Norman Lamb

Gordon Brown Meets With Vietnamese Prime Minister

While Labour panics, the Lib Dems are keeping their cool

29 July 2015 16:22

After May’s general election, both Labour and the Lib Dems needed a new leader, but the contrast between their leadership elections could not be starker. Labour is in the midst… Continue reading

New Liberal Democrat Party Leader Tim Farron gives a speech as he becomes the new leader of the party at Islington Assembly Hall on July 16, 2015 in London, England.

Nick Clegg turns down Lib Dem job as new spokesmen announced

29 July 2015 12:04

The Lib Dems have announced their 22 strong ‘spokesperson team’ — or what other parties would call its frontbench. During the leadership election, Tim Farron said the party wouldn’t ‘bother… Continue reading

Tim Farron's victory rally: (clockwise): Islington Assembly Hall, Nick Clegg and Simon Hughes discussing old times, a fainting activist and cold meat platters.

Cold meats, beer, excitement and a fainting activist — how the Lib Dems celebrated Tim Farron’s victory

17 July 2015 9:16

Tim Farron’s election as leader of the Liberal Democrats is the first piece of positive news for the party since its disastrous election result on May 7. The MP for… Continue reading

"For The Love Of" Climate Coalition Rally Takes Place In Westminster

Tim Farron elected leader of the Liberal Democrats

16 July 2015 17:03

Tim Farron has been duly announced as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats. The party revealed that 56.5 per cent voted for Farron to succeed Nick Clegg, compared to 43.5… Continue reading


Norman Lamb interview: we are living in ‘the liberal age’

14 July 2015 17:30

In 48 hours, either Tim Farron or Norman Lamb will be announced as the next leader of Liberal Democrats. Lamb kindly agreed to hop in my Mini for a chat… Continue reading

Daddy, George, Peppa and Mummy Pig from the cartoon Peppa Pig.

Norman Lamb on Peppa Pig: ‘It can start very young, this sense of attraction to someone of your own sex’

1 July 2015 13:43

Is it time for a lesbian couple on Peppa Pig? Norman Lamb thinks so. In an interview with PinkNews, the Lib Dem leadership candidate said it should ‘absolutely not be out of… Continue reading

Norman Lamb and Tim Farron on the Victoria Derbyshire show today. Photo: BBC.

Tim Farron strengthens his position in the Lib Dem leadership race

23 June 2015 17:11

While the media has been focused on the Labour leadership contest, the Liberal Democrats are also shuffling closer to choosing their new leader. The ballot papers are being sent out… Continue reading

Norman Lamb

Lib Dem leader hopeful Norman Lamb wins a celebrity backer

14 May 2015 16:43

Although Labour’s celebrity endorsements from Martin Freeman, Robert Webb and Russell Brand did little to help the party in the election, Norman Lamb will be hoping his new backer will help… Continue reading

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Basildon, Essex, Britain - 11 Jul 2009

Labour just don’t get it – the NHS is about patients not process

17 October 2013 17:56

Sometimes the small points say a great deal.  Yesterday Steve Rotherham, the Labour MP for Liverpool Walton, tabled a written parliamentary question about emails I obtained from the Care Quality… Continue reading

Care of the elderly

Society is forgetting its elderly

1 January 2013 12:21

During the 2010 general election, two grand politicians came to visit the teaching hospital where a doctor friend of mine worked. He had finished a 13 hour night shift, and,… Continue reading

Are you ready for 'Stoptober'? Image: Getty.

Fag Burns

10 September 2012 16:35

It sounds like an episode of The Thick of It: the government is ploughing ahead with its naff “Stoptober” initiative. Next month the country’s eight million smokers will be encouraged… Continue reading


A Lib Dem alternative to Beecroft

13 March 2012 9:03

When the Beecroft report’s recommendation of ‘Compensated No Fault Dismissal’ was first leaked back in October, Norman Lamb was one of the strongest Lib Dem voices to speak out against… Continue reading


The Lib Dems prepare their strategy for future coalitions

16 February 2012 17:29

Contain your excitement, CoffeeHousers: the Lib Dems are debating whether to change their ‘constitution’ so that their members have a greater say over future coalition negotiations. The amendment has been… Continue reading


Clegg confirms the reshuffle

3 February 2012 13:00

Nick Clegg’s statement just now was notable for how he stressed that he would like Chris Huhne back in the Cabinet if Huhne emerges from these current difficulties. This echoes… Continue reading


Huhne resigns

3 February 2012 10:58

We’ve just had a short statement from Chris Huhne — and, unsurprisingly, he’s resigning as Energy Secretary. His words and demeanour, though, were strikingly defiant. He described the CPS’s decision… Continue reading


Testing the Coalition’s commitment to growth

26 October 2011 11:51

The Beecroft report is an early test of the government’s willingness to put growth and jobs first. Replacing unfair dismissal with redundancy pay based on length on service would be… Continue reading


The Lib Dems’ hostage situation

9 May 2011 16:18

Norman Lamb’s comment on the Daily Politics about the Lib Dems having become a "human shield" for the government sums up the mood on the Liberal Democrat benches. Lamb went… Continue reading


Lamb volunteers for the slaughter

10 April 2011 14:37

We’ll try to get the video later, but, for now, a transcript of Norman Lamb’s appearance on the Politics Show will have to do (UPDATE: video added above). Here we… Continue reading