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Revealed: the truth about Ed Miliband’s ’1930s’ porkie

11 January 2015 12:08

Today, on the Andrew Marr show, Ed Miliband repeated his porkie that David Cameron plans to reduce state spending to 1930s levels. When he first made this bizarre and obviously… Continue reading

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And now a porkie from Labour: spending is not (really) heading back to 1930s levels

4 January 2015 9:31

Another day, another poster – and this time, it’s Labour stretching the truth. The above is the same trick as George Osborne was playing with the deficit. The reader is… Continue reading

The poster and the porkie

How Osborne’s ‘deficit halved’ claim backfired  

3 January 2015 9:25

So – how did it go? Yesterday, Tory HQ yesterday issued a poster with the misleading claim that the deficit had been ‘halved’ where in fact the reduction has been… Continue reading

The poster and the porkie

Which Tory MPs will repeat the porkie about ‘halving’ the deficit?

2 January 2015 11:21

New year, new porkies from Conservative HQ. It has opened 2015 with a poster that involves a deception (above): ‘the defict halved’. It’s a relatively small deception: the deficit has been… Continue reading

Debt 2000-2018

David Cameron rebuked for telling porkies about the national debt

1 February 2013 14:16

Where was Andrew Dilnot in the Gordon Brown era? The head of the UK Statistics Authority has just rebuked the Prime Minister for telling porkies about debt on his ITV… Continue reading