Vlad the corrupter and the crisis on the left

2 September 2016 14:03

Julian Assange still has not found the courage to face the women who accuse him of sexual abuse. Rather than…

Will Putin target Latvia next?

18 August 2016 11:21

The Baltic states do not feel like a front line. I did not see a police officer in more than…


Is the era of dope-free sport over?

12 August 2016 10:55

The row about Russia’s state-sponsored doping programme will continue for years. The fact is that Russia has a long tradition…


Is Putin and Erdogan’s bromance back on?

11 August 2016 10:07

At a luncheon to mark a thawing of relations between Turkey and Russia this week, the diners were given a…

An image which appeared online purporting to show burning wreckage from the Russian helicopter (Photo: Reuters)

Who should we support in Syria’s brutal civil war?

1 August 2016 14:52

Today, Syrian rebels in Idlib shot down a Russian helicopter; five Russians were killed and footage from the site shows…

A statue of Lenin in the grounds of Narva castle

Is Putin eyeing up the Baltic states?

28 July 2016 9:30

For the frontline in a Cold War which has been rapidly heating up in recent years, Narva certainly does not…

(Photo: Getty)

If Trump wins, Europeans will have to grow up

26 July 2016 18:02

As many people have pointed out, if someone had awoken from a coma after 30 years and learned that one…

Today in audio: Fallon says Putin would ‘Vote leave’

24 May 2016 17:34

Vladimir Putin’s name has popped up again in the Brexit debate. This time, however, it wasn’t the Prime Minister suggesting…

Liam Fox is wrong to suggest that the EU controls the Foreign Office

14 May 2016 9:07

Former Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox told an audience at the Royal United Services Institute last week that the Foreign…


Putin’s Palmyra concert shows he is winning the propaganda war

8 May 2016 8:15

The city of Palmyra, recently liberated from Isis, has seen a return to civilisation and culture with a performance by…

The Spectator Podcast: Putin’s Endgame in Syria

18 February 2016 12:18

In this week’s issue, Owen Matthews discusses Vladimir Putin’s endgame in Syria. He says Russia’s bombing of Aleppo this week…


Move over Royal Family. London’s oligarchs are the new tourist attraction

9 February 2016 19:13

‘And if you look to your left you will see a house once linked to Rakhat Aliyev, Kazakhstan’s former intelligence chief,…

Alexander Litvinenko (Photo: PA)

Is the West ever going to stand up to Vladimir Putin?

21 January 2016 15:59

If you walk down Holland Park Avenue, down the hill to Shepherd’s Bush, you’ll come across a statue wreathed with…


War & Peace is actually just an upmarket Downton Abbey

6 January 2016 12:07

Gosh what a breath of fresh air was Andrew Davies’s War & Peace adaptation (BBC1, Sundays) after all the stale…


Podcast special: 2015 in review

22 December 2015 15:52

Christmas is almost here, so it’s time for our annual year in review podcast. In this View from 22 hour-long…

A US air strike last year on Kobani, Syria (Photo: Gokhan Sahin, Getty)

What’s the plan in Syria? Yesterday’s debate gave us few answers

3 December 2015 11:22

David Cameron may now have his bombing mandate, but he still has no strategy. The PM’s ‘hope for the best’…

Photo: Alexander Vilf/Host Photo Agency via Getty

Putin knows what he’s doing in Syria. Cameron is just flailing

30 November 2015 14:56

When MPs vote this week on Syria, they will have to decide whether intervention is right in principle. But there…

Video footage has emerged of the Russian SU24 being shot down

Syrian war heats up as Turkey shoots down a Russian jet

24 November 2015 9:59

The complications of acting in Syria have just become more apparent. The Russians are fighting in support of Assad – but Turkey,…

Turkey Hosts The G20 World Leader's Summit

Cameron sees ‘hopeful signs’ of political agreement on Isis

16 November 2015 8:41

After the attacks in Paris, what has changed? Islamic State is still a threat that world leaders don’t seem to…

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Russia suspends all flights to Egypt. What will it do next?

6 November 2015 17:33

Just yesterday, Vladimir Putin criticised David Cameron’s decision  suspended all flights to Egypt. This afternoon, he has done the same…

(Photo: Getty)

Russia’s dramatic new policy towards Assad is very revealing

3 November 2015 17:36

Yesterday I argued that if it became clear that the Russian plane was brought down over Egypt by a bomb,…

The wreckage of the Russian passenger plane in Egypt (Photo: Getty)

The Russian plane crash could undermine Putin’s Syria strategy

2 November 2015 15:33

It now seems fairly likely that an explosion brought down the Russian passenger airline over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula over the weekend.…

The East-West divide is no longer between capitalism and communism, nor even democracy and authoritarianism, but multiculturalism and sovereignty (Photo: Getty)

The new East-West divide: multiculturalism vs sovereignty

21 October 2015 12:05

We all know that relations with Russia are at their lowest ebb since 1991, when Boris Yeltsin brought down Communism…


Is the West arming the Syrian People’s Front or the People’s Front of Syria?

14 October 2015 11:13

The United States has abandoned training rebel forces on the ground in Syria but not equipping them, or at least…

Michael Fallon speaks during day one of the Conservative Party Conference on October 4, 2015 in Manchester, England.

Michael Fallon: Russian air strikes in Syria are ‘extremely unhelpful and dangerous’

7 October 2015 9:53

Michael Fallon has been touring the broadcast studios this morning to send Russia a warning about its bombing campaign in…