Nicola Sturgeon And SNP Party Activists Launch Election Campaign

The latest economic statistics are a disaster for the SNP (not that it matters)

11 March 2015 11:41

That, pictured above, is what the Scottish government wants you to remember about the latest GERS (Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland) figures released today. It’s not, at least according to… Continue reading

A picture taken 13 December 2007 shows t

Relax, you can safely ignore BP’s “warnings” about the impact of Scottish independence

4 February 2014 17:31

Why, a Tory grandee asked me recently, won’t more businesses come out against Scottish independence? It was, in his view, axiomatic that independence would be bad for businesses north and… Continue reading

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Grangemouth – six things you need to know

23 October 2013 13:10

1. Why have I heard of Grangemouth before? Its oil refinery is of huge strategic importance, providing 80pc of Scotland’s fuel and large chunks of England’s too. That’s why a… Continue reading

Blackpool's Shale Gas Drilling Begins

Why won’t the SNP embrace the shale gas revolution?

11 October 2013 10:08

One of the odder elements of the current energy debate at present is that the political party that spends the most time talking about energy – that’s the SNP by… Continue reading

Europe's Oldest Surviving Iron Chain Suspension Bridge Connecting Scotland And England To Be Closed

Free Caledonia: a land of opportunity (and corporate welfare) for Big Business?

28 May 2013 11:54

It is not unusual to hear dark warnings of what might happen if Scotland votes for independence. Big Business is flighty. It is rather more unusual to hear leading business… Continue reading

A photo taken on April 2, 2012, shows Fr

Scottish independence: it’s still (almost) all about oil.

21 May 2013 15:57

The Scottish government published a paper on the national economy today that, according to Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, makes the case for independence. You can read the pamphlet here… Continue reading


Whisper it, but the British economy may in better shape than you think... - Spectator Blogs

7 February 2013 12:51

Doom and gloom is all around. This is another winter, if not of discontent, then certainly of persistent grumbling. Optimism is as rare as a Scottish victory at Twickenham and,… Continue reading

A picture taken 13 December 2007 shows t

No Country for Green Men - Spectator Blogs

16 January 2013 10:50

This week’s Think Scotland column takes a gander, just for once, at the Scottish Green party. Patrick Harvie’s party is in favour of Scottish independence for reasons that, frankly, seem… Continue reading


Iran and oil are still on the agenda

21 May 2012 15:35

For all the talk about Greece and France and the Eurozone, it’s telling just how much our politicians are focusing on Iran. Indeed, some of the most concrete political settlements… Continue reading


The US has taken a stance against Argentina’s brinkmanship — it’s time we joined them

8 May 2012 16:48

The 30th anniversary of the Falklands War – and the bellicose rhetoric (and videos) currently emerging from Buenos Aires — has once more shone a spotlight on the UK’s relationship… Continue reading


Osborne, Laffer & the Cost of Black Gold Populism

28 February 2012 11:25

As you’d expect, Brother Hoskin offers a fair summary of George Osborne’s difficulties with fuel duty. Osborne, backed it should be said by Danny Alexander, decided to pay for his… Continue reading


Would Iran block the Strait of Hormuz?

24 January 2012 14:42

With the EU agreeing a new round of sanctions on Iran – outlawing European oil and gas purchases from Iran in six months, freezing Iran’s Central Bank and banning trade… Continue reading


Cameron’s fight over the Falklands

18 January 2012 18:24

Thirty years on from the Falklands War, and the hostility between Britain and Argentina persists. And it was that hostility that delivered the most striking moment of PMQs earlier. Not… Continue reading


Can Scotland make it on its own?

10 January 2012 15:15

What would an independent Scotland’s public finances look like? ‘Good, actually,’ says the SNP as they present their ongoing case for independence. They like to claim that, discounting the rest… Continue reading


Black gold: the key to Libya’s future

7 September 2011 17:38

Tripoli The Roman theatre in Sabratha simmers in the afternoon sun, glowing a warm terracotta. It is a magnificent site as we head west from Tripoli to the Mellitah Oil… Continue reading


EU bans Syrian oil imports

2 September 2011 23:24

The EU has banned imports of crude oil from Syria. This is being touted as a major success for the EU, displaying the ability of governments to act collectively. Oil… Continue reading


Petrol woes set to continue

1 August 2011 16:38

Despite small falls in petrol prices last month, the consequence of a supermarket price war according to the AA, motoring becomes ever more expensive. Political campaigns have opened as pressure… Continue reading


Osborne’s Black Gold Populism

30 March 2011 13:46

James is right to draw attention to the problems arising from the coalition’s decision to hike taxes on oil companies. Perhps halting the fuel duty escalator was worth it but… Continue reading


Meltdown danger

15 March 2011 9:01

The situation in Japan is deteriorating further. In the early hours of this morning, the last workers are said to have left the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant as the… Continue reading


Duncan warns of oil price rise and King of future financial crisis

5 March 2011 1:31

There are two important political interviews in today’s papers, Alan Duncan in The Times and Mervyn King in the Telegraph. Duncan, the international development minister, echoes Chris Huhne’s warning of… Continue reading


What price a fuel duty stabiliser?

25 February 2011 9:30

Last we heard, the government was considering what it should, and could, do to suppress rising fuel prices. I wonder whether they have now pencilled something into March’s Red Book.… Continue reading


Deepwater Horizon Latest: Perhaps Tony Hayward was Right?

4 August 2010 11:06

A remarkable headline in the New York Times today: Oil in Gulf Poses Only Slight Risk, New U.S. Report Says, The government is expected to announce on Wednesday that three-quarters… Continue reading


Was Carter right?

15 July 2010 23:27

Today marks the 31st anniversary of President Jimmy Carter’s famous ‘malaise’ speech. On July 15, 1979, Carter, then running for re-election against Ronald Reagan, ignored the advice of his campaign… Continue reading


Hayward in the stocks

17 June 2010 21:47

American politics often plays like a bloodsport, but the appearance of BP’s Tony Hayward before a congressional hearing today has been in a league all of its own.  Things were… Continue reading


Obama Should Thank BP

17 June 2010 16:25

Well, up to a point. Too Big To Fail is a phrase we often hear these days and one that by now you may well be bored by. We don’t… Continue reading