A picture taken after the wedding, in 1925, of John Maynard Keynes and the Russian ballet dancer M Lydia Lopokova.

Team Osborne party with John Maynard Keynes

11 June 2014 13:09

The Chancellor’s economic brain, Rupert Harrison, looked distinctly restless last night, sipping champagne in John Maynard Keynes’s drawing room. Osborne’s chief-of-staff, the architect the evil Tory austerity, did not seem entirely comfortable as… Continue reading


The key to a successful marriage…

6 June 2014 15:56

Husbands and wives across London gathered last night to hear Tim Dowling’s informed advice on How to be a Husband. At last night’s launch of his book of that title,… Continue reading


Nadine Dorries’s book is a surprise bestseller

5 June 2014 17:49

Nadine Dorries’s novel, Four Streets, may have been unilaterally panned by the critics, with the Telegraph’s Christopher Howse labelling it the ‘the worst novel I’ve read in 10 years’, but… Continue reading

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Why Charles Moore could be wrong about the changes at Horse and Hound

25 May 2014 10:24

As Charles Moore has reported in his Spectator’s Notes this week, changes are afoot at equestrians’ favourite publication, Horse and Hound. Speculating on the decision to replace their editor with… Continue reading

(Photo by Mark Nolan/WireImage)

Is Johann Hari ghost-writing Russell Brand’s ‘revolutionary manifesto’?

1 May 2014 18:21

Whispers reach Mr Steerpike that disgraced journalist Johann Hari has been tasked with ghost-writing Russell Brand’s next book, the much-dreaded revolutionary manifesto to ‘establish a personal and global utopia’. Mr S… Continue reading

Visitors At The Hay Festival 2011

The strange case of the missing novelist

1 May 2014 12:57

Mr Steerpike was last night invited to the launch of Esme Kerr’s debut novel at Daunt’s in Holland Park. The author herself was nowhere to be seen. The organisers of… Continue reading


We should mourn the passing of Nuts magazine. Yes, seriously

1 April 2014 12:41

If I had a fourteen-year-old son, I’d be pretty disturbed by the news that Nuts magazine might fold. Fortunately, I don’t, and in all likelihood, I won’t have a fourteen-old-son… Continue reading


Who is David Cameron? Read all about it

28 February 2014 14:45

Whatever happens to David Cameron, he will have some reading material post 2015. Dr Anthony Seldon has announced that he will be writing about the Cameron years, just as he… Continue reading

A Sterling pound note is pictured in Lon

The Mumsnet racketeers

23 December 2013 14:59

The other day Mumsnet asked whether I would talk to its audience about my Spectator pieces (here and here) on the universities’ plans to authorise the segregation of men and women on… Continue reading

The late Leo Cooper pictured with his wife Jilly in April 2009.

RIP Leo Cooper

3 December 2013 14:25

The publisher Leo Cooper has died aged 79. Cooper, who was the husband of novelist Jilly Cooper, had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for many years. His widow told me… Continue reading


Who is Natalie Rowe’s ‘Joe’?

21 October 2013 11:44

The only question on lips this morning: Who is Joe? This mysterious character lurks on the pages of a new book by Natalie Rowe, a former prostitute and dominatrix who… Continue reading

Britain's United Kingdom Independence Pa

Take 2 for Godfrey Bloom’s book

3 October 2013 17:04

Godfrey Bloom has finally rescheduled his postponed book launch. The Ukip MEP, who resigned after his unguarded comments at the party’s recent conference, was due to launch his book A… Continue reading

Bridget and Daniel must tie the knot.

Go on Bridget, now that Mark Darcy’s dead — marry Daniel Cleaver! #taxbreak

30 September 2013 17:49

Our world has been rocked by revelations that Bridget Jones — described as ‘the world’s most famous literary singleton‘ — is now a widow. Her ex-husband Mark Darcy has left… Continue reading

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William Boyd, author of 'Solo', says that James Bond would have changed with the times. (LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Bond, progressive Bond

27 September 2013 16:38

Film fans look away now. Last night the latest author to add to the Bond legacy said that he did not think his version could work on the silver screen.… Continue reading

Godfrey Bloom MEP in full flow in the European Parliament. (FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Godfrey Bloom’s feminine touch

17 September 2013 18:35

Mr Steerpike has obtained an exclusive extract of everyone’s favourite Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom’s new book A Guinea A Minute, which comes out later this week. His response to accusations of misogyny is worth reproducing in… Continue reading


Has anything in the recent past had a bigger effect on writers and writing than Twitter?

12 September 2013 9:30

I’ve been trying to think of something – anything – in recent years that has had a bigger effect on the working day of the average writer than Twitter. And… Continue reading


My holiday from reading books is to read them as Caxton intended

29 August 2013 10:30

On hearing that Easy Jet had changed its hand luggage allowance, two questions struck me. First, was the airline in league with the luggage makers’ guild? Second, which paperbacks would… Continue reading

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57th Annual Writers Guild Awards - Inside

How long until novels are published with video inserts?

27 August 2013 10:30

In Charlie Kauffman’s Bafta lecture (a startlingly honest reflection on film writing, and well worth a listen), the screenwriter, producer and director stresses that it is of the utmost importance,… Continue reading

Cumbrian Rural Bus Services Faces Cutbacks

The slow slide into senility

18 July 2013 10:16

Senility is a cunning mistress. She’s always finding new ways to twist your melon, man. The latest trick she’s playing on me is Western House Syndrome. I should point out… Continue reading

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JK Rowling: she's worth it

J.K. Rowling’s “Robert Galbraith” trick reveals nothing of how publishers really treat unknown novelists

16 July 2013 17:30

Is it okay for struggling authors to talk about promotion and marketing and how they are dealt with by publishers? Apparently so.  The aspiring novelist Robert Galbraith knew rejection. His… Continue reading

In It Together-fixed

In It Together: the new inside story of the coalition

12 July 2013 17:19

Twelve years ago, Andrew Rawnsley put a bomb under Westminster with his book on the Blair first term Servants of the People: the Inside Story of New Labour. Impeccably-informed and… Continue reading

‘Well, gentlemen, I think we all fought a good fight’(The Spectator, 16 October 1959)

The week in books

14 June 2013 9:00

This week’s magazine is full to the brim with cracking book reviews. Here is a selection of quotes to whet your appetite. Sam Leith on Modernity Britain, David Kynaston’s rampaging… Continue reading

Sir Allen Lane, founder of Penguin, posing with a copy of Lady Chatterley's Lover in 1960.

The Special power of the printed word

13 June 2013 10:28

A few weeks ago, three colossal boxes of new books from Penguin arrived in the bookshop. I made myself a strong cup of tea and then began the lengthy task… Continue reading

Visitors At The Hay Festival 2011

A dream come true

6 June 2013 10:03

It only took me twelve years as a published writer to get round to seeing one of my own books being printed. But when it came the experience set off… Continue reading


Islamophilia – a very metropolitan malady

3 June 2013 13:34

Readers might like to know that I have a new book out today. It is called ‘Islamophilia: a very metropolitan malady’ and is available on kindle, e-readers and all that… Continue reading