Zadie Smith's 'NW' seems to be winning plaudits, and rightly so. Image: Getty.

A tale of two Smiths: Zadie Smith and The Smiths

10 September 2012 15:00

It is lit-fiction season: that time of the year of when the premier novelists of the age dominate the market. Ian McEwan, Pat Barker, Zadie Smith, Sebastian Faulks and Rose… Continue reading

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Former Relate counsellor Gary McFarlane is one of four Christians taking their cases to the European Court of Human Rights. Picture: Getty

Briefing: the Christians taking their fight to Europe

4 September 2012 19:18

Away from the drama of the reshuffle, the European Court of Human Rights is hearing the pleas of four British Christians, who are arguing that UK law inadequately protects their… Continue reading

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The Visit – Shiva Naipaul Prize, 2007

28 August 2012 19:14

The 2007 Spectator/ Shiva Naipaul Memorial Prize was won by Clarissa Tan. The prize, named after the late Trinidadian author, is for ‘the most acute and profound observation of a culture… Continue reading

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Mass Baptism on the Streets of Harlem

Entertaining Dr Murdock – Shiva Naipaul Prize, 2000

28 August 2012 16:29

The Spectator/ Shiva Naipaul Memorial Prize for the year 2000 was won by Mary Wakefield. The judges included Antony Beevor; Patrick Marhnam; Boris Johnson, then editor of the magazine; and Mark… Continue reading

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Pussy Riot protest

Our Pussy Riot outrage is monumental hypocrisy

18 August 2012 12:11

So, two years in prison for the members of Pussy Riot as a consequence of their foul and insulting behaviour inside a church. The western world is outraged and takes the… Continue reading


Chariots of fire

12 August 2012 9:15

When the contestants were lining up for last night’s sensational 5,000 metre race, both of the American contestants waited until the cameras were on them, then crossed themselves and held… Continue reading

Maajid Nawaz on Youth Radicalization Redefined At The 2011 Tribeca Film Festival

Memoir of an Islamist

9 August 2012 12:48

It was a surreal experience to meet Maajid Nawaz for the first time. I had known of him for years and admired his bombast. He was a hero — not just… Continue reading

Army Chief Of Staff Gen. Odierno Swears In Recruits In NYC's Times Square

All-American heroes

31 July 2012 13:21

Whatever Mitt might think, if there’s one thing that makes us proud to be British, it’s the fact we’re not American. Alright, it’s true we don’t have a black president… Continue reading

Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn, New York. Getty Images

Anti-Semitism, Islamism and Islam

26 July 2012 15:03

My blog on last week’s bombing in Bulgaria and convictions in Manchester provoked a response from my colleague Martin Bright which I should like to respond to in turn. In… Continue reading

A lecture against FGM in southern Egypt, Getty Images

The racism of the respectable

24 July 2012 19:33

To be a racist in Britain, you do not need to cover yourself in tattoos and join a neo-Nazi party. You can wear well-made shirts, open at the neck, appreciate… Continue reading

Royal Ascot, Getty Images

The delights of sin

23 July 2012 10:47

Epigram 7 from The letting of humours blood in the head-vaine ‘Speak gentlemen, what shall we do to day? Drink some brave health upon the Dutch carouse? Or shall we… Continue reading

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Orthodox Jews targeted, Getty Images

A shared hobby

22 July 2012 12:22

It’s always nice when a married couple are able to share a hobby – even if it is, in the case of Shasta and Mohammed Khan, trying to blow up… Continue reading

60th Anniversary Of The Liberation Of The Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Interview: Bernard Wasserstein and the Nazi genocide

13 July 2012 8:45

As 1930s Europe moved towards the catastrophe of the Second World War, much of the greater part of the continent —  for Jews — was being turned into a giant… Continue reading

Residents of Petare shatytown watch a re

The truth about Jesus of Nazareth

10 July 2012 12:15

I’ve just received email notification of a debate I sadly missed at the East London Mosque entitled ‘Was Jesus a Muslim Prophet or a Christian God?’ The email came from… Continue reading


A self-regarding attack on free speech

9 July 2012 16:30

Imbecilic leftie authoritarians are whining again about being called nasty names by people with less power than them. Exhibit A is the fabulously stupid Islamist Mehdi Hasan, once of the… Continue reading

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond l

A provocation to God

19 June 2012 13:00

The notorious splitters in the Free Presbyterian Church are at it again. The Wee Wee Frees (who should not be confused with the more numerous Wee Frees) warn that Scottish… Continue reading

Diamond Jubilee - Service Of Thanksgiving

The battle over complementarity of the sexes is already lost

14 June 2012 10:30

Today is the last day of the Government’s consultation about its gay marriage proposals. But as an editorial in the Telegraph points out, this is a more limited exercise than… Continue reading

The president of the European Court of Human Rights

Another reason to part ways with Strasbourg

12 June 2012 15:00

Even for people on the same side of an argument, opinion is often wildly divided. Among those of us who believe government should support civil marriage equality, this morning’s papers… Continue reading


Let’s talk about this

10 May 2012 12:42

What a strange place Britain has become. You sometimes need some time away to realise quite how strange. Take yesterday’s main story: the latest paedophile rape-gang case from the north… Continue reading


Equality against conscience and the Big Society

28 April 2012 18:21

It was pretty well apparent at the outset that the Equality Act 2010 – the so-called Socialism in a Single Clause law – spelt trouble and now it is the… Continue reading


Mayor for Muslims or the rich?

16 April 2012 14:55

Does Boris not care for poor Londoners? A new question in today’s Evening Standard polling reveals that 40 per cent of voters believe that Boris is the candidate to aid… Continue reading


The decline of the spirit

8 April 2012 12:12

In celebration of the feast of Easter, we’ve dug out this profound leader from March 1975, which looks at the ever-evolving relationship of church and state.  The Church, the State… Continue reading


From the archives: The C of E’s lack of purpose

7 April 2012 14:12

As Easter Sunday approaches, we cast back to April 2009 when Rod Liddle presented an Easter question to leaders of the Church — what happened to muscular Christianity? Here is… Continue reading


Galloway and religion

31 March 2012 18:45

A few years ago, The Spectator, in an inspired notion for the Easter issue, asked a number of prominent individuals whether they believed in the Resurrection. And among the surprises… Continue reading


Ken’s identity crisis

24 March 2012 15:30

Jonathan Freedland’s column in The Guardian today, explaining why he can’t vote for Ken Livingstone, is a remarkably direct piece of journalism. Freedland states that he ‘can no longer do… Continue reading