Robert Halfon

Demotix 12th July 2011

Robert Halfon is many things, but he is not a cabinet minister

25 November 2015 8:17

Robert Halfon, a Conservative MP, has been threatened with blackmail about some (hetero)sexual allegation. The press, reporting this story, described…

Robert Halfon with David Cameron. Picture: Press Association

Robert Halfon pulls out of talk to Tory students

24 November 2015 8:39

Yesterday Mr S reported that Robert Halfon was due to give a talk to young Tory activists on Wednesday — less…

Demotix 12th July 2011

Robert Halfon earns himself a new nickname

23 November 2015 12:57

Last week Robert Halfon made headlines after he confessed to an affair with a Tory activist, claiming that Mark Clarke…

Robert Halfon and David Skelton at Renewal's Workers Budget launch last night.

Renewal offers a vision for a Tory workers’ budget

11 March 2014 11:47

How can the Tory party broaden its appeal? Renewal, a group founded to do just that offered its answer at…

Robert Halfon (top left) is in the House.

Coffee Shot: Stay classy Harlow

6 January 2014 15:18

Did Robert Halfon, the Tory MP for Harlow, get a new suit for Christmas? He was resplendent in this russet/chestnut suit at…


The gospel according to Robert Halfon

16 December 2013 13:04

The campaigning backbench MP Robert Halfon was invited to say grace at the First Annual Margaret Thatcher Memorial Dinner at…

The Shadow Chancellor pulls a face like a bawdy woman in a Shakespearean comedy

PMQs: A rather grumpy, unedifying session

30 October 2013 14:01

Talking about energy bills week in, week out might be good politics for both parties, but it sure does make…

Image: Getty

Rigged petrol prices will outrage voters far more than Europe ever could

15 May 2013 13:00

Believe it or not, while voters might be unimpressed by the ferrets fighting in a sack over Tory Europe strategy,…

The Sun Sets Behind The Houses Of Parliament

Apprenticeships should be the ‘new norm’ in parliament. Get your MP to hire one

11 March 2013 15:32

As sound bites go, it’s not one of his best, but David Cameron is right to suggest that apprenticeships should…

MPs have called for George Osborne to produce a 'cost of living' Budget. Photo: Getty Images.

Backbenchers want a cost of living Budget

29 January 2013 16:08

Aside from Ed Balls’ attack on George Osborne for going ‘on the piste’ in Davos, Treasury question time in the…

George Osborne looks set to postpone the fuel duty rise once again in order to head off a Tory rebellion supported by Labour. Image: Getty

Briefing: Another fuel duty freeze?

12 November 2012 18:59

It looks like George Osborne will put the planned fuel duty rise on hold again, in order to avoid another…

Ed Balls

How will Tory whips respond to Ed Balls’ audacious petrol vote?

9 November 2012 13:22

Ed Balls has secured a debate for next week calling for the government to postpone for a second time the…

Robert Halfon with David Cameron. Picture: Press Association

Conservative conference: Robert Halfon admits: ‘I envy socialists’

8 October 2012 14:11

The Conservative leadership is just starting to tap in to the idea that the next election will be about the…

Local issues are key to winning 2015, say Tory MPs. Photo: Getty Images.

Conservative conference: fighting and winning on the marginal front in 2015

7 October 2012 19:54

Conservatives need to become more effective at winning marginal seats if they have any hope of gaining a majority at…

The OFT will examine whether a formal investigation into price manipulation by oil companies is necessary. Picture: Getty.

How oil companies could be inflating petrol prices

5 September 2012 10:53

Conservative backbencher (and thank goodness he remains on the backbench, where he seems to wield an impressive level of influence)…

A worker fills a vehicles' tank at a pet

Osborne’s handbrake turn on fuel duty

26 June 2012 17:30

George Osborne’s U-turn today on fuel duty seems both canny and confusing. It comes just 48 hours after a denial…

Fuelling the recovery

29 November 2011 16:39

Today, the government has listened. In his Autumn Statement, George Osborne scrapped the fuel tax bombshell that was scheduled for…

Halfon seeks to cool the inflationary fires

15 November 2011 10:00

Don’t whip out the cava just yet, CoffeeHousers. Inflation, in both its CPI and RPI incarnations, may be down on…