Private sector

An Overview Of Eton College

The state should send many more poor children to private schools

29 July 2014 15:08

Better capital makes us richer. That’s uncontroversial when it comes to fixed capital like machine tools and computers, but it’s…

Andy Burnham is denigrating one of Labour's greatest policy achievements: the extension of private providers in national healthcare. (Image: Getty)

Put people before Burnham’s platitudes: Competition in healthcare benefits patients

29 July 2014 14:05

We are used to political parties trying to claim credit for any positive development that happened during their time in…


When it comes to postage stamps, you’re always dealing with a monopoly

26 October 2013 16:48

Well, the whole Royal Mail privatisation is going terrifically well, isn’t it? I’m not talking about the pricing of the…

David Cameron was confronted this morning by an audience of pesky school kids, one of whom asked him about educating his children in the state sector. Image: Getty

No playing fields of Eton for Arthur Cameron

12 November 2012 18:40

The Prime Minister chose his words carefully earlier today when asked if he would be sending his children to private…

Is Britain working?

Employment returns to pre-crash levels

12 September 2012 14:30

Employment has almost entirely recovered to its pre-recession peak, according to today’s new figures. Total employment for May to July…


Cameron should be proud of jobs rise

11 July 2012 13:30

David Cameron said in Prime Minister’s Questions today that there have been 800,000 more private sector jobs under his government.…

Labour Party Conference Focuses On Economy

How not to create jobs

15 June 2012 15:00

The Keynes vs Hayek debate is at its sharpest on the issue of employment. Can government create jobs (as Balls…

Lights Out For Earth Hour 2012 in London

The plot against public schools

9 June 2012 8:45

Matthew Parris has launched a critique on the charitable status of public schools in this morning’s Times. Matthew is not…


The doctors’ strike

30 May 2012 19:15

No public sector strike is easy to sell to the public. I recently did a stint of jury service and…


Unemployment’s high, but at least it’s stopped rising

14 March 2012 14:41

So, new jobs figures out today. Which do you want first: the bad news, or the kind-of-alright news? The bad…


Private policing is nothing new

3 March 2012 10:36

‘Revealed: hidden government plans to privatise the police’, proclaims the Guardian headline this morning. The story is that, in an…


The dark side of the Big Society

24 February 2012 8:56

The A4e scandal is getting worse. Emma Harrison has quit as David Cameron’s back-to-work tsar, the police are still investigating…

Who’s right on public v private employment?

15 December 2011 13:13

If you listened to PMQs yesterday, then you’ll have heard two very different accounts of what’s happening in the labour…

Improving the health of the nation

5 December 2011 8:57

Britain’s future prosperity, we are frequently told, lies in scientific discovery, so it’s odd that David Cameron has not given a…

Explaining Cameron’s debt u-turn

5 October 2011 13:45

“Millionaire David Cameron wants you to pay off your credit card – are you going to obey the Prime Minister?”…

With an eye on 2015, Osborne is ramping up the growth agenda

17 August 2011 9:04

30,000 new jobs by 2015: that is the glittering prediction made by the government as it announces the creation of…

Schooling the judges

6 July 2011 11:09

The judges are judging the judges, or at least judging by the cover of this morning’s Times (£) they are.…

Moving towards more efficient public sector pay

3 June 2011 10:57

Data issued yesterday by the Incomes Data Services indicated that average pay settlements over the first quarter of 2011 in…

Osborne is on track to rebalance the economy

26 April 2011 16:51

It may look diminutive in between Easter and the Royal Wedding, but tomorrow is still a big day in the…

Cuts are inspiring innovation

17 March 2011 17:08

The Big Society’s health is recovering. Despite the fevered clamour about library closures, some councils and communities are being positive…

David Cameron’s dreams and nightmares are written into today’s employment figures

16 March 2011 15:48

It is almost a cliche to describe jobs figures as a “mixed picture” — and yet that’s exactly what today’s…

A 6 point guide to Hutton’s proposals

15 March 2011 15:32

The future of the public sector has become a tale of two Huttons. Last week, John Huttondisclosed his pension plans…

A model council

14 March 2011 18:03

Councils from Liverpool to Bromley have cut voluntary sector funding; but Reading Borough Council is defying the trend. It will…

Cuts? Regulation needs to be cut

10 March 2011 12:21

The cuts in spending are going to feel very unpleasant indeed. Rising interest costs, resulting from past expansions in public…

A second national debt that needs to be dealt with

9 March 2011 14:06

Public sector workers will be waiting nervously for John Hutton’s pension review, due out tomorrow.  It is likely to mandate…