Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond Speaks At The SNP Annual Conference

2013: Can the SNP move beyond preaching to the already converted? - Spectator Blogs

9 January 2013 10:31

Alex Salmond is back in Bute House, refreshed and chippered by a much-needed holiday. If 2012 was a year in which the Referendum Guns were first deployed it was still,… Continue reading

President Of European Commission Receives Honorary Degree

Scottish Independence and Europe: Who does this Barroso guy think he is? - Spectator Blogs

11 December 2012 12:10

Today’s Think Scotland column takes a gander at the rumpus over an independent Scotland’s accession to the EU. Until recently the SNP promised that said accession would be automatic. Now… Continue reading

Scottish National Party Hold Their Annual Conference

Nicola Sturgeon is ready for her close-up - Spectator Blogs

4 December 2012 12:39

In the rabid hamster-eating-hamster world of Scottish politics Nicola Sturgeon is a rarity: a politician of obvious competence who’s respected by her peers regardless of their own political allegiances. There… Continue reading

British European deputies and Euroscepti

Britain, Scotland, Norway and Europe: lands of magical Sovereignty-Unicorns - Spectator Blogs

12 November 2012 12:38

Even the cheapest, Poundland crystal ball will tell even a blind observer that Europe is pretty soon going to be a pretty hefty problem for almost all of Britain’s political… Continue reading

Alex Salmond is now Scotland's longest-serving First Minister. Picture: Getty

Alex Salmond, Scotland’s longest serving First Minister

7 November 2012 13:26

So Alex Salmond has achieved the feat of becoming Scotland’s longest serving First Minister. This is a notable achievement. After all, he has avoided the fate of one of his predecessors… Continue reading


Trident: political football, folly, or matter of principle? - Spectator Blogs

29 October 2012 12:58

Philip Hammond is one of those ministers who seems to be held in greater esteem by those inside the Westminster hamlet than those of us who live beyond its boundaries.… Continue reading

Belfast Titanic Centenary

Will David Cameron grant Northern Ireland control of corporation tax? - Spectator Blogs

29 October 2012 8:53

Monday morning in dreich late October. What more appropriate moment to ponder the questions of corporation tax and Northern Ireland? The question of whether the Northern Ireland Assembly should control… Continue reading

The SNP yesterday admitted that it had not yet sought legal advice on the position of an independent Scotland in the European Union. Picture: Getty

Salmond’s darkest day could be yet to come

24 October 2012 14:56

For years Scotland has been waiting to see when his luck would run out – well, now it has. Alex Salmond: gambler, tipster, political animal and First Minister now has another… Continue reading

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon. The SNP today suffered two major setbacks. Picture: Getty

Alex Salmond branded ‘liar’ over legal advice row as two MSPs resign

23 October 2012 17:08

It  has been a disastrous day for the Scottish National Party. Its majority at Holyrood has been cut to just one this morning after two MSPs – Jean Urquhart and… Continue reading

Alex Salmond speaks at the SNP annual conference. Picture: Getty

The SNP’s dismal conference

21 October 2012 20:32

The Scottish National Party conference in Perth ought to have been a festival of ideas, showcasing solutions that only be applied by independence. Instead it has reminded everyone that the… Continue reading

Alex Salmond

Sorry, Alex, but Scots are going off the idea of independence

18 October 2012 17:40

With two years to go, Alex Salmond’s campaign for a ‘Yes’ vote in the Scottish independence referendum is facing a big challenge to turn around public opinion. Ipsos MORI have… Continue reading

About the most Boris-like photograph of Alex Salmond as Getty Images appear to have in their files.

Boris Johnson and Alex Salmond: Unlikely political twins? - Spectator Blogs

15 October 2012 17:35

Here’s David Torrance with the kind of acute observation I wish I’d thought of first. There is, he writes, a comparison to be drawn between Alex Salmond and Boris Johnson:… Continue reading

David Cameron needs a decisive win in the Scottish independence referendum. Photo: Gordon Terris/The Herald

Scottish independence referendum: the Better Together campaign needs a decisive win

15 October 2012 14:09

There’s a quiet confidence in Unionist circles that Alex Salmond will be defeated in the Scottish independence referendum. But Unionists know that Salmond needs to be defeated decisively. If the… Continue reading

Deprived Areas Of Inner City Glasgow

Devolution has failed Scotland's children. Can independence change that? - Spectator Blogs

15 October 2012 12:24

Yesterday Fraser asked: Scotland has a tragically long list of problems (especially with inner-city poverty) and [the No campaign] can ask: which of these problem would independence solve? This is… Continue reading

That Gordon Brown wants a role in the campaign against Scottish independence is the best news Alex Salmond has had in ages. Picture: Getty

Keep Gordon Brown out of the battle for Scotland

15 October 2012 10:54

I used to be a barman in a pub in Rosyth, where David Cameron is visiting today, and it’s hardly a hotbed of separatism. Its dockyard is not just a… Continue reading

Alex Salmond Launches A Draft Referendum Bill On Scottish Independence

Scottish independence referendum: at long last the phoney war comes to an end - Spectator Blogs

15 October 2012 7:34

So now’s the day and now’s the hour at which, if you will forgive the mixed allusions, we may discern the beginning of the end of the beginning. Eight months… Continue reading

Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband Speaks at Scottish Labour Conference

Shock Development: Scottish Labour Grows Up, Repudiates Own Past - Spectator Blogs

26 September 2012 10:46

Whisper it sceptically but something interesting may have happened in Scotland yesterday. It might even turn out to be an important something too. Even more remarkably, this was all because… Continue reading

Pressure Increases For A Scottish Independence Referendum

This Scotland Small? Why, Yes, Actually It Is - Spectator Blogs

25 September 2012 10:54

Saturday’s Rally for Independence in Edinburgh was such a non-event that, as best I can discover, Getty Images doesn’t even have any pictures of the march. Hence the tat illustrating… Continue reading

Alex Salmond. Photo: Getty Images.

Alex Salmond’s wind farm delusion

21 September 2012 16:53

Last year, in an interview with the Today programme, the chief executive of National Grid told the show’s no doubt stunned listeners that they would have to get used to… Continue reading

The Scottish Government Publishes Its Draft Budget

John Swinney misses a trick - Spectator Blogs

21 September 2012 2:20

There are days when Scottish independence seems a more than decent idea. Budget day at Holyrood is always one of them. I say budget day but it’s really faux-budget day… Continue reading

British Sectary of State for Work and Pe

Our debate on welfare reform is a dismal scandal - Spectator Blogs

19 September 2012 15:15

On balance, Iain Duncan Smith’s spell as Tory leader can’t be remembered as an unmitigated success. Be that as it may, sometimes there are second acts in political lives and,… Continue reading

Scottish Secretary: independence referendum will be held on Westminster's terms. Photo: Getty Images.

Scottish independence referendum will be a single-question affair

17 September 2012 23:23

‘I don’t think we can have a referendum on independence unless we have a single question’. Michael Moore was unequivocal this afternoon: the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence will be… Continue reading

Alex Salmond was booed yesterday by a crowd in Glasgow. Picture: Getty.

Alex Salmond booed by crowd in Glasgow

15 September 2012 10:59

Roman emperors famously used to have a slave to ride behind them in their chariots during victory parades to remind them, by whispering in their ear, that they were only… Continue reading


Independent Scotland: socialist paradise or neo-liberal nirvana? - Spectator Blogs

11 September 2012 11:36

Well, probably neither actually. But there’s every reason to suppose that just as some Unionists are fooling themselves when they discount the possibility of dear old Scotia thriving as an… Continue reading

Boris Johnson hits back at Scottish independence [Alex Salmond is played here by Barbara Windsor]. Photo: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire

Can Alex Salmond regain his lost momentum after Britain’s summer of fun?

31 August 2012 17:57

Alex Salmond has gone rather quiet this summer. Before Britain’s season of fun, the SNP leader appeared unstoppable in his quest for Scottish independence, but the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics have halted… Continue reading