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Rigged petrol prices will outrage voters far more than Europe ever could

15 May 2013 13:00

Believe it or not, while voters might be unimpressed by the ferrets fighting in a sack over Tory Europe strategy,…

Ed Balls

How will Tory whips respond to Ed Balls’ audacious petrol vote?

9 November 2012 13:22

Ed Balls has secured a debate for next week calling for the government to postpone for a second time the…


Iran and oil are still on the agenda

21 May 2012 15:35

For all the talk about Greece and France and the Eurozone, it’s telling just how much our politicians are focusing…


Fuel for the political bonfire

29 March 2012 9:48

Pasties and jerry cans — who’d have thought that yesterday’s politics would descend into a roaring debate about two such…


The government’s keen to avoid the petrol chaos of 2000

27 March 2012 15:33

So, once again, we face the prospect of disruption at the pumps, as tanker drivers have voted for strike action…

Fuelling the recovery

29 November 2011 16:39

Today, the government has listened. In his Autumn Statement, George Osborne scrapped the fuel tax bombshell that was scheduled for…

Beating fuel poverty

23 August 2011 14:08

As Tim Montgomerie has noted, a growing priority for voters is the astronomical cost of petrol. In fact, according to…

Petrol woes set to continue

1 August 2011 16:38

Despite small falls in petrol prices last month, the consequence of a supermarket price war according to the AA, motoring…

Duncan warns of oil price rise and King of future financial crisis

5 March 2011 1:31

There are two important political interviews in today’s papers, Alan Duncan in The Times and Mervyn King in the Telegraph.…

The domestic politics of oil

1 March 2011 20:09

Developments in Libya continue to dominate the news, and rightly so. The view from Whitehall is that this stands off…

Will Cameron have a Brown moment over petrol?

28 February 2011 9:37

Remember when Gordon Brown came up against Fern Britton in a TV interview? I’ve pasted the video above to remind…

What price a fuel duty stabiliser?

25 February 2011 9:30

Last we heard, the government was considering what it should, and could, do to suppress rising fuel prices. I wonder…

Rising costs: a problem for the public and the coalition in 2011

1 January 2011 11:16

Ne’er mistake correlation with cause, I know. But, during the Brown premiership, the correlation between petrol prices and poll ratings…