An airliner comes in to land at Heathrow Airport on August 11, 2014 in London, England.

What happens next with Heathrow?

1 July 2015 17:40

Now that the Davies Commission has made its recommendation, the ball is back in the government’s court. The biggest immediate challenge the government has to face is David Cameron’s 2009… Continue reading

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PMQs Sketch: Airports and angry Nats

1 July 2015 16:22

Chooom! Davies has arrived. Sir Howard’s report made a text-book landing on the PM’s desk yesterday afternoon and began taxiing towards Cameron’s in-tray. But the PM hasn’t read it yet.… Continue reading

David Cameron at PMQs today. Photo: BBC.

PMQs: David Cameron gives the impression he isn’t sold on a third runway at Heathrow

1 July 2015 13:29

Harriet Harman began at PMQs by asking about the situation in Tunisia. The mood of the House was appropriately sombre as this issue was discussed and there was much agreement… Continue reading

Harriet Harman Speaks On The Labour Party Future

At this rate Labour won’t even be a debating society in five years time

24 June 2015 16:44

The phoney war continues. While Labour searches for its next Michael Foot, the party’s stand-in boss, Harriet Harman, seems keen to lose the 2020 election as soon as possible. Some… Continue reading

David Cameron at PMQs today. Photo: BBC.

PMQs: some revealing exchanges from Cameron on tax credits, broadband and ‘the vow’

24 June 2015 13:09

In PMQs today, there was no sense of the drama going on outside in Central Lobby as disability campaigners attempted to enter the Chamber. But the exchanges were far more… Continue reading


Backbench ‘plot’ deprives Alan Mak of his favourite spot at PMQs

17 June 2015 16:40

Unfortunate timing for ambitious new Tory MP Alan Mak to be turned over by the Times today, after he was on the order paper to ask a prominent question at… Continue reading

osborne pmqs

PMQs sketch: He lays roads. He decrees bridges. Is there anything George Osborne can’t do?

17 June 2015 16:16

At last it happened. Benn led Labour. Hilary Benn, grandson of a hereditary peer, stood up at PMQs on behalf of the dispossessed. Gravitas was his chosen register. Radicalisation was… Continue reading

osborne slick

Osborne’s slick PMQs performance

17 June 2015 13:08

PMQs was not the normal, partisan slug-fest today. Instead, there were a slew of serious questions on the challenge of Islamic extremism at home and abroad and the migrant crisis.… Continue reading

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Osborne’s audition

14 June 2015 10:58

On Wednesday at Noon, George Osborne will rise to respond for the government at Prime Minister’s Questions. The symbolism of this moment won’t be lost on anyone on the Tory… Continue reading

The State Opening Of Parliament

PMQs sketch: Dave gloats in front of Saint Hattie

10 June 2015 16:04

Poor old Labour. They’re still so crushed by the election result that they put up dead-parrot Harriet Harman against Cameron every Wednesday. Why not let the leadership candidates use him… Continue reading

Cameron and Harman at the State Opening of Parliament. Getty images.

PMQs: Harman puts Cameron in his place

10 June 2015 13:54

Harriet Harman has 16 years on David Cameron and she used that advantage very effectively today. After Cameron replied to her first question on the EU referendum with a string… Continue reading

7 jan pmqs

David Cameron’s intricate knowledge of Chinese Warlords

10 June 2015 13:46

The Prime Minister was on boisterous from at PMQs today, welcoming the Labour Party’s new found support for an EU referendum in the division lobbies last night. Cameron described it… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: And they’re back

3 June 2015 16:33

‘Don’t gloat’. Cameron trotted along to the Commons today with this commandment ringing in his ears. He nearly managed it. But his manner betrayed his state of mind. There was… Continue reading

A 'sincere' rebel (Photo: Getty)

Tory rebels are already starting to cause trouble

3 June 2015 15:52

David Cameron might have had an enjoyable session teasing Labour at Prime Minister’s Questions, but as soon as he’d finished doing so in his head-to-head with Harriet Harman, he was… Continue reading

Politico Top Trump cards from 2010.

Cameron has a PMQs trump card – he won the election

3 June 2015 14:44

The first PMQs after an election victory is a moment to savour for a Prime Minister. He knows that the result gives him a trump card he can play again… Continue reading

Day One - The Labour Party Holds Its Annual Party Conference

The war of Skinner’s seat: SNP allow Dennis to stay

3 June 2015 11:54

The first PMQs of the new Parliament will kick off shortly and Commons watchers will be looking to see if Dennis Skinner remains in his usual spot. The socialist firebrand,… Continue reading


David Cameron’s VAT pledge spells disaster for Labour’s new poster campaign

25 March 2015 22:26

Ed Miliband had a disastrous PMQs today after the Labour leader claimed the Tories would raise VAT, only to have David Cameron deny that he would increase the tax. Besides leaving Miliband… Continue reading

Alex Salmond haunted proceedings today. Pictured: Alex Salmond's appearance as a ghost in Pakistani soap opera ‘The Castle’ (yes, really)

PMQs sketch: Haunted by Salmond

25 March 2015 17:19

Cameron expected to walk into a firestorm of mockery at PMQs following his retirement bombshell. Quitter. Lame duck. Get yer pipe-‘n’-slippers. But barely an audible jibe was flung from the… Continue reading

Toff? Or not Toff? Image: Getty

Is it really surprising that people think Ed Miliband is more of a toff than David Cameron?

25 March 2015 15:55

The most remarkable poll of the week was the one which suggested the British public find Ed Miliband more of a toff than David Cameron. It takes something to out-toff an… Continue reading


PMQs: Miliband jumps straight into Cameron’s final trap

25 March 2015 13:29

In the final PMQs of this session, David Cameron scored his most comprehensive victory. Challenged by Ed Miliband to rule out raising VAT, Cameron got to his feet and simply… Continue reading

(Photo: PA)

The winter of Ed’s discontent

25 March 2015 13:13

Never one to miss a dig, hats off to the PM at the final PMQs of this parliament for managing to shoehorn a gag about Ed Miliband into a spurious… Continue reading


PMQs highlights: the best of Cameron vs Miliband

25 March 2015 12:03

As the current parliament draws to a close, we’ve reached the final PMQs fixture. It seemed the perfect opportunity to reflect on some of the highlights from recent PMQs. Here’s Coffee… Continue reading

Labour party leader Ed Miliband speaks as Prime Minister David Cameron is questioned by MPs in the House of Commons.

Today could be the last time David Cameron and Ed Miliband ever go head to head

25 March 2015 9:10

PMQs at midday today essentially marks the end of this Parliament. Although Parliament won’t formally dissolve until Monday, very little of consequence will happen in the next few days.The main topics for… Continue reading


Both leaders had their lines to push at PMQs

11 March 2015 13:45

Rather predictably, Ed Miliband went on the TV debates again today at PMQs. Labour believe that Cameron’s refusal to do a head to head debate, despite having previously indicated he… Continue reading


Some poorly-timed heckles made for an unedifying PMQs

4 March 2015 16:21

Thank goodness there aren’t that many Prime Minister’s Questions left before the election. As James said, there was a rather end-of-term feeling to today’s session: indeed, it felt a bit… Continue reading