Revealed: the magic formula for a prosperous retirement

18 May 2016 16:46

This piece is from the new issue of Spectator Money, out on Thursday 19 May. The magazine will come free…

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Act now to avoid the pensions time bomb

6 May 2016 9:45

One of the starkest trends in recessionary Britain is the ever expanding army of the self-employed. Among the staggering 4.4…


A wake-up call for women: act now or you will suffer in retirement

4 May 2016 10:00

Are women sleepwalking into a retirement nightmare? That’s the suggestion behind new research published by investment group Fidelity. It revealed…


Children or a pension? The true cost to women who put their financial needs on hold

22 April 2016 10:24

More women than ever face old age in poverty after a report this week revealed that they were sacrificing their…

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A common sense approach to pensions

29 March 2016 10:21

When the government implemented radical new pension freedoms a year ago, it was the most fundamental reform to the system…

British pound notes and coins are pictur

Poisonous pensions: why we will work until we drop

23 March 2016 9:52

No-one in their right mind would have willingly created the monster that is now the country’s current pension system. It…

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Paying for financial advice – with your pension

15 March 2016 9:21

You could soon be able to dip into your pension in order to pay for financial advice – so long…


Pensions: George Osborne loses his nerve

7 March 2016 9:24

Some have compared it to a farce worthy of Alan Ayckbourn, others have condemned it as a missed opportunity. Whatever…

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Is it too late for George Osborne to be a Conservative hero?

5 March 2016 12:17

The Chancellor has today declared a ceasefire on Middle Britain: he will not go ahead with his planned pensions raid,…

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A late retirement is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it should be celebrated

2 March 2016 13:17

Can you think of anyone who isn’t actually better in work than out of it? My mother took early retirement…


How George Osborne got the Liberal Democrats to agree to an ‘interesting Budget’

15 March 2015 10:33

George Osborne and Ed Balls have just done their pre-Budget interviews with Andrew Marr. The show, though, was dominated by…

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The footprint of Britain’s immigrants – and emigrants – is important

26 February 2015 14:46

Half a million people. That’s quite a lot, isn’t it? I mean, half a million here, half a million there,…

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Seven things you need to know about George Osborne’s abolition of the pensions death tax

29 September 2014 7:23

The good news on pensions just keeps on coming. Today, at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, George Osborne will today announce the…

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George Osborne’s grey-haired gamble

21 July 2014 9:15

George Osborne has been in retail mode this morning, selling his pension reforms and explaining how pensioners can unlock their…

Strikes don't work. (CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images)

Unions are harming their members’ interests with strikes

11 July 2014 14:15

Industrial relations experts have said that the latest public sector strikes are unlikely to have any impact on government policy.…


Generation Y: A jilted generation, or just a bunch of whingers?

19 June 2014 16:50

Generation Y – are they really a jilted generation, or do they have absolutely no reason to be complaining about…

What will Her Majesty read out in tomorrow's speech? Photo: OLI SCARFF/AFP/GettyImages

Pensions, pubs, shale, slavery and recall — what to expect in tomorrow’s Queen Speech

3 June 2014 17:07

The last Queen’s Speech of this Parliament is almost upon us. Will the final session prove right the claims that…


You know you’re a European when…

22 May 2014 13:14

Today’s European election is not just a matter of deciding who gets to represent my made-up region in Brussels’ toy…


Ben Miller solves the pensions crisis – by pilfering from Doctor Who set

9 May 2014 13:03

The new baddie from Doctor Who has come up with a novel solution to private pensions – stealing from the set. Ben…

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France – worker’s paradise or Steynian Dystopia?

11 April 2014 14:12

Un autre jour glorieux dans la lutte contre réalité économique. France’s major employers’ federation and two unions have signed an…

Pensions Minister Steve Webb on the Sunday Politics. Photo: BBC.

Pension reforms are vital to encourage saving. But what about everyone else?

23 March 2014 13:16

‘This reform is about treating people as adults’ — according to the Pensions Minister Steve Webb. The announcement of a…

Only in September of this year will personal financial education become part of the national curriculum. Picture: Getty

Of course Labour doesn’t trust people with their money: the party made little effort to teach them about it

21 March 2014 13:38

Labour’s response to the biggest announcement of the Budget, on pensions reform, was never going to be snappy. It would…

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It’s time for the state to trust adults with their own money

20 March 2014 15:54

The changes that George Osborne announced to pensions yesterday were so big that there was always going to be a…

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Budget 2014: Who benefits from Osborne’s savings revolution?

19 March 2014 16:55

The most obvious beneficiaries of George Osborne’s savings package are pensioners. They now can buy government bonds with an interest…

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Budget 2014: Top five announcements

19 March 2014 14:55

The Chancellor has spoken, the opposition leader has blasted the speech, and now the nit-picking begins. But what were the…