Pope Benedict XVI


Pope Francis drops a bombshell: Catholics can receive absolution from dissident SSPX priests

1 September 2015 14:15

Pope Francis, unpredictable as ever, has just announced that during the forthcoming ‘Year of Mercy’, Catholics can receive absolution from priests of the ultra-traditionalist Society of St Pius X (SSPX),… Continue reading

Pope Francis Named Time's Person of the Year

Pope Francis and ‘the Great Division’: the Catholic civil war draws closer

18 November 2014 17:45

In the magazine a couple of weeks ago I asked if we were in the early stages of a Catholic civil war fuelled by confusion over Pope Francis’s apparent willingness to… Continue reading

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali. Image: Getty

Anglican bishop: Rome must protect Christians from Islamism

6 October 2014 21:48

The Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester and an evangelical Christian, has delivered a remarkable message to a group of Catholics: ‘Bishop Nazir-Ali said that, with the… Continue reading


The View from 22 — the new God squad, Labour’s campaigning quandary and the secrets to a successful marriage

4 July 2013 22:00

Are Lambeth Palace and the Vatican about to undergo a significant transformation in how they operate and present themselves in public? On the latest View from 22 podcast, the Telegraph’s… Continue reading

Justin Welby could find the announcement of the next Pope overshadows his enthronement. Picture: Getty

An Almighty diary clash?

24 February 2013 13:04

Will the arrival of a new Pope clash with the enthronement of the new Archbishop of Canterbury on March 21? The mere possibility has caused real anxiety among Church officials.… Continue reading

There is a rumour in Rome that Pope Benedict XVI was pushed out by a 'gay mafia'. Picture: Getty

Take the Vatican ‘Gay Mafia’ talk with a pinch of holy salt – for now

22 February 2013 22:26

A rather feverish mood around the Vatican today: La Repubblica’s sensational splash suggesting that Pope Benedict XVI was pushed out by a ‘gay mafia’ within the Church hierarchy has set Latin… Continue reading

Chelsea Flower Show - Press & VIP Preview Day

Charles ‘most popular Prince of Wales ever’

15 February 2013 17:24

I wonder what Prince Charles makes of the fashion for abdication? Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the Pope are both vacating the seat of power before shuffling off this mortal… Continue reading


The View from 22 – Ex-Benedict, Mexican Horsemeat and goodbye to Sindy

14 February 2013 9:12

What does Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation mean for the future of the Catholic church? In this week’s View from 22 podcast, the Daily Telegraph’s Damian Thompson and Freddy Gray discuss… Continue reading

Pope Benedict XVI celebrating Ash Wednesday Mass earlier today. Picture: Getty

How Pope Benedict’s wisdom was often lost in translation

13 February 2013 22:31

The pope made his first public appearance since his resignation today, before putting ashes on the foreheads of pilgrims for Ash Wednesday. It’s one of those jos which isn’t itself… Continue reading

Pope Benedict on a visit to New York in 2008. Under Benedict, the power of America in the Holy See has increased dramatically. Picture: Getty

A New York pontiff? Why I’m betting on Cardinal Timothy Dolan to be the new pope

11 February 2013 13:54

It’s got to be an African, hasn’t it? That’s what editors, including my esteemed boss, are saying across the country in response to Pope Benedict’s shock resignation. And Fraser’s right:… Continue reading

Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze (C) att

Nigeria’s Cardinal Francis Arinze: the next Pope?

11 February 2013 12:03

The first papal resignation since 1415 will throw the world’s attention on Nigeria’s Cardinal Francis Arinze, who is the bookies’ favourite to succeed Benedict XVI. Not so long ago, the… Continue reading

An unlikely rebel: Justin Welby opposes gay marriage

The Church of England rejects women bishops

20 November 2012 19:40

Gulp. The General Synod of the Church of England has, against almost all expectations, rejected the ordination of women bishops. This seems to represent an early defeat for the incoming… Continue reading


The Pope reopens the international aid debate

3 February 2011 14:47

Spare a dime for a travelling Ponfiff? The Department for International Development can – and then some. According to their latest accounts, they funnelled £1.85 million of cash across to… Continue reading


From the archives: Ratzinger’s vision

17 December 2010 19:01

A propos of nothing – except perhaps the religious time of year – here’s The Spectator‘s report on one Cardinal Ratzinger setting out his "cautious and conservative" vision for Catholicism… Continue reading