Banning shops from opening on Boxing Day is a terrible idea

13 December 2016 9:02

Britain was once a nation of shopkeepers. But one wonders for how much longer. As if the combination of Amazon, councils’ parking charges…

Christmas shopping
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Shoppers: know your rights this Christmas

9 December 2016 12:18

Time moves on so quickly and now here we are again – it’s the month when many people are focused on…

Black Friday

Black Friday: do your homework before hitting the shops

16 November 2016 12:43

There are some American imports for which we should be thankful. Not Donald Trump, obviously. Other things, though – the…

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Britons are a nation of tea-drinkers, and we’re willing to pay top price for the perfect cuppa

14 October 2016 12:28

If you believe the national stereotypes, there are certain things us Brits can’t live without, among them fish and chips,…

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How hard can it be to remove all plastic from your supermarket shop? You might be surprised

9 October 2015 17:24

The UK produces 3.6 million tonnes of plastic waste every year, 1.5 million tonnes of which takes the form of…

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The British economic recovery, in 12 graphs

23 January 2015 14:48

Everything seems to be falling into place ahead of the election for the Tories. Today’s data shows high street spending…


Ho ho no

6 November 2013 11:51

Parents who have taken their little angels to see Father Christmas in his grotto at Selfridges got a shock: he’s…

Peter Dawson

Who cares about HMV? Shopping has never been better. - Spectator Blogs

15 January 2013 13:45

How many people presently lamenting the demise of HMV (at least in its current incarnation) actually spent any money there…