Ronald Reagan

Donald Trump Makes Announcement At Trump Tower

The sooner the Republicans stop Donald Trump, the sooner they can beat Hillary Clinton

28 July 2015 10:42

Lunatics with money are never ‘mad’, only eccentric. In America, they can also class as Republican presidential candidates. Hence Donald…


Nigel Farage is on the hunt for Britain’s ‘Reagan Democrats’

12 March 2015 18:18

Why does Nigel Farage keep on doing it? Whether it’s immigrants blocking up the M4, ostentatious breastfeeding or today’s controversy over scrapping race discrimination laws,…

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‘Unfunded tax cuts’: a verbal disease from America

7 October 2014 19:54

The notion of ‘unfunded tax cuts’ seems set to be a central theme in next year’s election. David Cameron’s promise last week to raise…

Labour leader Ed Miliband addresses delegates at his party's 2011 conference. Image: Getty

Why Ed Miliband’s public image matters

29 July 2014 18:49

For a politician to draw attention to his own deficiencies is a desperate attempt to curry favour with the electorate…

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Gives His Keynote Speech At the Annual Party Conference

Ed Miliband: You Are The Quiet Bat People And I Am On Your Side

24 September 2013 18:25

Ronald Reagan once quipped that  “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and…

Maggie and Ronnie back in 1988. (MIKE SARGENT/AFP/Getty Images)

Row builds over the US Senate’s silence on Lady Thatcher

16 April 2013 13:54

Further to my report yesterday, the Heritage Foundation, the giant conservative think-tank that has its own Margaret Thatcher Centre to study and promote…

The late Margaret Thatcher touches the flag draped coffin of former President Ronald Reagan on 09 June 2004. (STEPHEN JAFFE/AFP/Getty Images)

US Senate strangely silent over Margaret Thatcher

15 April 2013 16:23

In deference to Lady Thatcher’s immense popularity across the Pond, the US House of Representatives paid tribute to her. But…

This 17 July, 1987 file photo shows form

Lessons from Ronnie and Maggie

18 February 2013 21:51

Ramesh Ponnuru has written a splendid op-ed for today’s New York Times. Splendid, not because it is new or especially…

Mitt Romney will debate President Obama for the first time in Denver, Colorado tonight. Picture: Getty Images.

‘Are you better off?’ won’t be a winning debate line for Mitt Romney

3 October 2012 16:02

‘Are you better off than you were four years ago?’ That was the question Ronald Reagan told Americans to ask…

Ronald Reagan, Getty Images

RIP Robert Hughes: Enemy of the Woozy

7 August 2012 18:23

Few books have had a greater effect on me than Robert Hughes’ Culture of Complaint. The clarity of Hughes’ style…

Why ‘starving the beast’ may not work

20 December 2011 18:34

Steven F. Hayward’s audit of the state of American conservatism, which David Brooks judges to be one of the best…

From the archives: The Great Communicator stumbles

2 December 2011 17:13

It’s been 25 years since the Iran-Contra affair – the scandal about the US government selling arms to Iran and…

Obama’s field of dreams?

8 September 2011 12:48

The striking thing about last night’s Republican Party debate was just how bad the leading GOP candidates are. Rick Perry,…

Arresting the West’s crisis of confidence

20 August 2011 15:52

What’s the most important geo-political event of this century? Most people would say 9/11. The Foreign Secretary believes that it…

London’s Ronald Reagan statue, in pictures

4 July 2011 12:56

As unveiled in Grosvenor Square earlier:

Stand up for freedom and freedom will stand up for you (eventually)

4 July 2011 10:32

It was hard to be a supporter of U.S. President Ronald Reagan in Western Europe. As a student living in…

Thatcher snubs Palin?

7 June 2011 14:01

Sarah Palin will be in town soon and she hopes to meet Mrs Thatcher. She told the Sunday Times: “I…

Victory, but there’s little triumphalism as Republicans look to court America

3 November 2010 9:05

Hysteria has lapsed into disaffection: it was a bleak night for President Obama. But, despite the apparent immediacy of a…

Was Carter right?

15 July 2010 23:27

Today marks the 31st anniversary of President Jimmy Carter’s famous ‘malaise’ speech. On July 15, 1979, Carter, then running for…

Worse off than you were in 2005

24 February 2010 19:17

The obsession of British politicians – and political journalists – with American politics is often mocked. But there’s a clarity…

Reagan’s consummate circumlocution

3 September 2009 16:08

This tale from Ted Kennedy’s autobiography, to be posthumously published later this month, is classic Reagan and an illustration of…