Owen Paterson. Image: Getty

Owen Paterson's speech on abandoning climate change targets – full text

15 October 2014 20:00

Tonight former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson gave the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s annual lecture. Here’s how he said we should go about ‘Keeping the Lights On’: I would like to thank… Continue reading


‘What’s more important obeying a Brussels directive or keeping the lights on?’

30 June 2013 12:44

Andrew Neil’s interview of Michael Fallon on The Sunday Politics was a reminder of just how much of UK energy policy is determined by EU rules. When pressed on why… Continue reading

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivers a speech under a portrait of Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Image: Getty

Breakfast with the Supreme Leader

5 February 2013 8:13

I have a piece in the Wall Street Journal (Europe) this morning: ‘Take Iran At Its Word’ can be found online here. The piece asks what is required to stop… Continue reading

Iran nuclear weapons

Iran keeps saying it’s nuking up – despite what its Western apologists say

14 August 2012 17:39

The same problem keeps occurring for the megaphones of Iranian propaganda in the West: they keep being let down by their own side.  Every time another op-ed appears in the… Continue reading

Ministers Arrive For A Cabinet Meeting

Too much government meddling undermines the energy market

19 July 2012 15:15

Pity Ed Davey. At some point in the next few months, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary is going to have to sit down and decide how much nuclear power… Continue reading


From the archives: Chernobyl, as seen from Minsk

27 April 2012 19:25

It was this week in 1986 that the Soviet Union admitted there was a nuclear accident in Chernobyl. We’ve dug out this fascinating account by Samuel Phipps, who caught in… Continue reading


L’entente nucléaire

17 February 2012 14:29

There’s no wound that a press conference won’t heal, or at least that’s the impression that David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy created earlier. The pair played down the tensions and… Continue reading


An Israeli strike on Iran?

3 February 2012 21:17

Will they or won’t they? Most political parlour games involve a question of this kind and the one about whether Israel will strike Iran – played out regularly in Washington,… Continue reading


Will Israel bomb a near-nuclear Iran in 2012?

30 December 2011 14:51

An Israeli strike on Iran has to be the most over-predicted event of recent years. It was meant to happen last year. And the year before that. But now there… Continue reading


Monbiot’s mission

5 April 2011 16:30

George Monbiot is undergoing an astounding and very public transformation. Last week he overcame the habit of a lifetime and fully endorsed nuclear power as a safe energy source. He… Continue reading


The cost to a nation

3 April 2011 16:24

When the West looks at Japan, it’s strange that so much attention falls on the Japanese nuclear plants when the tsunami – water, mud and debris – was by far… Continue reading


The yellow bird of liberty stretches its wings

30 March 2011 9:17

Remember when Nick Clegg said that the coalition was shuffling into a new phase? One where his party would would make their presence, and their differences with the Tories, more… Continue reading


Nuclear hysteria

22 March 2011 15:14

The above Japanese video – explaining the nuclear accident to children — makes a lot more sense than many of the hysterical reports we have been reading in the last… Continue reading


A Sinner Repents

22 March 2011 14:23

Fair play to George Monbiot: You will not be surprised to hear that the events in Japan have changed my view of nuclear power. You will be surprised to hear… Continue reading


From the archives: fleeing nuclear catastrophe

18 March 2011 18:38

As the severity of the Fukushima nuclear disaster is upgraded and thousands of people are evacuated from Japan, here’s Samuel Phipps’ account of his own evacuation from Minsk following the… Continue reading


Meltdown danger

15 March 2011 9:01

The situation in Japan is deteriorating further. In the early hours of this morning, the last workers are said to have left the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant as the… Continue reading


How Iran’s nuclear programme was delayed

16 January 2011 18:52

Iran’s nuclear programme is the most likely source of a major global conflict. So it is highly significant that the outgoing head of Mossad recently told the Israeli parliament that… Continue reading


Obama stands firm on Korea

24 November 2010 9:04

There is no diplomacy with maniacs. North Korea has been the grip of one or another lunatic for 60 years; with the succession still unsettled, Pyongyang is now a salon… Continue reading


The mad hermit strikes

23 November 2010 11:01

North Korea has again put itself at the centre of international relations. As the US pushed for a start to six-party talks, Pyongyang lifted the veil on a hitherto secret… Continue reading


Neo-isolationism is NATO’s greatest enemy

19 November 2010 15:36

As NATO leaders gather for a key summit in Lisbon, expect the newspapers to be full of the usual “why bother” commentary. NATO, they will argue, was founded for a… Continue reading


Clegg must resist temptation

16 August 2010 11:16

As Pete notes, Nick Clegg is moderating the debate over the spending review in David Cameron’s absence. It’s an unenviable task. IDS and Liam Fox have been the most cussed… Continue reading


Officials: Better than 50 percent chance that Israel will strike Iran next year

12 August 2010 18:44

The Iran issue has dropped down the news agenda in recent months. But that doesn’t mean it has gone away. Even with the difficulties that Iran’s nuclear programme has faced,… Continue reading


Huhne backs nuclear energy through gritted teeth

9 August 2010 16:33

You could almost hear the thumbscrews being tightened as Chris Huhne appeared on Today this morning to back nuclear power. The Energy Secretary has an, erm, patchy history when it… Continue reading


Green gold

19 July 2010 18:04

Most of Tim Yeo’s proselytising on climate change must be resisted. He calls for a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions in the short-term, which would paralyse Britain’s already geriatric economic… Continue reading


The clock is ticking on Iran

1 December 2009 9:06

When I visited Israel last year, various sources there were convinced – adamant, even – that Iran was within a year or two of creating an atomic bomb.  That may… Continue reading