The pathology of the politician

14 October 2011 10:50

With ministers behaving particularly oddly, we thought CoffeeHousers would enjoy Matthew Parris’ Spectator column from May, in which he explains the weirdness that afflicts politicians. Politicians are not normal people. They… Continue reading


Ministers behaving oddly

14 October 2011 9:25

It’s a rum deal being a Global Networker. This morning’s Times reports (£) that Adam Werritty has received nearly £200,000 in donations from clients who appear to have employed Werritty… Continue reading


Ministers need their Werrittys

13 October 2011 16:32

I’ve never met Adam Werritty and hadn’t even heard of him before a few weeks ago. I’m also of the belief that financial wrongdoing should not be the only test… Continue reading


Werritty’s no Walter Mitty

12 October 2011 17:41

Those "friends" of Liam Fox who are trashing Adam Werritty to journalists (see here, here and here) are doing the Defence Secretary no favours. The idea that Werritty somehow imposed… Continue reading


Werritty’s donors

11 October 2011 18:34

So, who paid for Adam Werritty’s air miles? This is the question going around Westminster this afternoon. James blogged yesterday that No10 has set two tests: was Werritty being paid… Continue reading


Fox defies the hounds

10 October 2011 17:43

To the joy of the Tory benches, Liam Fox has just come out swinging in the House of Commons. In his initial statement, Fox apologised to the House for allowing… Continue reading


How Number 10 will judge Fox

10 October 2011 12:35

Downing Street is busy stressing that the David Cameron doesn’t want to lose Liam Fox from the Cabinet. There is lots of talk of how the Prime Minister doesn’t want… Continue reading


In defence of Liam Fox

10 October 2011 10:20

The feeding frenzy over Liam Fox tells us a great deal more about what is wrong with the Conservative Party than it does about Dr. Fox. The Defence Secretary has… Continue reading


Crunch time for Fox

10 October 2011 8:55

"I don’t believe that wrongdoing did occur", said Liam Fox in his apology yesterday. With today’s front pages dripping with accusations, Fox has some work to do to substatiate that… Continue reading


Boulter vs Fox

9 October 2011 22:49

The Liam Fox imbroglio has just started to make more sense. The original story was broken by The Guardian (of whom more later) and the main source appears to have… Continue reading


Fox would lead anti-coalition Tories

9 October 2011 15:35

So far, the Prime Minister seems to be playing down any potential fallout from the crisis dogging Liam Fox. No 10 seems to be saying "if the Defence Secretary goes,… Continue reading


Fox under pressure

7 October 2011 12:40

The Westminster Fox-hounds think they have picked up the scent this morning. Enemies of the Defence Secretary, of whom there are many, are convinced that they’ll be able to bring… Continue reading


The phone hacking saga bursts back to life

16 August 2011 13:36

The phone hacking saga has burst back to life this afternoon, with the publication of a letter by Clive Goodman that contradicts much of the evidence given by News International… Continue reading


The scramble away from cosiness

27 July 2011 17:44

Aside from Boris’s exhortations to George Osborne, one of the most ear-catching lines of the day has been uttered by Jeremy Hunt. "I think the relationships between politicians and the… Continue reading


More questions for Murdoch?

22 July 2011 12:23

Much though most readers probably want it to, the phone hacking saga just won’t do the decent thing and die. Today brings fresh revelations. Colin Myler and Tom Crone, respectively… Continue reading


Llewellyn is more than a friend to Cameron

21 July 2011 18:03

Edward Llewellyn has been making headlines and there was speculation about his future. Many a right-wing MP rubbed their hands with glee, seeing Llewellyn as a ‘wet’ impediment to a… Continue reading


Cameron passes test

20 July 2011 14:23

The questions following David Cameron’s statement to the House of Commons have just finished. As Cameron answered 136 questions, it became increasingly clear that the immediate moment of political danger… Continue reading


A real crisis?

20 July 2011 9:11

David Cameron is under pressure now that the phone hacking scandal has slithered its way closer to his door. The news that Neil Wallis informally advised Andy Coulson in the… Continue reading


The crisis gets closer to the Tories

19 July 2011 19:06

The news that Neil Wallis was informally advising Andy Coulson without the knowledge of any of the other senior figures in the Tory party is a reminder of just how… Continue reading


Crouching Tiger, Slapping Wendi

19 July 2011 18:33

All hail, Wendi Deng. It took her a split second to attack the guy hurling a pie at Rupert Murdoch, slapping so hard that the sound was picked up by… Continue reading


Only police reform can keep politics out of policing

19 July 2011 9:04

We expect and openly tolerate close, even cosy, relations between politicians and the media – each relies on the other for survival in a society that is less deferential and… Continue reading


Some good news for Cameron?

18 July 2011 18:09

In the midst of the fall-out from the phone hacking scandal comes some positive news for David Cameron: it appears that the Libyan rebels have won control of Brega, as most… Continue reading


Yates has his say as new allegations against him emerge

18 July 2011 17:33

John Yates has spoken and those expecting a grovelling apology were met with dignified defiance. Where Sir Paul Stephenson threw dainty little parcels of mud at the government, Yates struck… Continue reading


Where are Cameron’s praetorians?

18 July 2011 15:56

One of the striking things about the wall to wall hackgate coverage on the 24 hours news channels is the absence of Tory voices defending the Prime Minister. It is… Continue reading


Yates goes as Boris stands by

18 July 2011 14:44

Yates of the Yard has gone as the phone hacking scandal claims yet another scalp. Yates walked after being told he would be suspended. Yates’ departure was necessary given the… Continue reading