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Jon Cruddas revealed that he has commissioned a work programme to develop Labour's own vision of he Big Society. Picture: Getty.

Labour’s Jon Cruddas: I’m a conservative

23 September 2013 21:20

Why does the right like Labour’s Jon Cruddas so much? Because he’s actually a conservative. He’s just admitted as much…

Ed Miliband tries to make friends

9 July 2013 17:09

Ed Miliband struggled to reach ‘the journalistic community’ at his big speech and press conference today. ‘Where’s Sky, ah there,…

No.10 is now longer attacking Ed Miliband for knifing his brother David. Photo: Getty Images.

Can Ed Miliband dodge the ‘weak’ tag?

8 July 2013 18:12

When a political party repeatedly uses an attack line it is nearly always because their polling shows that it works.…

David Cameron launching the Tory election campaign today. Picture: Getty

Tories keen to exploit Labour’s Southern Discomfort in local elections

19 April 2013 14:49

David Cameron’s local election kick-off speech today notably contained no reference to UKIP, but 12 mentions of Labour. The Conservative…

Can Ed Miliband convince more than just loyal supporters in the south to Vote Labour? Photo: PA

Labour’s southern mission

21 February 2013 18:49

How can Labour win back voters in the South East? At the 2010 general election, Labour took ten southern seats…

Ed Miliband says goodbye to New Labour. Photo: Getty Images.

Ed Miliband buries New Labour. Again.

12 January 2013 13:15

If you didn’t like New Labour much, then you have something in common with Ed Miliband — who appears to…