Labours candidates for Leader and Deputy Leader Liz Kendall,Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper  and Jeremy Corbyn take part in a hustings in The Old Fruitmarket, Candleriggs on July 10, 2015 in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Welfare Bill has passed -- and revealed Labour to be a party divided

20 July 2015 23:17

The Welfare Reform and Work Bill has, as expected, passed its second reading in the House of Commons, with 48 Labour MPs defying their party whip and voting against, while… Continue reading

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Breaking: Labour to vote against Raab amendment

30 January 2014 15:08

In another twist of this Raab rebellion, Labour have just announced that they’re voting against the amendment on deportation of foreign prisoners. There had been a moment where they would… Continue reading

Andrew Lansley is leading the lobbying bill. Image: Getty

Will Tories rebel again over the lobbying bill?

3 September 2013 17:52

MPs will vote on the second reading of the unpopular lobbying bill at around 7pm. It has not had a particularly enjoyable introduction to the Commons this afternoon, with attacks… Continue reading

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Syria: How MPs voted

30 August 2013 16:35

Here is a list of all MPs and how they voted – or did not vote – in last night’s division on the government’s motion on Syria. MPs who voted… Continue reading


MPs didn’t want to kick Cameron, but they didn’t want to trust him either

30 August 2013 10:48

One of the lines doing the rounds this morning in the post-mortem of what this means for David Cameron’s leadership is that it shows yet again that backbenchers do not… Continue reading

Bill Cash is a hardened rebel, but could David Cameron and the whips entice one of his colleagues back to loyalty? Picture: Press Association

The hardcore Tory rebels and their new friends

1 November 2012 18:20

There is now a hardcore of rebels in the Conservative party who have defied the government on three key votes. The 37 MPs below have rebelled on the EU referendum… Continue reading

David Cameron

Don’t blame the whips for the EU budget revolt: the problem is higher up

31 October 2012 21:59

What is striking about this evening’s revolt on the EU budget is that it was organised at lightning speed by the rebel camp. Mark Reckless and Mark Pritchard only tabled… Continue reading

Whips in Sir George Young's team have been telling Tory MPs that to rebel on tomorrow's EU budget motion would be to undermine the stability of the coalition government. Picture: Getty

EU budget: MPs warned revolt ‘could undermine coalition’

30 October 2012 17:45

It was inevitable that the new team of whips was going to be rather unsettled by tomorrow’s vote on the EU budget: it’s the first challenge the team has had… Continue reading

The Conservative Party Hold Their Annual Party Conference - Day 1

The real rebel problem

11 July 2012 20:15

The post-match analysis of last night’s vote on the House of Lords Reform Bill shows the Prime Minister has a bigger rebel problem on his hands than he might have… Continue reading

British Prime Minister David Cameron lea

Cameron’s leadership is bruised by Lords rebellion

10 July 2012 22:30

‘Shouldn’t we just go home?’ the SNP’s Pete Wishart asked Sir George Young this evening after the Leader of the House revealed the government was dropping its programme motion on… Continue reading

Members of both houses of parliament fil

Get set for rebellion number 248

10 July 2012 12:00

The coalition’s backbenchers have already proven the most rebellious of any government. There have already been — by my count, adding the 239 rebellions up to the end of April… Continue reading


Cameron needs a new management style

25 October 2011 13:46

There seem to be three schools of thought among those close to the leadership about last night’s rebellion. One even now maintains that the issue was handled as well as… Continue reading


Cameron’s strategy is better than it looks

23 October 2011 11:27

The number of Tory MPs set to defy the government in the vote on an EU referndum tomorrow now stands at around 90, and numerous backbenchers – including John Redwood and David… Continue reading


Eustice: If the government won’t back my amendment, I’ll vote for the EU referendum motion

21 October 2011 16:24

George Eustice’s comments just now that if the government doesn’t support his amendment  to the EU referendum motion, then he’s "minded" to vote for the original motion is a sign… Continue reading


A day in NATO’s wars

30 August 2011 14:46

It was a classic gaffe. Andrew Mitchell’s briefing notes have been photographed outside Downing Street and, according to Sky, they say that the government "welcomes the fact that Hamid Karzai… Continue reading


A weekend in Libya

28 August 2011 14:57

There’s no respite in Libya, where there have been significant developments this weekend. There have been reports (and harrowing images) of mass graves being uncovered in Tripoli, the latest suggestion… Continue reading


Cameron winning over the Libya doubters

24 August 2011 17:55

"They’ll like us when we win," the West Wing’s Toby Ziegler said of the Arab world. David Cameron might have said the same when public opinion was turning against the… Continue reading


Winning the peace

23 August 2011 18:35

The sight of rebel troops kicking a statue of Gaddafi round the colonel’s compound is another sign that the rebels are taking control of the capital. But the whereabouts of… Continue reading


The end of Gaddafi?

23 August 2011 17:31

Pictures across the world’s news channels currently show hundreds of Libyan rebels standing in the first perimeter of Gaddafi’s compound at Bab al Aziziya. A statute of the colonel has been pulled… Continue reading


A victory for the Libyan rebellion, and for NATO

22 August 2011 11:10

The regime of Colonel Gaddafi appears to be over. In a matter of hours, we hope, the Libyan dictator will be located and captured, assuming he does not flee Libya.… Continue reading


Through the gates of Tripoli

22 August 2011 8:43

After a summer of discontent, David Cameron must be counting his blessings this morning. He has broken his holiday because Colonel Gaddafi is about to fall. Rebel forces swept into… Continue reading


At the gates of Tripoli

21 August 2011 16:59

The end is nigh for the Mad Dog, or so reports suggest. After what Alistair Burt described as ‘substantial’ NATO bombing overnight, rebel ground forces began to lay siege to… Continue reading


Reversal of fortune in Libya, but the old questions remain

19 August 2011 15:02

There has been a dramatic turnaround in the military situation in Libya. The rebels are now within 30 miles of Tripoli and the consensus is that Colonel Gaddafi’s days are… Continue reading


Is al Qaeda in Libya?

4 April 2011 11:35

This is one of the key questions about the Libya intervention. The Libyan Fighting Islamic Group was once one of the largest jihadist groups in the world and many Libyans… Continue reading


Brown faces another backbench revolt  

28 August 2009 9:05

Despite protesting to the contrary, it turns out the government have been cutting all along. The Times reports that, buried in the small print of the budget, there is a… Continue reading