Oliver Letwin

Oliver Letwin

Oliver Letwin left holding the Brexit baby

5 July 2016 15:08

Last week’s announcement that Oliver Letwin would be charged with putting together different models of Brexit for whoever takes over…

The Door To Number 10 Downing Street

What was said at the EU referendum Cabinet

20 February 2016 14:45

At Cabinet this morning, every minister spoke in strict order of Cabinet seniority. This meant that Michael Gove was the…


Members of Cameron’s Cabinet are now free to speak their mind on the EU. Here’s what they’re saying

20 February 2016 12:02

David Cameron’s two hour Cabinet meeting is now over, and the campaign has now started. His Cabinet members are now…

Kids Company: How the Spectator first blew the whistle

1 February 2016 7:36

A year ago, The Spectator blew the top off the Kids Company scandal – it was to take Fleet Street…

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Oliver Letwin’s ‘racist’ memo proves two things: politics change and people change

30 December 2015 17:33

What Oliver Letwin wrote in that 1985 memo to Thatcher was ugly. But you know what is also ugly? The…

Oliver Letwin

Oliver Letwin had no choice but to apologise for ‘deeply racist’ memo

30 December 2015 9:50

There is no point in anyone trying to defend Oliver Letwin’s 1985 memo to Margaret Thatcher in which the then…

David Cameron sits next to  Camila Batmanghelidjh, Founder and Director of Kids Company , London, Monday January 11, 2010.

Questions unanswered over No.10 special treatment for Kids Company

2 November 2015 19:01

Did Kids Company receive preferential treatment and funds because it was the ‘favoured’ charity of the Prime Minister? This was…

10 downing street

No 10’s outreach programme mustn’t leave underused MPs scratching their heads

30 April 2013 8:58

David Cameron is really trying to reach out to his party at the moment. The announcements of a policy board…

Maria Miller and Oliver Letwin gave the impression today that now those cross-party talks were over, deciding the future of press regulation was a lovely experience, like skipping happily through a sunlit meadow. Picture: Carla Millar

Maria Miller and Oliver Letwin’s perfect press regulation

16 April 2013 16:20

There was a curious meeting of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee this morning. The MPs took evidence from…

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What Works: The government’s NICE new idea

4 March 2013 19:07

This afternoon, Danny Alexander and Oliver Letwin launched something so sensible it’s astonishing governments haven’t been doing it before. They’re…

Those involved in the cross-party talks have praised Oliver Letwin for the way he is managing them. Picture: Getty

Leveson Royal Charter plan remains uncharted territory

11 January 2013 17:50

Strong words in the Lords today about the media and the government’s stance on Leveson, but what are the discussions…

"Shall I send a cheque to the House of Lords?" Letwin asked Lawson

How Oliver Letwin lost his Kyoto bet with Nigel Lawson

6 January 2013 13:09

Not that anyone has noticed, but the Kyoto Protocol expired on 31 December, with  carbon emissions up by 58pc over…

Cameron and Clegg and the rest of the Quad discussed options for the mid-term review

What will the coalition do next?

11 November 2012 17:53

We are now closer to the 2015 election than the 2010 one. We also expected by now to have the…

Oliver Letwin Photo:Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Lib Dem conference: Danny Alexander and Oliver Letwin get cosy

23 September 2012 20:01

The big joke at the Social Market Foundation and TUC fringe this evening was that two of the panelists could…


Michael Fallon takes on health and safety

10 September 2012 0:15

The government is keeping up its new, frantic pace on the economy today by announcing that it wants to scrap…

Ministers Arrive For A Cabinet Meeting

Letwin fails to consult about the consultation on consultations

20 July 2012 14:45

Oliver Letwin’s decision to launch a consultation on reducing the amount of time that government has to spend on consultations has sparked…

The pathology of the politician

14 October 2011 10:50

With ministers behaving particularly oddly, we thought CoffeeHousers would enjoy Matthew Parris’ Spectator column from May, in which he explains the…

Ministers behaving oddly

14 October 2011 9:25

It’s a rum deal being a Global Networker. This morning’s Times reports (£) that Adam Werritty has received nearly £200,000…

Osborne and tax cuts

1 October 2011 16:29

“Top Conservative despairs of Cameron growth plan,” says The Times’ front page today. While The Daily Telegraph’s reads: “No tax…

Hague has been vindicated on the euro

30 June 2011 18:32

The Foreign Secretary finds himself in the rather unique position today of trying to deal with the consequences of a…

Our politicians need to look beyond Europe

30 June 2011 12:49

In Britain, public sector strikes always bring with them the whiff of national decline. They are a reminder of a…

The hunt for Hague’s mojo

9 March 2011 17:30

All hands to the Defence Select Committee this afternoon, for questions about the nation’s security apparatus. Of course, most onlookers…

Britain’s coming crunch with Europe

13 February 2011 9:54

It did not take David Cameron long to realise that there were three parties in his coalition. A few months…

Surmountable problems for Nick Clegg

4 September 2010 10:39

Curious times, getting curiouser, for Nick Clegg. The Lib Dem leader might have thought that bringing his party into government…

Message to the Tories: Grow Up About the New Labour Era

6 May 2010 9:56

I have been deeply disappointed by Tory negative campaigning in the past few days. The Cameroon coup was inspired, in…