Shirley Williams

Shirley Williams said this evening that Nick Clegg was 'above all the victim' of the media's coverage of the Lord Rennard scandal. Picture: Getty

Shirley Williams: Nick Clegg is above all the victim of the Rennard scandal coverage

8 March 2013 21:59

A crime reporter friend enjoys telling the story of his first black eye at the local Magistrates’ Court. Like so…

Shirley Williams spread lies about Israel and Gaza with impunity. Image: Getty.

Bigotry on the Beeb

19 November 2012 9:57

I have only just caught up on the latest episode of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Any Questions’. In that programme, from…

Failing the Rushdie Test: Shirley Williams Edition

13 March 2012 22:23

I was in Washington at the time so did not see the Question Time episode Nick Cohen mentions in his…


The Lib Dems vote ambiguously on the Health Bill

11 March 2012 10:50

The motion passed by Liberal Democrat conference this morning means that the party is neither supporting nor opposing the Health…


Clegg reassures his party about the Health Bill

10 March 2012 17:35

Lib Dem Spring conference is turning out as the leadership would have wished. The support of Shirley Williams for the…


Clegg rallies his party

9 March 2012 21:25

Nick Clegg pushed his members to ‘stop lamenting what might have been and start celebrating what is’ in his rally…


Nervous times for Clegg ahead of the Lib Dem spring conference

8 March 2012 15:09

This weekend’s Lib Dem spring conference is the next big political hurdle for the Health Bill. If the conference votes…


Clegg shifts into NHS attack mode

27 February 2012 16:31

The letter from Nick Clegg and Shirley Williams to Lib Dem MPs and peers raises several interesting questions. The first…


Tim Farron wants competition dropped from the Health Bill

24 February 2012 15:50

Will there be further changes to the Health and Social Care Bill? Liberal Democrat President Tim Farron certainly wants some,…

The Lib Dems quietly debate the NHS

20 September 2011 16:30

Chris Huhne’s tough guy act aside, the major event in Birmingham today was the Lib Dems’ NHS debate. When Andrew Lansley’s…

Cameron and Clegg pay tribute to their elders

21 April 2011 17:06

As you’ve no doubt deduced from the cover image on the left-hand side of this page, the latest Spectator is…

Losing control

4 April 2011 14:45

The future of the Health and Social Care Bill is a test of Craig Oliver. For months there has been…