Sir Jeremy Heywood

Image: Carla Millar

Dominic Cummings hits back at David Cameron

20 June 2014 15:15

It’s a row that won’t go away, after Mr S revealed yesterday that the PM had labelled Dominic Cummings a ‘career psychopath’, Michael Gove’s former special adviser has hit back, blogging:… Continue reading

Say ‘long-term economic plan’. Good boy! Image: Getty

How the Conservatives turned Labour’s attack dog into their PR agent

6 June 2014 16:23

Here’s a clever way to get more exposure for your political slogan. You say it so often in speeches, press releases and planted questions from the whips that it seeps… Continue reading


Number 10 defends Sir Jeremy Heywood’s freelancing

22 April 2013 12:08

What is Sir Jeremy Heywood up to? Last week he jointly wrote an article praising Margaret Thatcher which led to a Labour MP accusing him of having ‘prostituted his high… Continue reading


Three problems with Sir Jeremy Heywood’s ‘plebgate’ evidence

10 January 2013 14:56

Sir Jeremy Heywood’s evidence to MPs on the Andrew Mitchell row didn’t go down very well at all this morning. Though a powerful man, the Cabinet Secretary is not well-liked… Continue reading

Sir Jeremy's appearance in front of the Public Accounts Committee looks set to be an interesting watch Image: Getty

Sherlock Heywood will face the mob

8 January 2013 17:32

Not long ago Westminster wags nicknamed Sir Jeremy Heywood, Downing Street’s top Sir Humphrey — ‘Wormtongue’ after Tolkien’s poisonous power behind the throne in the Lord of the Rings. Since… Continue reading