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Policy Exchange’s latest hire shows that integration is now a key government issue

14 January 2016 11:51

Few think tanks have been as associated with the Cameron project as Policy Exchange. Its alumni are dotted in various…


Why it’s important to ignore ‘international law’

8 November 2015 13:26

Last week, I wrote about the controversy caused by the government’s revision of the ministerial code which guides ministers’ conduct.…

Jim Murphy submits resignation. The Scottish Labour leader holds a press conference and submits a report on the future of the party. Scottish Labour HQ,Glasgow.13.06.2015.

Jim Murphy: second independence referendum is inevitable

15 June 2015 17:16

Jim Murphy is quitting frontline politics with a bang. The outgoing leader of the Scottish Labour party addressed Policy Exchange this…

Modern politicians, like Cameron, could have a lot to learn from Thatcher.

What can modern politics learn from Thatcher? Charles Moore will tell us

3 June 2015 9:43

The first volume of Charles Moore’s biography of Margaret Thatcher is one of the finest political books of recent times.…

Steve Hilton in 2010. Getty images.

Steve Hilton returns to the British political scene

13 May 2015 11:17

In 2012, Steve Hilton quit his role as David Cameron’s senior adviser in frustration at the compromises of coalition and…

Last year around 19,000 bicycles were reported stolen to the Metropolitan Police yet only 666 (3.5 per cent) of these thefts were solved

Property crime is not a victimless crime

3 March 2015 12:01

While researching Taking its Toll, a report written with Policy Exchange on the regressive impact of property crime, some troubling…


Rachel Reeves’s ‘staggering’ and ‘astonishing’ future of welfare speech

7 August 2014 11:26

Rachel Reeves, the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, gave a speech earlier this week on the future of the welfare…

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A bold plan to make welfare more personalised and responsive

22 July 2014 11:59

Jobs must surely be one of the great success stories of this government: 1.8 million more people in work, and…

Michael Gove and his former advisor Dominic Cummings. Photo: Getty.

David Cameron attacks ‘career psychopath’ Dominic Cummings

19 June 2014 10:43

There must be an election in the offing because the PM was out and about last night looking for a…


Will the Union be a victim of multiculturalism?

7 May 2014 11:39

One of the more striking statistics in yesterday’s Policy Exchange report on multi-ethnic Britain is the revelation that only 25…

Property Prices Continue To Increase

Labour’s rent control policy will not solve our housing problems

1 May 2014 17:36

Labour’s decision to impose rent controls will do little to solve our housing problems. Rent controls are at best misguided…

The UK 2010 General Election Results In A Hung Parliament

Exclusive: Max Chambers to join No.10 policy unit

24 April 2014 16:20

I understand that Max Chambers of Policy Exchange will soon join the Number 10 policy unit. Chambers will take on…

Time for a rethink on Civil Service paper shuffling? Photo: Three Lions/Getty Images

Could making Whitehall smaller, better, faster, stronger save £70 billion?

2 September 2013 18:10

The government could save £70 billion from the Whitehall spending bill by moving into a new digitised age. That’s the…

Boris Johnson at yesterday's Paralympic Marathon. The Mayor is gathering evidence for his own submission to the Davies commission on airport capacity. Picture: Getty

Boris and the gipsies of Belgium

10 July 2013 18:08

It’s the peak of the summer party season. Half a dozen events competed for the Westminster crowd last night. The…


Could a digital and more transparent NHS prevent another Mid Staffs scandal?

26 March 2013 19:28

Digital politics is all the rage. Take what Rachel Sylvester described in today’s Times as ‘digital Bennism’ — an online…

The 'Get Carter' car park is demolished in Gateshead: but will the regeneration provide a long term future? Photo: Craig Allan/Flickr

Austerity hits home in the North East of England

28 December 2012 14:07

Have you personally suffered from George Osborne’s spending cuts? Your answer depends largely on where you live. I’ve witnessed both…

Has Westminster forgotten our friends in the north?

The View from 22 — Broken Britain, Osborne on the up and Spectator says no to a state-licensed press

29 November 2012 13:05

Has national politics in Britain given up on the North of England? In this week’s cover feature, director of Policy Exchange…

Spectator Cover Art

The View from 22 – Barack Obama’s hollow victory and remodernising the Tories

8 November 2012 9:46

Is there something underwhelming about Obama’s reelection? In this week’s cover feature, John O’Sullivan discusses impact of changing demographics of…

Owen Paterson: no to wind farm subsidies. Photo: Getty Images.

Conservative conference: Owen Paterson says yes to shale gas and no to wind farms subsidies

10 October 2012 3:57

‘We will only improve the environment if we improve the economy.’ Owen Paterson demonstrated the government’s new environmental mantra at…

What factors influence these pupils to gain far better GCSEs? Photo: PA.

What influences GCSE grades?

23 August 2012 13:01

For the first time in the history of GCSE exams, this year’s results have seen a decline in grades. Today,…

Typing Tot

The Whitehall monster would kill any data revolution

3 July 2012 16:00

Could the government save £33 billion a year through better use of data? That’s the claim of a new report…


ASBOs weren’t much cop, but what about their replacement?

22 May 2012 15:39

Brace yourselves for a new crime wave sweeping across the country — the government is doing away with ASBOs. Or,…


Friends in north?

12 May 2012 16:42

For the Tories to have any hope of winning a majority, they have to face up to reclaiming seats in the…


Tricolour Britain

30 April 2012 19:02

With unionists getting grubbed in Scotland and Labour being driven to near-extinction in vast swathes of the south, a new…


The questions Alex Salmond can’t answer

15 March 2012 10:40

Should Scotland be independent? I’d have thought that only a few people — most of them Scottish — would care enough…