Richard III


Today’s reburial wasn’t about Richard III. It was about Benedict Cumberbatch

26 March 2015 15:07

We should have known it. Today’s reburial isn’t about Richard III. It’s about Benedict Cumberbatch. Isn’t everything these days, somehow about Benedict Cumberbatch? I have a theory that he’s the… Continue reading

Benedict Cumberbatch will pay tribute to Richard III, his late second cousin 16 times removed when he reads a poem at the reburial of Richard III in Leicester Cathedral (Photo: Adrian Dennis/Getty)

Why are people venerating Richard III? He was a murderous tyrant

24 March 2015 13:43

Imagine if the body of a notorious child killer was exhumed and that, during the week of its reinterment, 35,000 people thronged the streets of a major UK city to… Continue reading

Richard III's deformed skeleton proves that one supposed Tudor libel about the king was no more than the truth. Image: Getty

Richard III should be reburied under Leicester council’s car park

5 February 2013 14:00

Anyone who watched last night’s Channel 4 Documentary Richard III: The King Under the Car Park will need no reminding that members of the Richard III Society tend to be… Continue reading

Denis Podalydes plays Richard III. Picture: Getty.

Richard III: a ceremony fit for a king?

19 September 2012 10:20

Chris Skidmore, Conservative MP and historian, explains the plans already in place for the burial of Richard III. I, here, whom the earth encloses under ostentatious marble, Was justly called… Continue reading

The site in Leicester where a skeleton that researchers believe could be British medieval king Richard III was found. Picture: Getty.

MP calls for state funeral for Richard III

14 September 2012 11:22

Chris Skidmore, the Tory MP and Tudor historian, has tabled an early day motion calling for a full state funeral for Richard III, if the skeleton found in Leicester does… Continue reading

Richard III

Richard III should be buried in the north

13 September 2012 10:43

History is written by the victors. So Richard III might have anticipated that his death at Bosworth Field in 1485, the last English monarch to be killed on the battlefield,… Continue reading