Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner at Royal Court of Justice today. Photo: Getty Images.

Mark Duggan lawfully killed, says high court jury

8 January 2014 17:44

A high court jury has said Mark Duggan, whose death sparked the 2011 London riots, was lawfully killed by police. The 29-year-old was shot dead by police in Tottenham in… Continue reading

Bangladeshi police drive past a burning car during clashes between police and activists on the streets of Dhaka on March 2, 2013. (STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)

Tweeting can seriously damage your health

8 March 2013 10:45

Members of the World’s Most Rational and Peaceable Religion © have been going berserk in the lovely Bangladeshi town of Cox’s Bazar. Some bloke put a photo of a burned… Continue reading

What would you like to ask IDS? Photo: Getty Images.

Any questions for Iain Duncan Smith?

9 October 2012 15:19

I’m interviewing Iain Duncan Smith today for a fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference, hosted by the Centre for Social Justice. I will be able to grill him for… Continue reading


The View from 22: Will the riots return?

10 May 2012 11:03

We haven’t done enough to prevent the riots of last summer happening again, says Simon Marcus in this week’s cover feature. And in the latest episode of our The View… Continue reading


Another blow against the something for nothing culture

16 April 2012 13:28

In the aftermath of the riots, the idea of withholding child benefit from mothers whose kids played truant was floated by Number 10. The aim was to link child benefit… Continue reading


Riots report undermines the Tory diagnosis, but spreads itself too thin

28 March 2012 11:41

After last August’s riots the debate became quickly polarised. Were socio-economic factors like unemployment to blame, or was it all down to the individual choices of the rioters? David Cameron… Continue reading


Dave’s ‘troubleshooters’ policy is right — but it needs working on

15 December 2011 17:09

David Cameron has finally announced the way forward on his pledge to ‘turn round the lives of 120,000 of Britain’s troubled families’ — and it is good news. These families… Continue reading


Cameron targets his resources at problem families

15 December 2011 9:35

The Prime Minister’s message today is, basically, that he hasn’t forgotten about the riots. In a speech this morning, he’s going to announce his biggest new policy in response to… Continue reading


The Only Thing You Actually Need to Read About the Riots

6 December 2011 14:32

Three cheers for Bagehot for this superb post on the Guardian/LSE’s abject justification for inquiry into this summer’s riots. Mr Rennie puts it exceedingly well: Now, put me in many… Continue reading


Sifting through the rubble from the riots

28 November 2011 15:59

Not many folk are aware of it, but there is an official riots inquiry and it has delivered its interim report today. Its conclusions are pretty clichéd and not really… Continue reading


From the archives: A nation ablaze

25 November 2011 17:58

A more recent gem from the archives than we would normally mine, but with the forthcoming government report into the riots — and with Fraser’s and David’s recent posts —… Continue reading


We cannot forget the riots, nor ignore their causes

25 November 2011 9:14

If I’d said that an MP had accused the Church of England of being too obsessed with gay marriage and women priests — and not worried enough about how God… Continue reading


Riots and responsibilities

19 November 2011 17:09

The riots are fast in danger of becoming the forgotten issue in our politics. The social and cultural problems that they laid bare have been knocked out of the news… Continue reading


The post-riots landscape

1 November 2011 13:29

Back in August, the riots were being talked about as an event that would redefine our politics. But the economic news has been so relentless that the post-riots issues have… Continue reading


Are Brits more likely to riot?

24 October 2011 16:04

One of the reasons I wanted an inquiry into the riots was to try to avoid headlines like today’s. Information will out — what matters is how it’s presented. The… Continue reading


Any questions for IDS?

2 October 2011 15:54

At 6pm this evening, I’m interviewing Iain Duncan Smith at a Conservative Party conference fringe meeting. He is fighting a war on at least three fronts: the welfare-to-work programme, the… Continue reading


Willetts tackles the three Ds

2 October 2011 15:46

How the Conservatives should respond to “disorder, debt, and distrust” is the theme of David Willetts’ speech to the Conservative Policy Forum. Willetts, one of the most cerebral Conservative ministers,… Continue reading


What the riots mean for Ken Clarke

15 September 2011 14:51

The more we learn about the riots, the more it is becoming clear that experienced criminals were responsible for a lot of the looting. The Standard reports today that in… Continue reading


Bernard Hogan-Howe named as new Met commissioner

12 September 2011 17:03

Theresa May has named Bernard Hogan-Howe as the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner. Hogan-Howe was the early front-runner and a finalist for the role last time round. He is apparently highly respected… Continue reading


Pickles to take charge of dealing with Britain’s 120,000 "problem families"

8 September 2011 14:40

I understand that following a meeting in Downing Street this morning, Eric Pickles, the Communities and Local Government Secretary, has been put in charge of dealing with Britain’s 120,000 "problem… Continue reading


Clarke is right to focus on reoffenders

6 September 2011 19:53

The Justice Secretary Ken Clarke – who was away during the disturbances last month – has signalled his return with an uncharacteristically tough piece in today’s Guardian. The reference to… Continue reading


The riots, one month on

6 September 2011 12:04

A month has passed since the riots, and it still feels as if nobody has grasped what really happened. The media debate has been limited, to say the least: lots… Continue reading


Who were the rioters?

6 September 2011 9:33

Ken Clarke reveals today that three-quarters of convicted rioters aged 18 and over had previous convictions. Hence his term about a "feral underclass" – strong language, which politicians usually reserve… Continue reading


Do we have the best police service in the world?

5 September 2011 17:48

As the wave of rioting and looting swept through London earlier this month it was disturbing to see how the actions of a minority could engender fear and disorder on… Continue reading


Cameron: I’m a common sense Conservative

2 September 2011 9:35

David Cameron weathered an awkward interview on the Today programme earlier this morning, in which the Strategic Defence Review was savaged and the recent riots were compared to the Bullingdon Club,… Continue reading