Piers Morgan

David Cameron on the campaign trail in Chester and Lancaster today. Photo: Sebastian Payne/The Spectator.

David Cameron visits a zoo with no animals

6 May 2015 18:59

The feral travelling Tory press pack were suited and booted this morning in the pouring Cheshire rain and led up a muddy path to a giant rock. No, David Cameron… Continue reading

Piers Morgan. Photo: Getty Images.

Clash of the Titans: Rod Liddle calls Piers Morgan a halfwit

19 February 2015 17:36

Piers Morgan’s claim in the Daily Mail that the Prime Minister of Israel’s reaction to the  terror attacks in Denmark ‘is a disgrace’ has caught the attention of Mr S’s colleague… Continue reading

Australia v England - Fourth Test: Day 2

The unbearable ingratitude of Kevin Pietersen

8 October 2014 13:32

Seven years ago Kevin Pietersen produced his first attempt at autobiography, Crossing the Boundary: The Early Years in My Cricketing Life. Atrociously written, it demonstrated no awareness of the world… Continue reading

The Daily Mirror published this front page 'exclusive' this morning. The story is weapons grade baloney. (Image: Daily Mirror)

Another Daily Mirror front page horror

4 August 2014 10:47

What is it with the Daily Mirror and its spectacular ability to cock up its front page? We all remember the circumstances that led to Piers Morgan’s (first) spectacular fall. And the… Continue reading

Piers Morgan. Photo: Getty Images.

Piers Morgan: the best interviewer in the world

8 January 2013 17:37

If you haven’t seen it yet, this video of Piers Morgan interviewing a lunatic is good value for a few minutes: He is the butt of many jokes, Morgan, and… Continue reading


More fuel for the media bonfire

5 August 2011 13:37

I read the news today, oh boy — and it seems that Paul McCartney has waded into the phone hacking row. After claims by his ex-wife, Heather Mills, that her… Continue reading


Piers for Parliament?

17 March 2010 15:54

Could you vote for Piers Morgan? In an interview with Freddy Gray in The Spectator tomorrow, he says he’s tempted to stand for Parliament – and it’s not such a… Continue reading


If Brown-Morgan can’t move the polls, what about the TV debates?

18 February 2010 9:04

Brace yourselves.  There’s going to be poll after poll after poll in the weeks leading to the election.  And the onslaught starts in the Sun today, with the first of… Continue reading


Now Gordon Brown has to live with himself

15 February 2010 8:49

It’s not hard to see why the Prime Minister opted for a soft interview with Piers Morgan as his latest attempt to relaunch himself with the British public. Forget that… Continue reading