Scottish independence

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In praise of Alex Salmond

19 September 2014 19:38

Alex Salmond has proved himself the most effective party leader in Europe, let alone Britain. He has just run a terrifyingly effective campaign, perhaps the best I will ever witness.… Continue reading

Alex Salmond leaves the press conference where he announced his resignation. Picture: Getty

Podcast special: Alex Salmond’s resignation

19 September 2014 17:54

Was Alex Salmond’s resignation a surprise? And what should the SNP do now that it has lost the referendum that it fought for over so many years? In a View… Continue reading

The Final Day Of Campaigning For The Scottish Referendum Ahead Of Tomorrow's Historic Vote

Indyref: Will Westminster really change?

19 September 2014 12:40

Lord Ashcroft’s post-referendum Scotland poll gives politicians claiming they’ve ‘heard’ voters a number of clues if in reality they’re still a bit confused. It suggests that those last few days… Continue reading

Scotland Decides - The Result Of the Scottish Referendum On Independence Is Announced

With malice toward none and with charity towards all, now the real work begins

19 September 2014 12:07

Relief, actually. Not joy. A battle won is better than a battle lost but still an exhausting, bloody, business. There is no need to bayonet the wounded. It would, in… Continue reading


Our Scottish campaign will encourage English Nationalism unless the voice of England is heard

18 September 2014 22:30

This is an extract from a speech delivered by Tory MP Conor Burns at a Conservative association dinner in Chris Grayling’s constituency tonight: It would be extraordinary if I did… Continue reading


Salmond uses final rally to congratulate campaigners

17 September 2014 23:29

Anyone listening to Alex Salmond’s final pro-independence rally tonight in Perth might have been forgiven for thinking the ‘Yes’ campaign was in the lead in the polls. He used most… Continue reading

Party Leaders Campaign To Save The Union

Why a ‘No’ voter hurled abuse at ‘Yes’ campaigners

17 September 2014 14:15

I’ve just watched a passionate, informed debate about politics taking place on a street corner between three ordinary people. I’ve never seen that before. I should be thrilled, but instead… Continue reading


Yes or No, the little white rose of Scotland will bloom again

17 September 2014 13:28

And so our watch is all but over. Who knows what comes tomorrow but at least and at last the final reckoning is upon us. It is choosing time and… Continue reading

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Scotland could never prosper under the SNP, because they don’t understand business

17 September 2014 12:56

No-nonsense businesspeople will be very much what’s needed in the aftermath of the Scottish Catastrophe, as it will surely come to be known whichever way the vote has fallen. No… Continue reading


‘No’ quietly confident on campaign trail

16 September 2014 16:42

I’ve just spent a couple of hours on the Burnhill estate in Rutherglen watching a group of Labour ‘No’ campaigners knock on the doors of voters to find out how… Continue reading

Glasgow Prepares For The Independence Vote

Is Scotland confident enough to vote No?

16 September 2014 15:07

We hold this truth to be self-evident: we are not an oppressed people. We have some liberty to chart our own course. We are, after all, choosing our path this… Continue reading

Should you stay or should you go? (Photo: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty)

If Scotland leave, we don’t owe them anything. But it’s no great favour if they stay

16 September 2014 14:50

I doubt I’m alone among English readers of this magazine in having felt uncomfortable with our last issue. ‘Please stay with us’ was a plea I found faintly offensive to… Continue reading

berlin wall

Scottish nationalism: turning neighbours into foreigners

16 September 2014 12:59

Nationalists build walls to keep their people in and the rest out. They create ‘us’ and ‘them’. Friends and enemies. If you disagree, if you say they have no right… Continue reading

Lib dem poster van

Lib Dems switch on the sunshine – and attack ‘sinister’ Yes tactics

16 September 2014 12:12

The Lib Dems have just launched the final leg of their campaign against Scottish independence, which is a poster van with Charles Kennedy’s head emblazoned across it and three of… Continue reading

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David Cameron’s final plea to Scottish voters

15 September 2014 17:58

David Cameron has just delivered one of the best speeches of his career in Aberdeen. It was emotional, sincere, clear. The Prime Minister pleaded with Scots to stay in the… Continue reading


Pollsters could have got it wrong on the Scottish independence referendum

15 September 2014 15:23

As the political nation waits with bated breath for the Scottish referendum result, the polls are dictating the mood. One showing Yes in the lead led to the abandonment of… Continue reading


Please stay to build a better Britain: more Spectator readers write to Scots

14 September 2014 16:30

This week’s Spectator cover piece is written by our readers. Here are some more letters to Scottish voters, explaining why our United Kingdom should stay together. I come from the… Continue reading

Scottish Referendum Campaigning Enters The Final Stages

Latest indyref polls give mixed message

13 September 2014 20:23

Who will be relieved and reassured when they read this weekend’s polls on how Thursday’s independence referendum will go? Well, it looks like neither camp has much to celebrate as… Continue reading

The Saltire flies over Downing Street. Picture: PA

How the ‘No’ camp should react to its regained poll lead

12 September 2014 8:57

Anyone who thinks that the latest YouGov poll on Scottish independence, which shows the ‘No’ camp with a six-point lead over ‘Yes’ at 52 per cent to 48 per cent… Continue reading

David Cameron pleads with Scots to stay in the United Kingdom. Picture: PA

What would the Tory party really do if Scotland voted ‘yes’?

11 September 2014 17:46

Even when it is at peace, the Conservative party deals in hypotheticals all of which involve David Cameron being ousted in one way or another. That’s why backbenchers have been… Continue reading

Image: Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images

Unionists must prepare for a second vote on Scottish independence

11 September 2014 15:50

Tonight will bring another YouGov poll on the Scottish referendum and this may change the mood again. But right now, the pro-Union side is in far better cheer than it… Continue reading

Referendum Debate Continues As Campaigns Enter Final Week

Alex Salmond’s persecution complex

11 September 2014 14:48

Alex Salmond gave a very good speech earlier today about why Scots should vote for independence. It was full of the sort of emotion and rhetoric that the ‘No’ campaign… Continue reading

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PMQs sketch: Strange allies and a fake truce makes for weird times in Westminster

10 September 2014 16:36

Weird times in Westminster. PMQs was downgraded today so that the evening news wouldn’t carry pictures of a remote House of Commons debating the referendum in a complacent and uncaring… Continue reading

Ed Miliband speaking today. Picture: Getty

Cameron and Miliband have panicked well today

10 September 2014 16:34

While Westminster sent its own plea to Scottish voters, David Cameron and Ed Miliband were both making fine, impassioned speeches that both tried to scotch the SNP line that a… Continue reading

Have you seen this man? You might have done – in Westminster. Image: Getty

Missing: One Secretary of State for Scotland

10 September 2014 14:30

Don’t they know there’s a war on? Given that the government has finally woken up to the very real threat of a ‘yes’ victory, Mr S was rather surprised to… Continue reading