Robert Chote


OBR chief ignores critics to heap more Brexit gloom upon MPs

30 November 2016 17:21

Last week the Office for Budget Responsibility revised down its forecasts, suggesting the economy would only expand by 1.4pc in the…

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And now a porkie from Labour: spending is not (really) heading back to 1930s levels

4 January 2015 9:31

Another day, another poster – and this time, it’s Labour stretching the truth. The above is the same trick as…

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Budget 2014: what Osborne didn’t tell us about the crunch to come

23 March 2014 20:32

Getting to the truth of a Budget is far easier under George Osborne’s new system. His creation, the Office for…

Love is in the air at the Treasury as the nights draw in. (JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Mr and Mrs Treasury

30 October 2013 15:01

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Treasury. HMT has today announced the appointment of Sharon White, the current Director General over…

Robert Chote (L) of the OBR.

We’ve shown forecasts are unreliable, jokes OBR chief

11 December 2012 13:34

‘We’ve done quite a good job at demonstrating the limitations of economic forecasting,’ half-joked Office for Budget Responsibility Chairman Robert…

Osborne's pace has been affected by the OBR's negative forecasting. Photo: Getty Images.

With friends like the OBR, George Osborne hardly needs enemies

29 August 2012 13:55

The Office of Budget Responsibility was created to be George Osborne’s friend. The theory was that under the leadership of…

The OBR warns of a fiscal storm

13 July 2011 16:09

The Office for Budget Responsibility’s 126-page Fiscal Sustainability Report really oughtn’t make for electrifying reading. But it does. What Robert…

The Tory response to Osborne’s Spending Review

20 October 2010 19:41

George Osborne was well received by the 1922 committee of Tory backbenchers when he addressed them on the spending review…

OBR Watch

3 October 2010 20:19

When Sir Alan Budd was head of the Office for Budget Responsibility, there was an insistent argument in opposition circles…

Robert Chote is the new head of the OBR

9 September 2010 12:38

Now this should dispel any worries that the Office for Budget Responsibility is partisan in the government’s favour. Robert Chote,…

Five lessons for the coalition from today

25 August 2010 21:06

The coalition has had a bad day today. It has been knocked all over the park following the IFS report…

Hard going for the government

13 July 2010 13:45

A tough morning for the government at the hands of Tyrie, Fallon and rest of the Treasury Select Committee. Sir…

Send for Chote

10 July 2010 10:10

And so it continues. The FT reports that Sir Alan Budd has denied that George Osborne cooked the OBR’s job…