Andrew Neil, Jack Monroe, Owen Jones and Molly Scott Cato at last night's Spectator debate.

Should politicians leave the wealthy alone?

23 April 2015 16:36

Bashing the rich has become trendy. Last night, the Spectator hosted a debate at the Guildhall School of Drama on whether the rich have contributed their fair share to society,… Continue reading


The Trussell Trust’s misleading figures on food bank usage help no one

22 April 2015 14:29

A day after the BBC admitted to misquoting David Cameron on foxhunting, the broadcaster made another admission of error last night over the numbers of people using food banks. A Newsnight package… Continue reading

Tony Blair with Justin Forsyth to his right (Photo: Getty)

Justin Forsyth has far more to apologise for than Tony Blair’s Save the Children award

3 March 2015 13:47

You almost have to admire Justin Forsyth’s brass neck. He is a former Gordon Brown spin chief earning a Prime Ministerial £138,000 for running Save the Children. Or, rather, transforming it… Continue reading

Last year around 19,000 bicycles were reported stolen to the Metropolitan Police yet only 666 (3.5 per cent) of these thefts were solved

Property crime is not a victimless crime

3 March 2015 12:01

While researching Taking its Toll, a report written with Policy Exchange on the regressive impact of property crime, some troubling facts became clear. In the year to March 2014 there… Continue reading


Under Oxfam’s dodgy maths, someone with 50p to his name is “richer” than bottom 2bn

19 January 2015 12:26

Global capitalism has eradicated poverty and generated prosperity in the developing world at an unprecedented rate. You might imagine that a global anti-poverty charity, such as ‘Oxfam’, would celebrate this fact.… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Why Britain is poorer than any US state, other than Mississippi

22 August 2014 10:41

Now and again, America puts its inequality on display to the world. We saw it after Hurricane Katrina and we have seen it again in the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.… Continue reading

Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu. Image: Getty

Let’s have more work and lower costs to raise living standards – the Living Wage won’t help

24 June 2014 11:34

In the latest in a long-line of Commissions or studies into the roll-out of a ‘Living Wage’, today the Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu has called for the introduction of a… Continue reading

White smoke in Rome: Cardinals have picked the new Pope. Picture: Getty

The Spectator: on popes and poverty since 1828

13 March 2014 18:28

A year ago, a relatively unknown Argentine cardinal, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected Pope. A few days later he announced he would take the name Francis, after Saint Francis of… Continue reading

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Rochdale Foodbank Use Triples In A Year

Does it matter if Tories don’t know what it’s like to be poor?

20 January 2014 16:21

I have this theory that the reason why the British public is so hugely in favour of cutting welfare to the bone, and the British media so hostile, is that… Continue reading

The tragedy is that Hugo Chavez is no longer around to reap what he sowed. (YURI CORTEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Venezuela: a shining example of how not to help the poor

23 November 2013 13:00

No serious person today views the Cuban Revolution as anything other than an impoverished tyranny – up to and including the leaders of that Revolution, who have been hastily turning… Continue reading

'Big Brother' watches over Winston Smith (Edmond O'Brien) and Julia (Jan Sterling), during the filming of the 1955 adaptation of '1984'. Image: Getty

Do we need George Orwell Day?

21 January 2013 14:28

I doubt that George Orwell needs ‘George Orwell Day’. Aldous Huxley, Henry Green, J.G. Ballard, each of those dead writers might benefit from a bit of sponsorship, and so might we.… Continue reading

Cameron and Osborne, architects of the coalition of the complacent. Image: Getty

A coalition of the complacent

7 January 2013 14:21

I don’t like to think that I am rich. In theory, I know that in comparison to the vast majority of the world’s population, I am. But perhaps because of… Continue reading

In today's Guardian, George Monbiot, former anarchist and man of the people, describes his conversion to the bourgeoisie. Image: Getty

George Monbiot joins the bourgeoisie

26 December 2012 18:42

They always manage to pull something special out of the hat at Christmas, over at the Guardian. Last year it was that fantastic woman, an editor at The Ecologist, who… Continue reading

Tory Ruth Davidson decided that the recalictrant Scots needed telling some home truths. Image: Getty.

The Tories Vs Scotland

8 October 2012 19:01

Interesting comments from Ruth Davidson, the chairthing of the Scottish Conservative Party, about her fellow countrymen. Only twelve per cent of Scots, she says, contribute more to the exchequer than… Continue reading


Saving the children? Another child poverty report misses the bigger picture

5 September 2012 21:06

Yesterday’s reshuffle isn’t the only story in town. Save the Children, a global charity, has today started to fundraise for children in Britain whom it says are affected by the… Continue reading

The average cost of bringing up a child is now £143,000. Picture: Getty.

Ignoring struggling families will be politically costly

5 September 2012 17:45

More bad news for Britain’s families: new research shows that the cost of bringing up a child is an eye-watering £143,000. This piles more pressure on a government that already… Continue reading

Double Olympic Champion Mo Farah Leads Delegation of British Athletes at No 10 Downing St

The hunger Games

12 August 2012 14:39

One million children at risk of starvation in Niger; global food inflation last year of approximately 6 per cent; political instability linked to food price rises; drought in the US… Continue reading

David Cameron and Louise Casey, Getty Images

Troubled families policy deserves cross-party support

22 July 2012 9:30

The report published this week by Louise Casey, the Government’s ‘Troubled Families’ Tsar, has attracted a fair amount of criticism, but what it does illustrate is the chaotic lives these… Continue reading


A more ambitious approach to fighting poverty

14 June 2012 15:00

‘You attack poverty by knowing what you do changes the lives of those people.’ In that phrase on this morning’s Today programme, Iain Duncan Smith summed up the difference between… Continue reading

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde

A diplomatic racket

4 June 2012 18:45

In my Observer column on Sunday I mentioned in passing that in a crisis, elites have to be able to show that they are sharing the plight of the masses.… Continue reading


Sadly, protest music is alive and well

2 June 2012 18:00

There is plenty of nostalgia around in this Jubilee Weekend. Any look back on 60 years brings temptation to think that the past was better than the present. This is… Continue reading


IDS’s important call for ‘social value’

13 March 2012 17:37

It’s the same for celebrities and policymakers: talking about marriage gets you headlines. Hence why the newspapers have concentrated on Iain DuncanSmith’s remarks today that ‘marriage should be supported and… Continue reading


Storm in an Indian teacup

5 February 2012 14:19

So, does India want the UK’s aid or not? If you believe the Indian finance minister, Pranab Mukherjee, the funds are unnecessary, ‘peanuts’ even. The Daily Telegraph reports that British… Continue reading


Can Home Rule Solve Scotland’s Problems?

30 January 2012 16:10

This is not a Question To Which the Answer Must Be No. I too saw the headline Now 51% Back Independence and thought, "Well, that’s interesting but implausible". Then I… Continue reading


It’s poverty, not race, that ought to concern us more

6 January 2012 12:50

My Daily Telegraph column today is about how poverty is a greater problem in Britain than racism, which I describe as an ‘almost-vanquished evil’. This has drawn some criticism, not… Continue reading