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Will Tristram Hunt’s business-savvy wife be voting Labour?

9 February 2015 13:44

It was his contempt for nuns that got shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt into trouble on last week’s Question Time, but there was another notable line worth revisiting. A tetchy… Continue reading

Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt.

In defence of Tristram Hunt

8 February 2015 15:15

I have never had any particularly strong views on Tristram Hunt other (naturally) than finding it bleakly hilarious that he should be the Labour party’s Parliamentary representative for Stoke. But… Continue reading

Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt.

Sisterhood responds to Tristram Hunt’s nun comments

7 February 2015 8:00

Tristram Hunt caused upset on Question Time when he appeared to question the abilities of nuns as teachers during a debate with Cristina Odone. He has since tried some damage limitation in the… Continue reading

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Tristram Hunt and nuns: an anti-Catholic snob lets his guard slip

6 February 2015 11:53

Question Time last night. My colleague Cristina Odone of the Legatum Institute  is explaining that ‘some of the most inspiring teachers who taught me were not out of teacher training… Continue reading

Has the BBC changed its picture policy after the Charlie Hebdo debate on Question Time?

BBC to revise its restrictions on depicting Mohammed

9 January 2015 14:09

Last night’s Question Time saw David Dimbleby chair a debate on freedom of expression following the Charlie Hebdo shootings. During the programme, Dimbleby stated that the BBC’s policy with regards to representations of Mohammed was… Continue reading

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Watch: why doesn’t Russell Brand stand for Parliament?

12 December 2014 10:07

In case you hadn’t heard, Russell Brand was on Question Time last night with Nigel Farage. It was explosive to say the least, with Brand and Farage clashing over pretty… Continue reading

Sajid Javis on Question Time. Photo: BBC.

Audio: ‘I’m called Sajid, I’m fiercely patriotic about our country’

5 December 2014 8:50

Sajid Javid was on Question Time yesterday and gave easily one of the most confident and assured defences of the government’s immigration policy to date. In response to a question… Continue reading

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Where did the BBC find last night's Question Time audience? They were so sensible

17 October 2014 18:09

When I first learned about Athenian democracy as a teenager I was baffled that they could have decided government positions by lottery; what was to stop someone totally unsuitable and useless from… Continue reading

Ed Balls' last appearance on Question Time in November 2011. Photo: BBC.

Is Ed Balls scared of Question Time?

13 March 2014 17:00

Like it or not, Question Time is Britain’s most popular forum for political debate. Two million viewers regularly tune in, and Thursday evenings on BBC1 is when and where ordinary people… Continue reading

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Is Nigel Farage losing his touch?

8 November 2013 12:55

Is Nigel Farage’s magic disappearing? On Question Time last night (his 15th appearance in four years) the Ukip leader was taken to task by an audience member who asked him… Continue reading

Local radio and Five Live do a much better job of reflecting the concerns and opinions of middle England than TV does. (JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images)

Radio is more representative of middle England than TV

15 October 2013 12:45

Greetings from the 2013 Radio Festival, in Salford. I’m here to take part in a debate about whether or not radio reflects the opinions and concerns of a broad enough… Continue reading

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Question Time sketch: Adam Afriyie proves his enemies right

11 October 2013 11:41

Question Time last night featured Tory bad boy, and granny’s favourite, Adam Afriyie. Gosh he was a spectacle to behold. Coiffed and primped like a Savile Row supermodel, he looked… Continue reading


Mehdi Hasan: Please, please, please can I work for the Daily Mail!

4 October 2013 17:51

Observe (above) one Mehdi Hasan in full flow on last night’s Question Time. Then look at the tweets below from the Mail’s Tim Shipman. Try not to cackle; it’s rude.… Continue reading

Last night's panel: David Dimbleby, Grant Shapps, Yvette Cooper, Kirsty Williams, Mehdi Hasan and Quentin Letts.

Sketch: Question Time is no longer an honest debating chamber

4 October 2013 12:31

A good honest debating chamber. That’s how Question Time is billed. In fact it’s an unseemly gold-rush for applause. The panelists are a set of needy egos with semi-fictionalised hairdos.… Continue reading

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The Melanie Phillips Mail mystery

17 September 2013 14:26

Why was Melanie Phillips ousted as the Monday columnist for the Daily Mail? The Guardian suggests that she was frustrated by the ban on writing about Israel, which is not a restriction placed… Continue reading

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Starkey’s right: his fellow Question Time panellists don’t know the meaning of ‘struggle’

3 May 2013 13:23

Great stuff from David Starkey on BBC Question Time last night, hammering away at Harriet Harman, David Dimbleby, Victoria Coren and Shirley Williams for having attained their current positions in… Continue reading

Party Faithful Attend The Annual Conservative Party Conference

Heard it on the Gove-Vine

27 March 2013 16:23

Times journalist Sarah Vine has written the diary in the forthcoming edition of the Spectator. For those wondering why that caught Mr Steerpike’s eye, Vine is the wife of Education… Continue reading

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Reagan, Keynes, Question Time and tax cuts

15 February 2013 0:18

I was on the panel of BBC Question Time this evening, in Leicester. Ed Balls’ tricksy 10p tax proposal was raised, and I raised my reservation: it does very little… Continue reading

Rod Liddle's Italian idyll has been disturbed by news that Owen Jones appeared on Question Time last night. Image: Getty.

I hear Owen Jones was on Question Time last night, was he awful?

23 November 2012 13:36

My friend woke me up this morning. I am in a tiny apartment in Italy, finishing a book. I mean writing one, not reading one. Anyway, he rang as I… Continue reading


Ministers behaving oddly

14 October 2011 9:25

It’s a rum deal being a Global Networker. This morning’s Times reports (£) that Adam Werritty has received nearly £200,000 in donations from clients who appear to have employed Werritty… Continue reading


Was last night’s Question Time a preview of how the coalition will deal with the media?

28 May 2010 11:13

All kinds of hoohah about last night’s Question Time, for which Downing St refused to put up a panellist because of Alastair Campbell’s involvement.  If he was replaced with a… Continue reading