Owen Jones

Migrants crawl under a barbed fence at the Hungarian-Serbian border near Roszke (Photo: Attila Kisbenedek/Getty)

Sorry Owen Jones, but your moral grandstanding won’t solve the migrant crisis

30 August 2015 11:44

I’m getting tired of the self-righteousness of Owen Jones. His response to the terrible spate of deaths of people fleeing Syria and Africa is to imply that if only everyone… Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn holds up a newspaper article as he speaks at a rally for supporters at the Hilton at the Ageas Bowl on August 25, 2015 in Southampton

Corbyn’s ‘women-only rail carriages’ points to his coming battle with Fleet Street

26 August 2015 8:05

Has Jeremy Corbyn jumped the shark already, or have we witnessed the first Fleet Street ‘smear’ against him? Today’s i newspaper has splashed with ‘Corbyn backs women-only train carriages’, which at first glance sounds… Continue reading


An evening with the cult of Corbyn in Islington

22 August 2015 13:00

Jeremy Corbyn has hosted over 70 rallies as part of his Labour leadership campaign. Yesterday evening, the bearded one returned to Islington to speak at a four hour fundraising event… Continue reading


Watch: Nigel Farage on why Ukip is still relevant

30 July 2015 16:38

Nigel Farage emerged from his summer break today to kickstart his party’s No campaign. The Ukip leader hit out at Eurosceptic Conservatives who he believes are lazy and ‘there is… Continue reading

Owen Jones (Photo: Dan Dennison/Getty)

What is it with the far-left and violence?

28 July 2015 15:36

Thanks to Guido Fawkes, I learn that the left-wing author Owen Jones has just appeared at the Sinn Fein summer school in Ireland.  According to Sinn Fein’s own newspaper, Owen used… Continue reading

UK Labour Party Leader ship Hustings

Is the Guardian about to endorse Jeremy Corbyn?

20 July 2015 12:34

Despite frequent claims from both sides of the political spectrum that Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn is ‘unelectable’, he has so far managed to win the endorsement of Unite as well… Continue reading

Comparing Merkel  to Hitler is lazy

A beginner’s guide to Euroscepticism

13 July 2015 16:32

As a long-time Eurosceptic, I should be happy about the Johnny-Come-Latelys now swelling the sceptic ranks. Following Euro-institutions’ wicked treatment of Greece, many European liberals have finally realised that Brussels… Continue reading

Toffs And Toughs

The best way to end the ‘poshness test’

17 June 2015 10:59

Here is a preview of Toby Young’s column in this week’s Spectator, out tomorrow. Subscribe from just £1. There’s a warning buried in the detail of the new report by… Continue reading


Battle of the pundits: Owen Jones vs ‘the Katie Hopkins of the Blairite right’

16 June 2015 13:54

Today the BBC invited arch-enemies Dan Hodges and Owen Jones onto Daily Politics to discuss the Labour leadership battle. What began as a civil exchanging of views over Jeremy Corbyn’s inclusion… Continue reading


Rape culture, Rotherham and double standards

11 June 2015 18:12

Freddy’s blog on the so-called ‘rape culture’ that we in Western democracies are all meant to be struggling under reminds me of an unwittingly important moment on BBC3 last year. … Continue reading


I’m not voting on Thursday — but don’t you dare call me apathetic

5 May 2015 15:22

With just 48 hours to go before we get to vote in officially the most boring election in history, the great and good are fretting over the apathy of the… Continue reading

Andrew Neil, Jack Monroe, Owen Jones and Molly Scott Cato at last night's Spectator debate.

Should politicians leave the wealthy alone?

23 April 2015 16:36

Bashing the rich has become trendy. Last night, the Spectator hosted a debate at the Guildhall School of Drama on whether the rich have contributed their fair share to society,… Continue reading


Watch live: Spectator wealth debate with Owen Jones, Jack Monroe, Toby Young and Fraser Nelson

22 April 2015 16:34

The Spectator will host a debate at 7.00pm this evening on whether ‘Politicians should leave the wealthy alone, because they already contribute more than their fair share’. Fraser Nelson, Toby Young… Continue reading

Emergency Food Banks Stretched As More And More People Struggle To Pay Their Bills

Was food poverty actually higher under the last Labour government?

22 April 2015 14:22

I’m looking forward to tonight’s Spectator debate in which Fraser Nelson, William Cash and I will be taking on Owen Jones, Jack Monroe and Molly Scott Cato MEP over the issue… Continue reading

Owen Jones

Did Owen Jones once describe an ‘anti-Semitic trope’ as ‘eloquent’ during a book talk?

9 April 2015 12:46

Today Owen Jones has criticised Michael Fallon for using the term ‘stabbed in the back’ to describe what he thinks Ed Miliband would do to Britain over Trident. The Guardian columnist… Continue reading

Image: Getty

The media and political elite need to stop treating the electorate like dogs

2 April 2015 15:41

There are many grating phrases in modern British politics. ‘Best practice.’ ‘Fit for purpose.’ ‘Let me explain’ (just bloody well explain!). And that tendency of Labour politicians to preface pretty… Continue reading

Should scientific research be ignored in favour of  ideological fashion?

What does it say about Owen Jones that he isn’t interested in scientific research?

18 February 2015 16:30

Owen Jones writes in the Guardian today on the subject of trans rights, making a revealing statement in the process. He says: ‘In truth, debates over the latest scientific research… Continue reading

Owen Jones: was he right all along? Image: Getty

Spectator books of the year: Matthew Parris on his growing fear that Owen Jones might be right

19 November 2014 14:53

As the year unwinds I’m rebuked by hints all around me that a book I comprehensively panned in Literary Review is basically true. The Establishment and How They Get Away With It by Owen… Continue reading


Russell Brand and Johann Hari – the revolutionary dream team

5 September 2014 11:11

‘I don’t think Russell Brand has read much Orwell’, says the Catholic Herald, responding to the multi-millionaire revolutionary’s YouTube claim that IS are less of a threat than David Cameron:… Continue reading

Owen Jones

Owen Jones: ‘Our generation’s Orwell’?

19 August 2014 15:34

Calling in a favour from a comrade to help flog your new book is hardly a new trick, but Mr S wonders if Owen Jones really thought this one through:… Continue reading

Here's the (daily) proof of Hamas's murderous intent. (MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP/Getty Images)

Owen Jones is lying about Israel. Plain and simple.

11 August 2014 17:22

Owen Jones’s column in the Guardian is headlined ‘Anti-Jewish hatred is rising – we must see it for what it is.’ Sadly the article falls well short of that headline’s… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Why Owen Jones is wrong on housing

1 July 2014 11:00

Columnists like the Guardian’s Owen Jones have perpetuated a myth that harms rather than eases access to truly affordable homes for the impoverished on whose behalf they campaign. Taken in… Continue reading

Owen Jones in action

Who’ll tell the anti-austerity marchers that government spending is at a record high?

21 June 2014 21:14

‘No cuts!’ said banners held at the march on Whitehall today. Well, the Treasury is listening. It has pushed state spending to £732 billion this year, up from £673 billion… Continue reading

Investigation In Jimmy Savile Allegations Continues

Owen Jones: ‘the BBC is stacked full of right wingers’

17 March 2014 13:08

Owen Jones has denied that Newsnight’s appointment of former Labour adviser and TUC official Duncan Weldon as economics correspondent is more evidence of ‘left wing bias’ at the BBC. On… Continue reading

The Left often fails to see the social and moral contexts through the economic fog.

Owen Jones’s letter to Ukip voters exposes the Left’s blind spot

16 January 2014 14:47

I try to avoid mentioning Owen Jones because he already gets so much attention from people on the Right, including quite a lot of abuse on t’internet; the poor man’s… Continue reading