Alex Salmond was booed yesterday by a crowd in Glasgow. Picture: Getty.

Alex Salmond booed by crowd in Glasgow

15 September 2012 10:59

Roman emperors famously used to have a slave to ride behind them in their chariots during victory parades to remind them, by whispering in their ear, that they were only… Continue reading


Independent Scotland: socialist paradise or neo-liberal nirvana? - Spectator Blogs

11 September 2012 11:36

Well, probably neither actually. But there’s every reason to suppose that just as some Unionists are fooling themselves when they discount the possibility of dear old Scotia thriving as an… Continue reading

Boris Johnson hits back at Scottish independence [Alex Salmond is played here by Barbara Windsor]. Photo: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire

Can Alex Salmond regain his lost momentum after Britain’s summer of fun?

31 August 2012 17:57

Alex Salmond has gone rather quiet this summer. Before Britain’s season of fun, the SNP leader appeared unstoppable in his quest for Scottish independence, but the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics have halted… Continue reading

Pressure Increases For A Scottish Independence Referendum

The SNP's Slumbering Summer - Spectator Blogs

25 August 2012 12:34

I have it on good authority that, as matters stand, some senior figures within the SNP are concerned by the way the party has lost – or is perceived to… Continue reading

Olympics Day 3 - Around the Games

Political games

12 August 2012 9:06

Whilst everybody is enjoying the spectacle of the greatest Games on earth there is one group of people who are doing their level best to spoil it. If there was… Continue reading

Leader of Britain's Labour Party, Gordon

Is Gordon Brown a Scottish Nationalist?

12 August 2012 9:06

In 1997 the Labour government tampered with the UK constitution. They then vetoed anyone reading the minutes of the cabinet meeting where it was agreed a parliament for Scotland would… Continue reading

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond l

Salmond’s stock is falling

1 August 2012 17:48

‘Poll shows support for UK split has dropped,’ proclaims the Scotsman today . Looking at the actual poll , the headline may be over-reaching slightly: YouGov’s latest figures are within… Continue reading


Cause for Unionists to applaud

19 July 2012 14:00

Brian Monteith has revived his Think Scotland website and as part of all this I’m scribbling there on Tuesdays. This week I’m busy cheering the SNP’s march to sanity on… Continue reading

Argyll And Southern Highlanders Home Coming Parade

Is it time to let Scotland go?

29 June 2012 13:00

Lloyd Evans rounds up the highlights of this week’s Spectator debate on the future of the union. The motion was ‘It’s time to let Scotland go’. Margo Macdonald, MSP, opened… Continue reading


The Union is safe

28 June 2012 12:15

The Union is safe — at least if last night’s Spectator debate was anything to go by. The motion ‘It’s time to let Scotland go’ was defeated by 254 votes… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Launches The Conservative Party's 2012 Local Election Campaign

Is Cameron just not that into Scotland?

26 June 2012 13:30

Nearly a decade ago, a book called He’s Just Not That Into You became what is termed a ‘publishing sensation. I don’t know if this attempt to explain men to… Continue reading

Conservative Party Conference In Blackpool

What’s the SNP scared of?

25 June 2012 16:30

The Battle for Britain is heating up this week, with the pro-union campaign launched in Edinburgh this morning and a Spectator debate on the union on Wednesday. We have, as… Continue reading

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond l

A provocation to God

19 June 2012 13:00

The notorious splitters in the Free Presbyterian Church are at it again. The Wee Wee Frees (who should not be confused with the more numerous Wee Frees) warn that Scottish… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

Miliband plays the national identity game

11 June 2012 13:00

Ed Miliband’s speech last week, in which he grappled with questions of Britishness, identity and Unionism, was a worthy effort. By which you will grasp that it was also, in… Continue reading


The SNP Beat a Retreat

31 May 2012 17:02

Political stocks can go down as well as up. Shares in Alex Salmond are hardly slumping right now but they’re off their peak and flat-lining. The market is becalmed. Perhaps… Continue reading


Yes campaign launch will cause problems — for the independence movement

25 May 2012 20:00

Some of those who queued outside the Cineworld multiplex in Edinburgh for this morning’s Yes for Independence launch found it hard to contain their chortles. There, hanging above the door… Continue reading


10 Pretty Unpersuasive Reasons for Scottish Independence

22 May 2012 15:17

This week the SNP will launch their campaign for Scottish independence. Or, rather, it’s the official beginning of what they term the ‘Yes’ campaign. Prefacing this, Joan McAlpine uses her… Continue reading


I See No Ships

17 May 2012 13:46

There are times when the SNP’s attempts to persuade us that there are no regrettable consequences to Scottish independence cross the line between worthy and absurd. The future of shipbuilding… Continue reading


Labour succeeds in slowing Salmond’s advance

4 May 2012 16:40

This was the election which was supposed to establish the SNP as Scotland’s new national party, replacing Labour as the default party of choice for Scottish voters. This was also… Continue reading


15 (other) cities to watch

3 May 2012 18:38

Forget London. Odds are that Boris will win re-election while Labour becomes the largest party on the GLA. There are far more exciting battles going on around the country. Here’s… Continue reading


Tricolour Britain

30 April 2012 19:02

With unionists getting grubbed in Scotland and Labour being driven to near-extinction in vast swathes of the south, a new map of political Britain is emerging. In my latest Telegraph column,… Continue reading


Does Ed Miliband Have A Clue About Scotland?

27 April 2012 13:14

I’m not sure Ed Miliband’s people will be altogether happy that James McIntyre’s Prospect interview with the Labour leader devotes quite so much time to Miliband’s leadership credentials. This is… Continue reading


A pair of tycoons has put Salmond on uncertain ground

26 April 2012 11:41

Alex Salmond may feel he got a lot from cosying up to both Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump but, wow, is he paying the price. The front page of today’s… Continue reading


Salmond and the Murdochs: Shill, Statesman or Pragmatist?

24 April 2012 17:52

Further to that last post, Leveson released more than 100 pages of News Corp correspondence this afternoon. Alex Salmond features in four emails sent by Fred Michel, the Murdochs’ chief… Continue reading


Groundhog Day at Leveson: Dog Still Bites Man

24 April 2012 17:00

One thing to be kept in mind as we consider the extent of the government’s links to News International is that it helps explain why neither the Telegraph nor Mail… Continue reading