today to deliver a speech about Scotland’s future relationship with the EU. Most of it was as… Continue reading

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond.a

Brave, the Oscars and the Scottish Cringe.

25 February 2013 13:47

Hurrah for Brave, the little movie that could! And did! All Scotland salutes her Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Another triumph for the plucky underdogs at Disney-Pixar. That, at any rate,… Continue reading


Scottish Independence: Can't We do Better Than This Dismal Campaign?

20 February 2013 12:05

Mario Cuomo, former governor of New York state (and father of the present governor) is perhaps these days most famous for his quip that politicians campaign in poetry but govern… Continue reading

The Scottish Parliament building is pict

Borgen and Scotland: A Love Affair Founded on Self-Congratulation

6 February 2013 17:37

Borgen – the title refers to the Danish equivalent of Holyrood or Westminster – has been terrifically popular amongst those people interested in sub-titled political dramas from Denmark. I fancy… Continue reading


Is the press biased against the SNP? Probably. But we are all nationalists now. - Spectator Blogs

31 January 2013 13:03

So we have a question and it is a simple one. Should Scotland be an independent country? There, that wasn’t so difficult was it? It is, after all, the nub of the… Continue reading

Morrissey In Concert

Morrissey and Johnny Marr Explain Scottish Independence... - Spectator Blogs

29 January 2013 1:11

There are only 600 or so days to go until Scotland has its referendum on independence. The excitement is almost palpable. Fortunately The Smiths back catalogue is all you need… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Meets Newly Appointed Leader Of The Conservatives In Scotland Ruth Davidson

Scottish Tories: It's Time To Man Up - Spectator Blogs

26 January 2013 1:17

Ruth Davidson became leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party in large part because she was the candidate favoured by the party establishment. Where Murdo Fraser suggested – rather… Continue reading

A picture taken 13 December 2007 shows t

No Country for Green Men - Spectator Blogs

16 January 2013 10:50

This week’s Think Scotland column takes a gander, just for once, at the Scottish Green party. Patrick Harvie’s party is in favour of Scottish independence for reasons that, frankly, seem… Continue reading