The ejection of Romania from Eurovision is shameful

22 April 2016 17:08

On Eurovision night, the best and most heartfelt performances always come from the countries imprisoned behind an Iron Curtain not…

Ion Mihai Pacepa (Image: Catholic News Agency)

Former Communist spy: KGB created Catholic liberation theology

2 May 2015 14:04

The respected Catholic News Agency has published an interview with Ion Mihai Pacepa, a former general in Romania’s secret police who…

Spectator Cover Art

Lame duck unleashed – Bulgarian in London asks ‘what next’ on US immigration

5 November 2014 12:52

London Careening through the city in a minicab last night, en route to a pub in Bloomsbury that had promised to…

King Carol of Romania

The Spectator at war: The scale of neutrality

17 October 2014 8:30

From The Spectator, 17 October 1914: King Carol of Roumania died suddenly at the Castle of Pelesh, Sinaia, on Saturday…

The Romanian playwright Eugène Ionesco (1912 - 1994).

German or Romanian neighbour – which would you choose?

19 May 2014 17:53

I would rather live next door to a German than a Romanian. I thought I’d just make that clear. I…


What’s the difference between German and Romanian immigrants?

19 May 2014 16:30

Nigel Farage is in the papers again today – unbelievably! – this time with a full-page advert in the Telegraph…

There is more to immigration than GDP figures. (Image: Getty)

Economists – the scourge of mankind

3 January 2014 11:31

Are there any disciplines on earth as hyped-up and overrated as economics? Every subject depends to some extent on others;…

Image: GEORGES GOBET/AFP/GettyImages

The ugly, cynical EU immigration debate

28 December 2013 14:51

Tristram Hunt, Shadow Education Secretary, is an intelligent and articulate individual but like everyone in politics, has the handicap of…

Soham Trial Nears Conclusion

Our criminal justice system is institutionally racist, surely?

15 December 2013 21:32

I think this following quote, from the Romanian ambassador Ion Jinga, may go down as my favourite of the year:…

Polish community Continues To Thrive In UK

When oh when will we ever be able to talk about immigration (sensibly)?

2 December 2013 16:16

I do wish we were never allowed to speak about immigration. That seems the only way to prevent folk from…

Image: Getty

The EU needs to limit free movement to stay together

27 November 2013 10:05

David Cameron’s proposals on free movement recognise that the European Union is very different now from what it used to…

Image: Getty

What’s the difference between Romanian immigrants and second home owners? Well…

15 September 2013 9:41

Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants to this country are ‘just like’ British people who have second homes in France, according to…

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What the government must do to prepare for Romanian and Bulgarian migrants

22 February 2013 17:13

Ministers and MPs are nervous about a mass influx of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants putting the benefit system under strain next year.…

Polish Work Force Leads to Largest Migration In Centuries

The Myth of the Immigrant Benefit-Scrounger

18 February 2013 15:42

The Sunday Express is at it again. It is outraged that Britain’s prisons contain some inmates who were not born…

Will the end of transitional controls lead to more immigration from the newest EU members? Picture: Getty Images

Briefing: Immigration from Bulgaria and Romania

29 January 2013 12:27

What’s changing? Bulgaria and Romania joined the European Union on 1 January 2007. This gave their citizens the freedom to…

Protest Takes Place Over Immigration Rights

The government's attitude to Romania and Bulgaria is contemptible - Spectator Blogs

28 January 2013 15:58

Pity the staff at the British embassy in Bucharest. Only last month they were cheerfully banging the drum for Great…


Pickles refuses to disclose government number of Romanians and Bulgarians set to come to UK

13 January 2013 13:59

The Europe debate is raging in the Sunday papers ahead of Cameron’s speech on the matter. There’s mounting concern among…