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The IHRC gave their international ‘Islamophobe of the Year’ award to the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo (Photo: Damien Meyer/AFP/Getty)

A new low: Charlie Hebdo's murdered staff receive an 'Islamophobe of the Year' award

10 March 2015 10:22

I have always treated the ‘Islamophobe of the Year’ event with the scorn it deserves. Not least because each year this fantasy prize for a fantasy concept is run by a… Continue reading

Rt Rev Justin Welby, the incoming Archbishop of Canterbury (background) looks on as Dr Rowan Williams, the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury is given a hug,

Justin Welby defends Rowan Williams against Spectator’s criticism

15 November 2014 16:39

We at 22 Old Queen Street have never been great fans of Rowan Williams. At a time when strong ecclesiastical leadership was needs he served up abstract, pew-emptying waffle. But as this week’s… Continue reading

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At last! An Archbishop of Canterbury recognises that Islamists slaughter Christians

8 August 2014 16:01

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has just issued a statement about the slaughter of Christians in Iraq that is both brave and perfectly judged. What an outstanding representative of… Continue reading

Rowan Williams; more of a Game of Thrones fan than a Lord of the Rings one? Image: Getty

The life of a former ABC

21 March 2013 9:43

Steerpike is back in this week’s magazine. As ever, here is your preview: ‘”A Cambridge student reports this snippet from a Sainsbury’s checkout. ‘Is that a Lord of the Rings… Continue reading


Video: Debating Richard Dawkins

4 February 2013 8:41

The video of my debate with Richard Dawkins, Rowan Williams and Tariq Ramadan is now available online. Richard Dawkins speaks third, and I speak last.

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Debating Richard Dawkins

2 February 2013 9:59

I spent Thursday evening at the Cambridge Union debating the motion ‘This House believes religion has no place in the 21st century.’ I spoke against the motion. My opponents on… Continue reading

Coptic Christians demonstrating against the persecution in Cairo. Image: Getty

Christians persecuted this Christmas

2 January 2013 13:44

I hope all readers had a happy and peaceful Christmas. As this is the first day back at the office for most of us, I thought I would cheer everyone… Continue reading


From the archives: Rowan Williams on capitalism and idolatry

16 March 2012 17:29

To mark today’s news that Rowan Williams will be stepping down as Archbishop of Canterbury, here’s a piece he wrote for The Spectator during the financial crash of 2008: Rowan… Continue reading


Where Rowan went wrong

16 March 2012 15:06

Rowan Williams will step down at the end of 2012, having been Primate of All England for a decade. It is already clear that his term of office has been… Continue reading


Sentamu’s the right man for the job

16 March 2012 13:26

A few weeks ago, in a cover piece for the magazine, Rod Liddle backed John Sentamu as the next Archbishop of Canterbury. Given that Rowan Williams announced his resignation today,… Continue reading


A kind man stands down

16 March 2012 11:34

So goodbye, Rowan. The Archbishop of Canterbury has announced that he will stand down at the end of the year (leaving Britain bereft of bearded authority figures). Inevitably, people will say… Continue reading


Sentamu for Canterbury!

2 February 2012 14:59

John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, is our cover boy this week. It’s the Church of England Synod next week, word is that Rowan Williams will be standing down soon,… Continue reading


Cameron: a leader in need of ‘a people’

9 June 2011 14:50

One of the odd things about David Cameron is that he wants to be a consensual radical. Unlike Margaret Thatcher he doesn’t want to have ‘a people’, a section of… Continue reading


Softly, softly

9 June 2011 13:16

As I argued this morning, the Rowan Williams furore will be sustained if the government over-reacts. So far, so softly from Downing Street: ministers and prominent MPs have been across… Continue reading


The turbulent priest

9 June 2011 9:14

“Nowadays politicians want to talk about moral issues, and bishops want to talk politics,” said Sir Humphrey. This week’s New Statesman has been guest edited by the Archbishop of Canterbury.… Continue reading


The Archbishop’s attack

7 November 2010 22:37

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s intervention in the welfare debate isn’t going to change anyone views of the politics of the Church of England’s hierarchy. But what struck me was how… Continue reading