Quantitative Easing


Will Theresa May end the era of easy money and call time on QE?

12 August 2016 11:51

When Theresa May was gearing up for a summer-long leadership campaign, she identified a worthy target: George Osborne’s addiction to…

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The Bank of England has just taken a huge risk – on a Brexit boom

4 August 2016 16:00

Plunging output. The FTSE in freefall. A financial collapse. Unemployment rising rapidly and trade falling off a cliff. At first…

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The European market hangover – bad news is bad news again

17 October 2014 14:04

In the latest Spectator, Liam Halligan takes a sobering look at European markets bearing the brunt of sanctions against Russia.…

David Cameron has got into trouble over not knowing the price of value bread.

Women think that David Cameron is out of touch for good reason

1 October 2013 18:50

Well, the great breadmaking debate hots up. David Cameron neatly sidestepped the heffalump trap that Nick Ferrari put in his…

Cameron sits under his own magic money tree. Picture: Carla Millar

David Cameron DOES have a magic money tree

7 March 2013 19:44

So David Cameron says there is ‘no magic money tree’. In his big economy speech today, the Prime Minister said:…

Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of Canada, has been appointed the next Governor of the Bank of England. Picture: Getty

Osborne’s coup: Mark Carney is the new Bank of England Governor

26 November 2012 16:52

Hiring Mark Carney may just be George Osborne’s best move since becoming Chancellor. Britain badly needed a break from the…

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George ‘Masterchef’ Osborne spices up the accounts

9 November 2012 16:52

Fresh from his success nationalising the Post Office pension, which artificially knocked £23 billion off the national debt, the Chancellor…


Sir Mervyn King: Quantitative easing is reaching its limit

24 October 2012 9:43

Quantitative easing isn’t an eternal elixir of economic health. That was the admission from Bank of England Governor Sir Mervyn…

The IMF now says that UK GDP was significantly above potential from 1999 to 2008. Picture: Getty Images

The poverty of economics

9 October 2012 13:36

The IMF’s growth downgrades will make tomorrow’s newspaper headlines but the more striking point is its decision to massively rewrite…

QE - Mervyn King's weapon of choice. Illustration: Morten Morland.

QE — the ultimate subsidy for the rich

23 August 2012 17:58

It’s official: Quantitative Easing has marked the biggest transfer of wealth to the rich of any government policy in recent…

Bank Of England Considers Further Quantitative Easing

QE is no substitute for a growth strategy

5 July 2012 13:00

So the Bank of England is firing up the presses again, and injecting another £50 billion of Quantitative Easing (on…


Meryvn has his case for more QE

19 June 2012 12:45

Last Thursday Mervyn King said ‘the case for further monetary easing is growing’, and today’s surprise inflation figures give the…


The IMF says it’s the Bank’s economy now

22 May 2012 11:35

When the IMF published a report into the UK economy last year, I wrote a blog post detailing how it…


Metaphorical Merv

16 May 2012 17:56

Mervyn King unfurled a mast of metaphors this morning. ‘We are navigating through turbulent waters, with the risk of a…


QE is a government hijack, says King

23 April 2012 17:05

While Mervyn continues to inflate our universe via Quantitative Easing, another Mr King — Stephen, the chief economist of HSBC…


QE comes to the fore

18 April 2012 9:16

It’s roughly seven months until George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, so no better time to consider which political issues will come…


Right to reply: Why QE isn’t a disaster for pensioners

15 March 2012 14:08

The best of all possible worlds for the pension industry is a buoyant economy. Workers have enough money to save,…


Osborne accidentally makes the case for more savings

21 February 2012 12:29

Rhetoric aside, what’s the difference between left and right in British politics? You won’t catch either party quantifying it, because…


A warning for Osborne and his economic agenda

14 February 2012 9:41

Why did Moody’s downgrade Britain to AAA with a negative outlook, but leave other countries on AAA? One crucial factor…


Nassim Taleb: Ban Tesco bonuses

12 February 2012 16:05

There have been precious few people able to make sense of the crash. The main commentators didn’t see it coming…


A feast of Quantitative Easing

9 February 2012 12:25

Fire up the printing presses, once again. The Bank of England has just announced another £50 billion of Quantitative Easing,…