Police and Crime Commissioners

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Modern Britain’s apathetic, inadequate response to child sexual abuse

27 August 2014 19:07

The customs developing around how modern British officialdom reacts to the gang-rape of children is very interesting. I’ve just watched an interview (above) with Shaun Wright, the Police and Crime… Continue reading

Policemen hold their helmets as they sta

Prepare for the arrival of the super cops

13 October 2013 20:09

Theresa May’s police reform agenda will take a big step forward tomorrow with the announcement that Police and Crime Commissioners will be able to appoint overseas officers as chief constables.… Continue reading

Turnout for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections was predictably and avoidably low, Conor Burns MP says. Image: Getty

Why I regret voting for the Bill that introduced PCCs

19 November 2012 10:47

So much has been written about the lead up to, and the fall-out from, last week’s elections for Police and Crime Commissioners that it seems almost futile to try to… Continue reading

How can the Tories win in the north? Image: Getty.

Five points from ‘Super Thursday’

17 November 2012 10:36

1). Independents and the changing face of politics. The election of 12 independent police commissioners (at the latest count) in Dorset, Gwent, North Wales*, Hampshire, Warwickshire, West Mercia, Kent, Avon… Continue reading

John Prescott was defeated in his bid to become the Humberside PCC

Reasons for all three parties to worry

16 November 2012 18:01

Of the three main parties, Labour will be happiest with today’s results. They’ve won Corby, the contest that was always going to get the most media attention. But, I think,… Continue reading

It is rumoured that John Prescott has a fight on his hands in the Humberside PCC election? Image: Getty

Too many elections and not enough votes?

16 November 2012 12:41

More people are interested in low turnout than turned out to vote at yesterday’s PCC elections; that is the story of the day so far. The figures quoted are baleful, ranging… Continue reading

U.S. Citizens Head To The Polls To Vote In Presidential Election

Labour hold in two by-elections but turnout low

16 November 2012 7:26

So far, the election results are as expected. Labour has comfortably held Manchester Central and Cardiff South and the Tory candidate has been elected as the Police and Crime Commissioner… Continue reading

An election advertisement in Bristol. Image: Getty

Election night: It’s all over bar the counting

15 November 2012 22:02

Tonight is election night but there’s not much counting going on. The Corby by-election count doesn’t start until tomorrow morning and Wiltshire is the only place where the Police and… Continue reading

John Prescott is one of the few celebrities to be standing in tomorrow's PCC elections. The other candidates are ordinary members of the public with an interest in their communities. Image: Getty

Who are the BBC to question the legitimacy of Police & Crime Commissioners?

14 November 2012 18:07

What’s the test of success of the Police & Crime Commissioners policy? It is, surely, whether the 41 individuals who will be elected tomorrow succeed in cutting crime and antisocial… Continue reading


David Cameron tries to drum up interest in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections

3 November 2012 10:15

David Cameron spent yesterday campaigning for Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner candidates in Bedfordshire and Leicestershire. The visits, though, received scant national attention: the only coverage I’ve spotted so far… Continue reading