Nick Herbert

Francis Maude is trying to undo some of the gumming up of Whitehall. Picture: Getty

One area where Labour and the Tories have started agreeing

11 February 2015 19:31

With less than three months to go to the election, politics is pretty partisan at Westminster at the moment as PMQs today demonstrated. But there is one area where there… Continue reading

Anti-fracking protestors outside Balcombe in West Sussex earlier this year. (AFP PHOTO/BEN STANSALL)

Presumption against fracking in our beautiful countryside is welcome

28 July 2014 12:12

The government’s announcement today that fracking will not take place in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty save ‘in exceptional circumstances and where it can be demonstrated they… Continue reading

Which arm of state should exercise power? Parliament or the courts? Image: Getty

How easy would it be to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights?

22 November 2012 10:04

As James says, the prisoner votes row will return to parliament before lunch today. The government is expected to offer the Commons three choices: The retention of the blanket ban,… Continue reading

Herbert: Why can't our supreme court be supreme? Photo: Getty Images.

Nick Herbert calls for Britain to quit the European Court of Human Rights

22 November 2012 10:02

The prisoner voting issue is threatening to bring the whole issue of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights to a head. It is almost impossible to see… Continue reading

John Prescott is one of the few celebrities to be standing in tomorrow's PCC elections. The other candidates are ordinary members of the public with an interest in their communities. Image: Getty

Who are the BBC to question the legitimacy of Police & Crime Commissioners?

14 November 2012 18:07

What’s the test of success of the Police & Crime Commissioners policy? It is, surely, whether the 41 individuals who will be elected tomorrow succeed in cutting crime and antisocial… Continue reading

Herbert: Why can't our supreme court be supreme? Photo: Getty Images.

Exclusive: Nick Herbert is out. Government loses an innovative thinker.

4 September 2012 16:20

Nick Herbert’s departure deprives the government of one of its most innovative thinkers. Herbert, who had been double hatting between the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice, was the… Continue reading

Police stand outside a house in Galswort

Herbert’s ‘boring waffle’ betrays unease on police commissioners

14 August 2012 8:46

‘That’s just boring waffle!’ shouted Evan Davis on Radio 4 this morning when policing minister Nick Herbert refused to give direct answers to his questions on the turnout expected in… Continue reading


Trigger happy policy

30 January 2012 17:29

There have been signs recently that ministers are slipping back into the policy-by-headline mindset that defined the last Labour government. We’re seeing the sorts of policies that lack evidence, are launched… Continue reading


Miliband re-opens campaign with same old weapons

30 August 2011 16:53

Party politics is back from the summer and the summer’s events are defining the strategic dividing lines. Ed Miliband reopened hostilities by threatening to force a vote on police cuts.… Continue reading


Policing the local and the national

8 June 2011 13:34

Today’s announcement on a proposed new National Crime Agency (NCA) is a key element in the government’s ambitious police reform agenda.  Recent political attention has focused on changes to police… Continue reading


Planning for a reshuffle?

6 April 2011 12:57

David Cameron is determined to get away from the idea of an annual Cabinet cull. He has repeatedly told friends that he doesn’t want to reshuffle the Cabinet until March… Continue reading


Tackling the last great unreformed public service

2 March 2011 18:30

The Home Office has an ambitious police reform agenda and is overseeing challenging budget reductions, but they are also forging ahead with plans to introduce real workforce modernisation.  The serious… Continue reading


A picture paints a thousand words

1 February 2011 9:00

Crime maps have formally reached England and Wales. The Home Office has unveiled and citizens can examine incidences and trends of crime in their local area. Naturally, the website… Continue reading


The welcome arrival of elected Police & Crime Commissioners

1 December 2010 18:19

Directly-elected Police & Crime Commissioners (PCCs) are the boldest reform of policing since the 1960s. In May 2012 there will be 41 new political beasts in England and Wales with… Continue reading


Balls fires a warning shot at May

21 October 2010 13:23

It has taken Ed Balls 24 hours to steam into action. He says: “The government’s deep cuts of twenty per cent to policing could mean up to 20,000 fewer police… Continue reading


Too many policemen chasing paper-clips

23 September 2010 16:57

Back in June, I asked how long the public would stomach David Cameron blaming Labour. Not long, was my answer – the government would have to form a narrative that… Continue reading


At last…

14 September 2010 13:21

…a minister has repudiated the Brownite axiom that spending is the sole indicator for healthy public services. Nick Herbert has said, unequivocally, that ‘cuts and good services are not mutually… Continue reading


Law and order

30 June 2010 18:17

Along with defence, there’s one other area where rolling back the state doesn’t come naturally to Conservatives: criminal justice. The massive cuts looming on the horizon for the criminal justice… Continue reading


Learning to let go of the police

28 October 2009 10:15

Today’s Mac cartoon in the Daily Mail is, for me, a cut out and keep. It epitomises everything that has gone wrong with policing in Britain – a copper running… Continue reading


How the Tories will repeal the hunting ban

9 September 2009 19:01

The Guardian has a story today about how field sports enthusiasts are donating heavily to Nick Herbert, the shadow DEFRA secretary. The paper links the donations to the fact that… Continue reading