Rick Perry


Immigration is only part of the problem Republicans have with hispanic voters - Spectator Blogs

8 November 2012 1:24

Lord knows there are plenty of people to blame for Mitt Romney’s defeat. One chap has not been mentioned often enough, however. Step forward and take your medicine Rick Perry!… Continue reading


Blooper reels won’t dethrone Obama

26 April 2012 15:41

This compilation of President Obama’s gaffes is going viral, as they say.     Quite amusing. There’s something satisfying about seeing that ‘President Cool’  isn’t such a smooth operator. Obama… Continue reading


Tales from a Debacle: Perry & Huntsman Editions

19 January 2012 16:25

Some Presidential campaigns make some kind of intuitive sense; others do not. Rick Perry’s run for the Republican nomination this year fell into that former category, Jon Huntsman’s into the… Continue reading


Newt’s good week might come to an early end

19 January 2012 16:02

video platform video management video solutions video player It had been a pretty good week for Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign. He put in a strong performance in Monday night’s debate,… Continue reading


What to expect in New Hampshire

10 January 2012 8:57

Tonight’s New Hampshire primary is very unlikely to provide the sort of razor-thin margin we saw in Iowa last week. Mitt Romney looks assured of a comfortable win – Nate… Continue reading


Boringly, Mitt Romney is the Republican Party’s Presidential Nominee

5 January 2012 17:19

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” So said Sherlock Holmes and he might have been talking about the 2012 race for… Continue reading


Iowa’s losers

4 January 2012 13:30

Back in September, Rick Perry was the betting favourite to win both the Iowa caucus and the Republican nomination. Instead, he scored just 10 per cent of the vote last… Continue reading


What to expect in Iowa

3 January 2012 12:33

Tonight, caucus-goers in Iowa will deliver their verdict on this year’s Republican candidates for President. Above are Nate Silver’s latest poll-based projections of the result, showing three candidates with a… Continue reading


Ron Paul now favourite to win in Iowa

20 December 2011 17:09

Hardly anyone would’ve predicted it just a few weeks ago, but libertarian congressman Ron Paul now looks most likely to win the Iowa caucuses, with just a fortnight to go.… Continue reading


Romney’s $10,000 mistake

12 December 2011 19:04

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player This was, by some margin, the most talked about moment of Saturday night’s Republican debate. Accused by Rick Perry of changing a passage in his… Continue reading


Newt Gingrich is Not John Kerry. That’s His Problem.

12 December 2011 17:46

In the end your view of the battle for the Republican party’s presidential nomination comes down to the degree of confidence you have that Republican voters, especially but not exclusively… Continue reading


‘What’s that line again?’

2 December 2011 16:05

When Rick Perry made that horrible gaffe in a Republican debate last month, you might have expected to see it in one of his opponents’ ads. Instead, it’s Perry himself… Continue reading


Republicans use Obama’s own words against him

22 November 2011 14:23

Mitt Romney, the clear favourite to win the Republican presidential nomination, has released the first television ad of his 2012 campaign. Even though his immediate battle is against fellow Republicans… Continue reading


Perry: ‘Just goes to show there are too damn many federal agencies’

10 November 2011 17:48

Rick Perry’s doing his best to turn his excurciating "oops" moment last night to his advantage. Alex said it was the end of his campaign, but Perry certainly doesn’t see… Continue reading


Slick Rick

10 November 2011 12:04

Rick Perry has proved again that, despite the herculean efforts of Herman Cain, he is still the most gaffe-prone politician in the Republican race. If you haven’t seen it, do… Continue reading


Rick Perry, RIP

10 November 2011 2:40

Gosh, I hope I remembered to add the caveat "if he’s any good at this stuff" to any post suggesting Rick Perry could or should be a GOP front-runner. Because… Continue reading


The Gingrich revival

1 November 2011 18:59

Just a few months ago, Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign looked like it was in its death throes. His poll ratings were in free fall after his criticism of fellow Republican… Continue reading


All aboard the Herman Cain train

27 October 2011 18:01

Herman Cain – the former CEO of Godfather’s pizza – has gone from virtual unknown to frontrunner in a matter of months. In both of the national polls realeased this week,… Continue reading


How Weak is the Republican Field?

20 October 2011 17:37

Very, very weak according to Ezra Klein: Does the 2012 Republican primary field feel a little…thin to anyone else? In 2008, Republicans fielded five candidates who looked, at various points… Continue reading


Perry Punches Himself Out

20 October 2011 15:15

There appears to be widespread agreement that Rick Perry’s performance in Tuesday’s debate in Las Vegas was his best yet. Thank heavens I missed the last couple of GOP debates… Continue reading


Republicans go all in in Vegas

19 October 2011 18:16

Up till now the debates between the Republican presidential candidates have not thrown up much excitement. That changed last night as the main contenders stopped playing nice and started going… Continue reading


Cain takes centre stage

12 October 2011 18:12

Last night may well have been the moment Rick Perry’s hopes of winning the Republican nomination finally ended. Having already seen his polling surge rapidly reverse – largely because of… Continue reading


An Ad We’ve Been Waiting For

10 October 2011 17:28

As far as I can tell Mitt Romney has been hoping that everyone will be fed up with health care reform by the time the primary season rolls around. That… Continue reading


Christie staying out of 2012 race

4 October 2011 16:24

The broad narrative of the Republican primaries has essentially been "the search for an alternative to Mitt Romney". And that search looks set to continue with another potential candidate, New… Continue reading


Perry slumps, Cain surges

29 September 2011 17:41

Just over six weeks into his Presidential campaign, the sheen is coming off Rick Perry. Having entered the race as the favourite, he quickly established a double-digit lead over the… Continue reading