Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage on the Sunday Politics today. Photo: BBC.

Nigel Farage: David Cameron’s ‘fanaticism’ is to blame for Libya migrant crisis

19 April 2015 13:25

Nigel Farage tends to stick to one line on foreign affairs: no more foreign wars. On the Sunday Politics today, the Ukip leader claimed that the migrant crisis and tragedies in the… Continue reading


Duelling advice for Nigel Farage

19 April 2015 12:31

A Polish prince this week challenged Nigel Farage to a duel. The prince, Yanek Zylinski, blames Farage and Ukip for anti-Polish sentiment in the UK so he’s suggesting they meet in Hyde… Continue reading

Nigel Farage outside Northern and Shell Media Group, which is owned by Richard Desmond (Photo: Rob Stothard/Getty)

45 million reasons why donations to political parties are dodgy as hell

17 April 2015 17:23

If I had a spare £1 million swashing about in my bank account or down the back of the sofa, I am pretty sure I could come up with, give… Continue reading

UKIP Nigel Farage Attends BBC Broadcasting House For A Radio Interview

How Ukip plans to boost its national campaign

17 April 2015 16:14

What will Ukip do with the £1.3 million donated by Express chief Richard Desmond? The party cannot plough the money directly into its fight in South Thanet because strict spending… Continue reading

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Attends A Public Meeting In Clacton-On-Sea

Is Douglas Carswell avoiding the HIV question — or should he be given a break?

17 April 2015 13:38

Does Douglas Carswell agree with Nigel Farage’s controversial comments on treating foreigners with HIV? When I asked the Ukip leader, Farage responded ‘Yeah of course, he thinks we should have a… Continue reading

(Photo: BBC)

It takes guts to stick it to the stuck-up BBC audience

17 April 2015 13:10

I thought Farage was rather good in that debate yesterday. It’s about time someone stuck it to the bovine, self-important, audiences – it takes a bit of guts to do… Continue reading

Girl power (Photo: Stefan Rousseau/Getty)

The BBC debate confirmed some unhelpful female stereotypes

17 April 2015 12:26

If I were a nicer person, I suppose I’d have been rather more moved by what the Independent called the moment that summed up last night’s leaders debate, the ‘beautiful group hug’… Continue reading

(Photo: Stefan Rousseau/Getty)

Farage, the debate audience wasn’t left-wing but it was affected by groupthink

17 April 2015 10:12

The BBC opposition leaders’ debate wasn’t great political theatre, but it did turn into a fascinating experiment in human behaviour. A third of the way through, Nigel Farage suddenly imploded,… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Nick Clegg tempts fate with BLUKIP photoshop

16 April 2015 18:16

Today Nick Clegg revealed a new poster claiming that the Tories could form a coalition with Ukip. Speaking about the prospect of ‘BLUKIP,’ Clegg warned of the potential dangers of such a… Continue reading

Labour Leader Ed Miliband leaves Methodist Central Hall after paying a short visit ahead of tonight's Live TV debate on April 16, 2015 in London, England.

Why Ed Miliband is taking part in tonight’s TV debate

16 April 2015 18:16

Tonight Ed Miliband takes one of the big risks of the campaign. He debates with Nicola Sturgeon, Nigel Farage, Leanne Wood and Natalie Bennett. All of these leaders will be… Continue reading

Screenshot 2015-04-16 15.43.57

Watch: Nigel Farage interview on South Thanet, tactical voting, Douglas Carswell and those HIV comments

16 April 2015 16:00

Nigel Farage has been mysteriously absent from the election campaign trail. In the latest Mini Election interview, I spoke to the Ukip leader about his race in South Thanet and… Continue reading

Cross Party Support At Homes For Britain Rally

Ukip win and lose a celebrity supporter in the space of an hour

15 April 2015 17:52

Last year Mike Read had to withdraw his Ukip Calypso song from sale after a number people complained that it was racist. So Mr S was cheered to hear that there… Continue reading


The Ukip pledge that other parties may well adopt

15 April 2015 16:20

One of the Ukip manifesto pledges that’s making certain types a bit grumpy today is a pledge to abolish the Department for Energy and Climate Change. Unite has said that… Continue reading


Ukip attempts a professional manifesto launch in Thurrock

15 April 2015 13:45

There was one star of Ukip’s manifesto launch today: Suzanne Evans. For once Nigel Farage didn’t steal the show, it was the party’s deputy chairman — and the brains behind… Continue reading

UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage tours a hinge factory in Clacton-On-Sea in Essex, east of London, on April 13, 2015 during a general election campaign visit.

Campaign kick-off: 22 days to go

15 April 2015 9:30

Three manifestos down, two more to go. Yesterday, the Conservatives launched their plan for government and promised to be ‘the party of the working people’ while the Green Party promised to… Continue reading


Have the Tories made an ‘electoral pact’ with Ukip?

10 April 2015 14:44

This week David Cameron invited Ukip voters to ‘come home‘ to the Conservative party. ‘Come with us, come back home to us rather than risk all of this good work… Continue reading

The docks at Great Grismby. Photo: Isabel Hardman.

Why is Nigel Farage in Grimsby instead of battling for South Thanet?

8 April 2015 11:49

Nigel Farage is in Great Grimsby today, campaigning with Ukip candidate Victoria Ayling. The last Ashcroft poll focusing on Great Grimsby put Ukip behind Labour by one point, and that… Continue reading

Illustration: Stephen Collins.

Another Tory ‘defection’ to Ukip – in a safe Labour seat

6 April 2015 9:40

Nigel Farage has had a torrid few days – exactly as he’d planned. He had all six of his fellow contestants in the TV debate ganging up on him over… Continue reading

David Cameron Speaks At The Conservative Party General Election Rally

Tories convinced ‘moment of maximum danger’ has passed

5 April 2015 12:45

On Thursday night, David Cameron didn’t eviscerate the competition. But nor did he suffer any damage and that, to Tory high command, meant that it was job done. The Tory… Continue reading

Political Leader React To Local Election Results

Radio 4′s woeful ‘fact-checking’ is simply anti-Ukip bias

4 April 2015 11:53

I’ve been away, in the north, free from Wifi and mobile phone reception, mercifully. I watched Thursday’s debate in a noisy pub so heard none of it and was forced… Continue reading

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, UKIP leader Nigel Farage, Labour leader Ed Miliband, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon and British Prime Minister and Conservative leader David Cameron take part in the ITV Leaders' Debate 2015 at MediaCityUK studios on April 2, 2015 in Salford, England.

The TV leaders’ debate was a well-mannered affair and no one messed up

2 April 2015 23:41

That was a surprisingly well-mannered debate, tightly moderated, with the main chaos coming from the member of the audience who decided to start heckling (and then stopped, followed by an ominous… Continue reading

ITV Leader's Debate Studio Preview

As it happened: the TV leaders’ debate

2 April 2015 19:46

Welcome to The Spectator’s live coverage of the seven-way leaders’ debate on ITV. We’ll be providing the latest developments and analysis on the programme, starting at 8pm this evening. This page will automatically reload

Cross Party Support At Homes For Britain Rally

Nigel Farage causes problems for Alison Jackson ahead of leaders’ debate

2 April 2015 17:32

Tonight’s leaders’ debate will see the seven party leaders battle to be heard on ITV. The set up has given organisers a headache as they work out how to arrange it without the debate descending… Continue reading

Image: Getty

The media and political elite need to stop treating the electorate like dogs

2 April 2015 15:41

There are many grating phrases in modern British politics. ‘Best practice.’ ‘Fit for purpose.’ ‘Let me explain’ (just bloody well explain!). And that tendency of Labour politicians to preface pretty… Continue reading

Reaction To Execution Of British Hostage David Haines At The Hands Of IS Militants

Cameron needs to be the reasonable statesman on tonight’s debate

2 April 2015 15:07

Which David Cameron will take the stage for tonight’s seven-way showdown? Will it be the competent, likeable and reasonable statesman who has steered the economy onto safer ground? Or the… Continue reading