What the papers say: Donald Trump hits back

12 January 2017 8:42

Donald Trump is dominating the headlines once again after he hit back furiously at reports that Russia had compromising videos…


Can Donald Trump really be a compromised agent of Russian influence?

11 January 2017 20:25

During the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, American parents found politics to be a painfully embarrassing subject to discuss in front of their…


Trump’s performance will have delighted Putin

11 January 2017 18:48

After 167 days without a press conference, Donald Trump’s performance in Trump Tower didn’t disappoint. He abused journalists, denounced a…

Steerpike competition: what would it take to smear Trump?

11 January 2017 11:17

Today the world awoke to the news that intelligence chiefs allege Russians have compromising personal information on Donald Trump. Buzzfeed,…


SNP MP comes to Russia’s defence

30 December 2016 12:32

On Thursday, Barack Obama announced the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats in retaliation for Russian attempts to interfere with the US presidential…

Cossacks in front of St Isaac's Cathedral in Petrograd (St Petersburg), in the early days of the October Revolution, 1917

The brutal legacy of the Russian Revolution must never be forgotten

28 December 2016 8:00

Few 20th-century historians doubted that the 1917 Russian revolution was one of the most influential events of their time, indeed…

My longed-for wishing lamppost

23 December 2016 9:00

Once I read about a wishing lamppost that answered wishes in a place where nobody believed in them. My wish…

The uses of terror

21 December 2016 7:37

I mean no disrespect to the dead when I say that Islamist terror in the developed world can seem a…

Image: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

Regrets on Russia, Syria, or Iran? Obama Has None

18 December 2016 21:59

The Electoral College will cast their votes for president of the United States tomorrow without any last-minute intel on alleged…

The Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games

Russia killed Olympic amateurism. Now it might kill anti-doping

9 December 2016 14:44

The row about Russia’s state-sponsored doping programme will continue for years. The fact is that Russia has a long tradition…


Trump and Fillon mean that Britain matters far more to Eastern Europe

28 November 2016 14:46

By next summer, Britain could be the only one of the three major Western military powers unequivocally opposed to the…

Liberal ideology created Donald Trump

8 November 2016 8:45

Dear Democrat voters, You are probably the most influential and powerful segment of the human race today. In terms of…

Jeremy Corbyn lets Theresa May off the hook again at PMQs

26 October 2016 13:18

Today’s PMQs could have been a tricky affair for Theresa May. Her decision on Heathrow has seen one Tory MP…

We’re too busy vilifying Putin and Russia to notice our own misdeeds

22 October 2016 15:42

I have been wondering these last few weeks whether it would be cheaper to excavate a basement and buy a…

Stop The War Coalition Protest Against Air Strikes In Syria

Stop the War stay away from the Russian embassy – ‘we won’t contribute to the jingoism and hysteria’

12 October 2016 10:00

Although little was agreed upon in yesterday’s debate on Aleppo with regards to a no-fly zone, one thing the Foreign…

Speakers Rally To Commemorate The 80th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Cable Street

Jeremy Corbyn in the firing line over Russia at PLP meeting

10 October 2016 21:41

Although Jeremy Corbyn’s spokesman described tonight’s meeting of the PLP as barely registering on the Richter scale in terms of…


The Spectator podcast: The age of May

29 September 2016 11:39

The Conservative party conference starts this Sunday in Birmingham. It will be the first time that Theresa May has addressed…

Vlad the corrupter and the crisis on the left

2 September 2016 14:03

Julian Assange still has not found the courage to face the women who accuse him of sexual abuse. Rather than…

Will Putin target Latvia next?

18 August 2016 11:21

The Baltic states do not feel like a front line. I did not see a police officer in more than…


Is the era of dope-free sport over?

12 August 2016 10:55

The row about Russia’s state-sponsored doping programme will continue for years. The fact is that Russia has a long tradition…


Is Putin and Erdogan’s bromance back on?

11 August 2016 10:07

At a luncheon to mark a thawing of relations between Turkey and Russia this week, the diners were given a…

An image which appeared online purporting to show burning wreckage from the Russian helicopter (Photo: Reuters)

Who should we support in Syria’s brutal civil war?

1 August 2016 14:52

Today, Syrian rebels in Idlib shot down a Russian helicopter; five Russians were killed and footage from the site shows…

A statue of Lenin in the grounds of Narva castle

Is Putin eyeing up the Baltic states?

28 July 2016 9:30

For the frontline in a Cold War which has been rapidly heating up in recent years, Narva certainly does not…

(Photo: Getty)

If Trump wins, Europeans will have to grow up

26 July 2016 18:02

As many people have pointed out, if someone had awoken from a coma after 30 years and learned that one…

Today in audio: Fallon says Putin would ‘Vote leave’

24 May 2016 17:34

Vladimir Putin’s name has popped up again in the Brexit debate. This time, however, it wasn’t the Prime Minister suggesting…