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If it’s not ok to hound Sienna Miller and Steve Coogan, why is it ok to hound Nigel Farage?

24 March 2015 9:56

Faragephobia reached dizzy new heights on Sunday afternoon, when a bunch of thespians and circus freaks invaded Nigel Farage’s local pub and hounded him and his family out. Behaving with… Continue reading

Francois Hollande welcomes David Cameron before the march (Photo: Getty)

David Cameron ‘wholeheartedly’ defends right to publish Charlie Hebdo cover

13 January 2015 13:43

The latest issue of Charlie Hebdo goes on sale tomorrow, with around 1,000 copies expected to be available in the UK. Some people have decided that buying it shows ils sont Charlie,… Continue reading

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Gun attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo ‘kills 12′

7 January 2015 11:42

Gunmen have attacked the Paris office of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Current reports suggest that up to 12 people have been killed. One eyewitness told French TV channel Itele: ‘Two… Continue reading

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Sajid Javid’s first move as Culture Secretary has been to defend press freedom.

26 April 2014 11:28

When Maria Miller was Culture Secretary, her aides kindly invited me to a consultation to give my thoughts about government’s involvement in press regulation. I declined, saying that there should… Continue reading

Newcastle United fans are in a war with the club's management.

Newcastle United FC: a local fight for freedom of the press

30 October 2013 10:38

Up north, there’s an intriguing battle going on between the local press and Newcastle United. The football club has declared war on three local newspapers over their coverage of a… Continue reading

Soham Trial Nears Conclusion

British journalists lock each other up and throw away the key

28 October 2013 21:23

In the past few days, my colleagues on the Guardian have been publishing stories of national and international significance – indeed, if truth be told, they have been publishing them… Continue reading

Lord Leveson Publishes His Eagerly Awaited Report Into Press Standards

The Leveson Test – separating the ‘Decent Left’ from ‘the Idiots’

22 October 2013 14:18

If the Leveson Inquiry does nothing else, then it has at least provided a useful guide to the British Left for those of us on the saliva-speckled wastelands of British… Continue reading

The Spectator's response to Maria Miller

Sorry, Maria Miller. We still won’t sign

8 October 2013 18:06

The very fact that a Cabinet member has stood up in the House of Commons to make a statement on the future of newspapers suggests there’s something going rather wrong… Continue reading

The Labour Party Annual Conference

Miliband vs Mail reveals Labour leader’s belief about the role of politicians

4 October 2013 9:24

It’s hardly a surprise that Ed Miliband has called for another inquiry following the row about the Daily Mail’s treatment of his father. The Labour leader is always calling for… Continue reading

A selection of Britain's national newspa

After Leveson and McCluskey, does Alex Salmond believe in the freedom of the press?

18 March 2013 11:53

So, it seems some kind of torturous “deal” has been reached in London on how best to regulate the press in the future. If David Cameron’s proposals for a Royal… Continue reading

Members of the Hacked Off campaign group hold a press conference outside Parliament. Picture: Getty

Democracy is shooting itself in the foot with this emotional Leveson debate

15 March 2013 9:46

The breakdown of cross-party talks today seems to be creating a make or break moment for the basic principle of press freedom. But Cameron’s proposal to hold a vote on… Continue reading


Lib Dems and Labour concerned by Tory Leveson Royal Charter plans

12 February 2013 18:28

Does the Royal Charter, published by the Conservative party this afternoon, take politicians any further away from meddling with press regulation? The charter is the Tory answer to the statutory… Continue reading

Press reform campaigners hold a rally outside parliament. Picture: Getty

Cross-party consensus on Leveson tested with Royal Charter plan

12 February 2013 8:22

The Conservatives publish their plans for a Royal Charter to underpin regulation of the press today. Although the cross-party talks have been more successful than most imagined, with no rows… Continue reading

The European media. Photo: Getty Images.

Every tabloid’s worst nightmare

25 January 2013 12:22

What would George Orwell write about today? asked the Guardian. Here’s our nomination: an EU report that recommends giving the EU more powers to sack hacks, regulate the press and… Continue reading

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Who speaks for the British press?

4 December 2012 17:57

At the end of the editors’ meeting in 10 Downing St today, there was an awkward moment when someone asked if the past hour had been on or off the… Continue reading


Ed Miliband's Leveson response shows his weakness: he's a follower, not a leader. - Spectator Blogs

3 December 2012 15:09

The biggest risk in punditry is the determination to see what you want to see. Confirmation bias is an ever-present clear and present danger to solid thinking. Nevertheless, though keeping… Continue reading

David Cameron has agreed to draft legislation on the Leveson proposals. Picture: Getty

Government to draft legislation on Leveson recommendations

30 November 2012 9:25

The first of many cross-party discussions on the response to the Leveson Inquiry lasted 30 minutes last night. The ‘frank’ meeting resulted in David Cameron agreeing to draft bill to… Continue reading

Lord Leveson Publishes His  Report Into Media Standards

Press freedom has just acquired its most important defender: David Cameron

30 November 2012 8:34

For precisely 99 minutes yesterday, it looked like press freedom in Britain was doomed. At 1.30pm Lord Leveson announced his plans for statutory regulation of the press – with his… Continue reading

Has Westminster forgotten our friends in the north?

The View from 22 — Broken Britain, Osborne on the up and Spectator says no to a state-licensed press

29 November 2012 13:05

Has national politics in Britain given up on the North of England? In this week’s cover feature, director of Policy Exchange Neil O’Brien argues that very little is being currently done… Continue reading

The Leveson report on press standards will be published tomorrow. Picture: Getty

The Coalition split over Leveson

28 November 2012 15:41

I’m informed by someone involved in the coalition negotiations on the issue that the reason the Liberal Democrats want to be able to make their own statement on the Leveson… Continue reading

Nick Clegg leaves the Leveson Inquiry after giving evidence earlier this year. Picture: Getty

Lib Dems seek alternative Leveson statement slot

28 November 2012 13:36

As teams in secure rooms in Downing Street pore over the half dozen copies of the Leveson report, which arrived this morning, the Liberal Democrats are already starting to work… Continue reading

Lord Justice Leveson will make his recommendations for the future of press regulation today. Picture: Getty

Cameron to receive Leveson report as Tory party splits on press regulation

28 November 2012 8:58

David Cameron will receive his copy of the Leveson report later today, and will meet twice with Nick Clegg to discuss its contents: once this evening, and again as part… Continue reading

What is needed to allow the press to thrive and survive?

True Tories want a press that is free but accountable

11 November 2012 9:23

Is the idea of any form of statute relating to the press inimical to liberty and therefore incompatible with Conservative belief?  Fraser Nelson argues that it is but it is… Continue reading


Tory MPs vs free press

9 November 2012 9:02

How strong is the Conservative commitment to liberty? Today’s Guardian front page holds the answer. A long line of Tory MPs have written to the newspaper, calling for the Prime… Continue reading

Lord Justice Leveson will make his recommendations for the future of press regulation today. Picture: Getty

What next for the gutter press?

1 November 2012 12:57

Lord Leveson will be publishing his recommendations for the future of press regulation very soon, and those on both sides of the debate are getting nervous. The Hacked Off campaign… Continue reading