Parliament is becoming an easy place for ministers to calm rows

12 April 2016 9:15

The government has had a messy few weeks: that much is clear. And the latest mess, which is the row…

Cabinet reshuffle

Listen: Justin Webb takes Amber Rudd to task on Today over her ‘plague of frogs’ Brexit claims

24 March 2016 10:24

Today Amber Rudd is doing her bit for the In campaign with a speech in which she will warn the nation that…


Watch: Norman Smith’s live BBC broadcast interrupted by Parliament security

23 March 2016 15:02

While PMQs took place in the Commons this lunchtime, outside in the Central Lobby a protest could be heard. Disability campaigners…

Wine (though not wine of Chateau Cheval Blanc quality) is thought to have been taken from Moncreiff's

Parliament mystery: late night break-in at journalists’ bar

22 February 2016 12:34

This weekend saw a host of EU drama unfold, as a number of Cabinet Ministers rebelled against David Cameron on…


Tories worry about plan to Short change opposition parties

21 January 2016 16:22

Labour is a very poor opposition at the moment, and no amount of money could fix that. But the government…


Why is Parliament debating a petition written by ‘total bigots’?

22 September 2015 14:55

Shortly after MPs return from the conference recess, they will debate a petition that orders the government to ‘close all…

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

Speaker Bercow: Corbyn will need to stick with new PMQs tone for months

22 September 2015 8:41

John Bercow has long made clear that he would like MPs to behave a little better at Prime Minister’s Questions,…


PMQs sketch: Jeremy Corbyn’s master plan

16 September 2015 17:13

Jezza! What a genius. The master plan is clear at last. You spend four days plumbing new depths of political…

Corbyn leaves his home to attend PMQs (Getty Images).

PMQs: Corbyn’s defensive performance gets him through unscathed

16 September 2015 13:29

After the 72 hours that he has had, I suspect that Jeremy Corbyn is quite relieved to have got through…

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The best arguments from the assisted dying debate

11 September 2015 13:11

The debate currently taking place on the second reading of the Assisted Dying Bill in the Commons is one of…


Podcast: Morality and privacy online, and how the SNP MPs may save the Union

23 July 2015 9:55

The hacking of adultery website Ashley Madison has raised the question of whether there is such a thing as privacy…

Jeremy-Corbyn-with-Gerry-Adams copy

Jeremy Corbyn reunites with his old ‘comrade’ Gerry Adams in Parliament

21 July 2015 18:04

Jeremy Corbyn just can’t help making friends wherever he goes. He previously described Hamas operatives as ‘friends’ and now he…


Philip Davies moves on from Esther McVey

8 July 2015 9:30

When Esther McVey moved into Philip Davies’ flat in 2013, the pair were quick to dispel rumours that they were…

Lionel Ritchie attended a Jewish Care dinner with Lord Levy and Prince William

Lionel Richie is an unusual ‘Face in the Crowd’ on Parliament visit

15 June 2015 17:16

You might expect to see Lionel Richie pass outside your door, if you were in the Ivy last night, or…


Revealed: the lords who haven’t paid their bar tabs

11 June 2015 14:49

Members of the House of Commons were reprimanded in the media for splashing out £11,000 in just one week in…

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RIP Charles Kennedy, but did we really need 27 tributes in the House of Commons?

4 June 2015 14:45

Is it too cynical to say that the tributes paid to Charles Kennedy in the House of Commons yesterday were…


Ed Miliband returns to the Commons as Osborne announces £3bn of more cuts

4 June 2015 13:53

Ed Miliband has wasted little time in returning to speaking duties in the House of Commons. George Osborne came to…

John 'Flashy' Whittingdale Photo: PA.

Introducing David ‘London’ Lammy and John ‘Flashy’ Whittingdale

20 May 2015 13:50

Given that a horde of new MPs have recently descended on Parliament, it’s understandable that staff may have some difficulty remembering…

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A very modern Parliament causes problems for the Tories

15 May 2015 11:56

With 190 women elected last week and the number of ethnic minority MPs hitting record levels, Parliament is slowly beginning…


The one thing sadder than an ex-MP

14 May 2015 16:21

Tonight at midnight, something will change in Parliament. All the MPs who lost their seats in last week’s elections will…

Big Ben and the The Houses of Parliament

Which arguments about government legitimacy are legitimate?

4 May 2015 16:40

Well, Labour has started on its own mission of framing the post-election legitimacy debate. Responding to the Tory operation to…

London Landmarks At Night

Parliament is weak and ineffective — it needs to change

20 March 2015 17:10

Only a third of the public think Parliament is effective in holding government to account: two thirds want improvement of our…


Cathy Newman cancels charity appearance following mosque incident

17 February 2015 11:41

After Cathy Newman falsely tweeted that she had been ‘ushered’ out of a mosque on an open day, she made a public…

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 13.18.14

An idiotic guide to politics

14 February 2015 13:19

What’s wrong with our politics? Now that more and people are turning to ‘anti-politics’ parties, this question is becoming steadily…


Confirmed: Inside the Commons will reveal ‘rift’ between John Bercow and Robert Rogers

12 February 2015 16:24

Speculation has been rife that John Bercow’s decision to let cameras into the commons for a BBC documentary will backfire on…