SNP MP’s fake news

18 January 2017 13:22

Although Theresa May’s speech revealing her plan for a global Britain was well-received by her party and much of the…

The SNP’s dominance in Scotland is complete

13 January 2017 16:53

Like the past, Scotland is a different country. Things are done differently here. What might be thought eyebrow-raisingly inappropriate in…

Nicola Sturgeon is making it up as she goes along

9 January 2017 14:32

Because the SNP have won so often and so conclusively in recent years there is an understandable temptation to suppose they…

Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster

Politics can be sexist, but Arlene Foster was wrong to play the misogyny card

5 January 2017 17:13

Let’s say you’re a rising minister put in charge of the department for enterprise. You have the great idea to…


BBC attempts to woo the Scottish nationalists

3 January 2017 10:30

During the Scottish independence referendum, BBC Scotland was regularly accused of showing bias against the SNP. The Beeb’s supposed pro-Union slant led…


SNP MP comes to Russia’s defence

30 December 2016 12:32

On Thursday, Barack Obama announced the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats in retaliation for Russian attempts to interfere with the US presidential…

The Scottish Saltire and the nationalist flag of Catalonia are held aloft at a rally in Glasgow

It’s no surprise Spain has already blocked Nicola Sturgeon’s half-baked Brexit plan

22 December 2016 15:37

It should come as no surprise that the Spanish government has so swiftly rejected Nicola Sturgeon’s proposal of a bespoke Brexit…

Nicola Sturgeon’s Baldrick moment

21 December 2016 15:00

Yesterday, the Scottish government published its ‘plan’ for life after Brexit. It was, at 60 or so pages, more detailed…

Nicola Sturgeon’s Brexit plan is flawed

20 December 2016 16:38

There is a smart, hi-tech media room in the Scottish government building which overlooks Holyrood – but it has been…

The SNP is failing Scottish pupils by blocking free schools

20 December 2016 13:00

The SNP is consistently criticised for failing to close the achievement gap between the best and worst Scottish state schools.…

Scotland has nothing to gain from staying in the single market

20 December 2016 9:30

The Scottish economy will be left in ruins. Tens of thousands of people will be thrown out of their jobs.…

The SNP Prepares To Kick Off 2010 Election Campaign

SNP MP: what we can learn from Fidel Castro

28 November 2016 10:29

Oh dear. Over the weekend many liberal leaders heaped praise on Fidel Castro as news broke that the Cuban dictator…


Watch: Theresa May on the SNP’s hypocrisy over Brexit

16 November 2016 15:58

Oh dear. Although the SNP like to pride themselves on being the ‘real opposition’, they tend to struggle when on…

Jeremy Corbyn lets Theresa May off the hook again at PMQs

26 October 2016 13:18

Today’s PMQs could have been a tricky affair for Theresa May. Her decision on Heathrow has seen one Tory MP…

Sturgeon’s secessionist fantasy has been rejected by Europe. So why does she ask Theresa May?

24 October 2016 9:27

‘Downing Street says the PM is set to rebuff calls for a flexible Brexit, which would allow parts of the…

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Press censorship has begun in Scotland

18 October 2016 17:16

The silencing of Stephen Daisley has nagged away at journalism in Scotland for months. His employer, STV, holds the ITV…

Nicola Sturgeon is caught in an independence referendum fix

14 October 2016 10:03

Nicola Sturgeon is in a bit of a fix. After saying that the Scottish independence referendum was a once-in-a-generation event…

Nicola Sturgeon’s cherished Brexit grievance rears its head

13 October 2016 13:32

Politics is a question of priorities. Push always comes to shove and that’s when you discover what a party really…


Watch: John Bercow slaps down SNP MP for unstatesman-like behaviour

12 October 2016 15:57

Since the — fast depleting — SNP 56 descended on Parliament last year, there have been a number of incidents — from clapping in…

Bust-up over influence of Scottish Labour

25 September 2016 9:47

Now that Jeremy Corbyn has won, the fight moves to the jungle of Labour Party rules, regulations and procedures. Whoever…

Alex Salmond Retains His Post As First Minister And Creates Scotland's First Majority Government

Alex Salmond: Scotland should block Brexit

14 September 2016 18:40

Although Alex Salmond is Scotland’s First Minister no more, luckily the public still have a chance to hear the SNP…


European Parliament appoint Guy Verhofstadt as lead Brexit negotiator

8 September 2016 16:50

As the government try to work out what ‘Brexit means Brexit’ really means ahead of triggering Article 50, an announcement today from…


Theresa May reveals her weakness

7 September 2016 16:01

Bit early for a lap of honour. At PMQs Mrs May congratulated her government (i.e. herself) on fifty marvellous days…

Sturgeon takes another tiny step towards Scottish independence

6 September 2016 16:21

It has become one of those journalistic clichés to talk about ‘firing the starting gun’ in politics. There has been some debate…

Where has all the money gone, Nicola Sturgeon?

24 August 2016 13:37

Just three years ago, the Scottish government enjoyed claiming that an independent Scotland would be one of the wealthiest countries…