Mayors of tomorrow

Jeremy Corbyn’s PMQs conundrum

18 August 2016 17:38

With Labour’s list of all-male mayoral candidates announced last week, there has been some speculation that the potential loss of Andy…

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PMQs sketch: Theresa May’s hard head and soft heart is terrifying for Labour

20 July 2016 16:20

What we know for sure about our secretive new PM is that she uses her clothes as a bush-telegraph. What…

Theresa May Holds First Prime Minister's Questions

Did Theresa May’s flash of nastiness at PMQs tell of trouble to come?

20 July 2016 14:28

That Theresa May ‘won’ Prime Minister’s Questions today, there is no doubt. Tory backbencher Simon Hoare said it was ‘game,…


Theresa May wipes the floor with Jeremy Corbyn at her first PMQs

20 July 2016 13:15

Theresa May was utterly brutal with Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs today. She mocked the Labour leader repeatedly, leaving the Tory…


Watch: Theresa May ridicules ‘unscrupulous’ Corbyn over Labour job insecurity

20 July 2016 12:51

In recent weeks, Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity has hit a new low with the Parliamentary Labour Party. Things are so bad…


PMQs sketch: A final farewell to Dodgy Dave

13 July 2016 16:17

Nice send off for Cameron at PMQs. Both leaders acquitted themselves well. Cameron was wry, witty and self-deprecating. He claimed…

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Watch: Highlights from David Cameron’s final PMQs, ‘I was the future once’

13 July 2016 13:07

David Cameron’s final PMQs brought out the best of the House of Commons. There was a good balance of wit,…


Labour and SNP join in standing ovation for David Cameron’s last PMQs

13 July 2016 12:54

David Cameron’s last PMQs was as entertaining as you’d expect. ‘The diary for the rest of my day is remarkably…


PMQs sketch: Theresa May watches on…

6 July 2016 16:20

The Labour party’s in-growing toenail, Jeremy Corbyn, (not to be removed without much screaming and blood), behaved like a man…


Watch: John Bercow lets the Beast of Bolsover’s ‘dodgy Dave’ comment slide

6 July 2016 12:48

In April, Dennis Skinner was ejected by the Speaker from the Commons after he called the Prime Minister ‘dodgy Dave’.…


PMQ’s sketch: two plank-walkers at the helm of the ship

29 June 2016 16:42

Rare to see a plank-walker at the helm of the ship. Today there were two. Cameron has accepted the inevitable…


Alan Duncan aired the Tories’ dirty laundry at today's PMQs

29 June 2016 14:29

PMQs was always going to be an odd event today. David Cameron is going as Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn…


Watch: David Cameron tells Jeremy Corbyn to resign – ‘for heaven’s sake man, go!’

29 June 2016 12:47

As Jeremy Corbyn faces even more Shadow Cabinet resignations today, it’s becoming difficult to locate a Labour MP who thinks…


PMQs sketch: What a strange farewell

15 June 2016 16:00

What a strange farewell. The slickest, sparkiest and most brutal street-fighter the Tory party has produced in a generation found…

Corbyn fails to give Cameron a helping hand at final PMQs before referendum

15 June 2016 14:25

The last PMQS before the EU referendum will not live long in the memory, the Commons did not rise to…


PMQs: Corbyn highlights Tory divisions, but Cameron knows he needs Labour

8 June 2016 13:52

With the EU referendum just weeks away, Jeremy Corbyn is now trying to exploit Tory divisions over the issue. At…

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PMQs Sketch: Osborne managed to fight off Labour’s pocket Boadicea

25 May 2016 16:01

The only MP who doesn’t want Angela Eagle to be the next Jeremy Corbyn is Jeremy Corbyn. He was away…

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PMQs: After a strong start, Angela Eagle lost her way

25 May 2016 13:09

It was George Osborne v Angela Eagle at PMQs today, with David Cameron at the G7 in Japan. Eagle, who…


Watch: David Cameron teaches Tim Farron a lesson at PMQs

11 May 2016 14:46

Although Jeremy Corbyn did his best to press David Cameron on a range of issues at today’s PMQs, perhaps the…


Has Jeremy Corbyn forgotten how to ask a proper question at PMQs?

11 May 2016 13:23

Jeremy Corbyn’s questions at PMQs weren’t so much a dog’s dinner as a miserable casserole of leftovers. The Labour leader didn’t…

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PMQs Sketch: Next stop, extremist Labour

4 May 2016 16:56

Cameron hi-jacked today’s PMQs with a show of calculated brutality masked as high dudgeon. Feeble, whey-haired Corbyn obeyed the commands…


PMQs: David Cameron says Gary Lineker should keep his pants promise

4 May 2016 13:22

It was gloves off time at PMQs today. With elections taking place across the UK tomorrow, David Cameron went for…

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PMQs Sketch: The high horse comes out cantering

27 April 2016 16:18

PMQs kicked off with a big fuss about improvements to our world-beating education system. To academise or not to academise?…

PMQs Sketch: The Tories have redefined the term ‘manifesto’

20 April 2016 16:40

Does Cameron care any more? Insouciance is a more attractive quality than earnestness in a leader but Cameron is taking…


Watch: David Cameron wades into Labour’s McDonald’s row – ‘I’m lovin’ it’

20 April 2016 12:38

This week Jeremy Corbyn has faced an MPs’ revolt over the Labour party’s decision to ban McDonald’s from having a stall…