Sarah Teather

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The week, in audio

20 September 2013 16:05

Britain’s no3 political party held their annual conference this week. But before that, the Liberal Democrats met in Glasgow. The week started with Nick Clegg evading questions about Vince Cable’s… Continue reading

Former minister Tim Loughton has made comments about former Lib Dem minister Sarah Teather. Photo: PA.

Tim Loughton attacks ex-families minister Sarah Teather for having no children

16 September 2013 23:07

Tim Loughton has done his bit to fuel coalition tensions today. At the Conservative Renewal conference this weekend, the former children and families’ minister appeared to suggest Sarah Teather, the… Continue reading

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Sarah Teather: Another MP driven out of the Commons’ boy’s club

9 September 2013 9:27

The Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather has decided to stand down at the next election. I realise that this will not be a popular view on here, but I think… Continue reading

British Prime Minister, David Cameron (C

Sarah Teather’s exit is just another growing pain for the Lib Dems

8 September 2013 21:04

Sarah Teather’s decision to stand down at the 2015 election won’t surprise many people who know what a battle the Lib Dem MP would have had to hold onto her… Continue reading

Sarah Teather announced today that she will rebel against the Welfare Uprating Bill. Picture: Getty

Sarah Teather dents the Coalition’s unity message by announcing her benefits rebellion

7 January 2013 13:29

Coupled with Lord Strathclyde’s resignation over the way the Coalition worked in the House of Lords, Sarah Teather’s announcement that she will rebel against the government tomorrow is extremely poor… Continue reading


The new premium on Lib Dem policies

12 December 2011 11:43

Could it be an accident of timing that the government, in the shape of Sarah Teather, is announcing an expansion of the pupil premium today? Or is it part of… Continue reading


Clegg’s chance to lead by example

21 September 2011 10:19

Nick Clegg will deliver his keynote speech to the Liberal Democrat conference later this afternoon. It has been substantially trailed this morning, despite competing for airtime with Nick Robinson’s story… Continue reading


Gold, Jerry, Gold

19 September 2011 22:49

Some politician shouldn’t try stand-up comedy. Sarah Teather is one of those politicians.


Don’t mention education reform

18 September 2011 21:49

A new rule seems to have been adopted at Lib Dem conference: don’t mention Academies. The coalition’s greatest single success story – something David Laws and Michael Gove agreed on… Continue reading


Teather pledges to double the pupil premium

18 September 2011 13:17

Assorted acolytes from the teaching unions are padding around the Lib Dem conference, fomenting discontent around activists who are opposed to the coalition’s adoption of academies and free schools. Officials… Continue reading


Clegg vs Clegg

4 September 2011 15:48

As the Lib Dem conference approaches, we can expect some briefing from their spin doctors claiming to have "wrecked" all manner of Tory policies. It’s a petty and ugly phase… Continue reading


Gove raises the spectre of an electoral pact

19 January 2011 17:59

Michael Gove has reignited talk of a Tory Lib Dem pact by urging people in Hull to vote Lib Dem to keep Labour out at the local elections. Gove’s intervention… Continue reading


The final sting

24 December 2010 10:16

It’s Christmas Eve, and the Daily Telegraph have wrapped up their sting operation in time for tomorrow. The final victims are the Foreign Office minister Jeremy Browne and the children’s… Continue reading


A yellow spanner in the works

20 September 2010 13:32

The teaching unions, it seems, haven’t been wasting their time in Liverpool: the Lib Dem conference has just passed a motion opposing the coalition’s free schools agenda. Even though the… Continue reading


Who is missing?

12 May 2010 12:24

The Cabinet is taking shape, admittedly with one or two surprises and not all of them good ones. There is still a way to go, even though action has already… Continue reading