What now for the neocons in Trumpland?

16 November 2016 9:30

Former State Department official Eliot A. Cohen is a prominent neoconservative who has led the ‘Never Trump’ faction of the…

A 'Never Trump' demonstrator in New York

What now for the ‘Never Trump’ Republicans?

15 November 2016 9:07

Plenty of Republicans were not in the mood to celebrate on election night. About 200 gathered at the Lincoln Restaurant in…

Donald Trump is a masterpiece of American melancholy

2 November 2016 13:23

The ‘pursuit of happiness’—an infinitely debatable formulation to describe a distinctively American activity. As Jefferson wrote the phrase as the…

The simple explanation for Donald Trump’s pro-Putin twaddle

1 November 2016 11:45

Once upon a time Republicans routinely accused Democrats of being soft on Russia. Irving Kristol, writing in Commentary in 1952,…


Trump’s big mistake? Turning the election into a personality contest

28 October 2016 9:00

If, on the night of Monday September 26, a US presidential election had been held instead of a televised debate,…

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Donald Trump has plunged the Republicans into an intellectual and moral abyss

22 October 2016 9:31

Poor Donald Trump. Even Utah, which has voted for Republican presidential candidates with metronomic regularity since 1964 and which I’m…

Trump vs Clinton: The verdicts on the final debate

20 October 2016 10:10

Donald Trump grabbed the headlines in last night’s debate by refusing to say whether he’d accept the result in the…


Donald Trump last night exposed himself as Chavez without the beret

20 October 2016 8:53

Much has been made of Donald Trump’s character but the big problem is not that he is a bad person…

The future looks bright for Libertarians

13 October 2016 15:00

Not long ago, America’s Libertarians—that’s capital-L, the pros—were ecstatic. Never before had their party nominated such a heavy-hitting presidential ticket.…

Hillary will beat Trump. But her presidency will be hamstrung just like Obama’s

8 October 2016 16:01

The more you study history, the more you realise how hopeless it is to try predicting the future. Even sophisticated…

Prince Harry meets Chris Christie in New Jersey (Photo: Getty)

Was Britain banking on a Chris Christie presidency?

9 August 2016 15:56

A fun game for football fans involves trying to recall players who were earmarked as future Premier League stars and fell hilariously…

<> on August 2, 2016 in Ashburn, Virginia.

Donald Trump wins the war of words against Barack Obama

3 August 2016 9:32

Donald Trump doesn’t seem the forgiving type, so it’s no surprise he hasn’t let Barack Obama’s comments yesterday stand. Obama…


Bernie Sanders backs Hillary but not all Democrats are happy about it

26 July 2016 9:10

So after the glorious disunity of the Republican convention, now is the chance for the Democrats to pull together and…


Ted Cruz fails to follow the script as he crashes Trump’s coronation

21 July 2016 7:15

American political conventions are supposed to be coronations. They are meant to be choreographed and scripted arrangements to ensure that…

Republican National Convention: Day Two

Donald Trump’s toughest task lies ahead of him

20 July 2016 16:44

Two days into the Republican National Convention and we have a candidate. But not much sign of unity. On Tuesday…


Donald Trump officially clinches Republican nomination

20 July 2016 7:52

We were told it should never happen and would never happen. But the impossible has now happened: Donald Trump is officially…


The Republican convention will be like an episode of ‘At Home with the Trumps’

18 July 2016 7:18

After weeks of speculation and teasers, hints of A-list stars and promises of razzle dazzle, the programme for the Republican…

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Indiana

Trump’s choice for VP shows what a canny operator he is

16 July 2016 7:20

In the end Donald Trump’s vice-presidential pick emerged in typical style, blurted out on Twitter. On Thursday night, as the horrors…

Hillary Clinton crawls over the finish line in Democratic race

7 June 2016 8:02

Hillary Clinton has crawled over the finish line in the Democratic race. She has apparently now secured enough delegates to…

The horrific truth is that Donald Trump could actually win the US presidency

28 May 2016 15:49

Think Donald Trump is too vulgar, too crazy to actually make it to the White House? Then you probably thought…

Donald Trump: The impossible has happened

26 May 2016 16:45

Do you remember when they said it wasn’t possible? When the pointy-headed wonks in Washington DC and the New York…

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton will make for the Millwall of elections

25 May 2016 12:02

If there was any doubt over how Donald Trump was going to go about his problem with women voters it…

The ‘Trump Train’ rolls on – can anyone stop it?

25 May 2016 7:55

Donald Trump has won the Washington primary – setting the stage for him to wrap up the Republican nomination on…


Bernie Sanders’ win in West Virginia shows why a Trump presidency is possible

11 May 2016 7:57

Just when it looked like the US primaries couldn’t throw up any more surprises, Hillary Clinton has been defeated overnight…

Donald Trump backs Brexit

6 May 2016 0:00

Donald Trump has waded into the EU referendum debate tonight, saying he thinks that Britain is better off walking away…