Nick Clegg

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Why are the Lib Dems spending so much time talking about mental health?

26 February 2015 13:03

Nick Clegg is to hold an hour-long phone-in next week on mental health. The Deputy Prime Minister will host the session himself on LBC on Monday. This is part of… Continue reading

Janine Gibson, editor of the Guardian website, hosts an event with her departing editor Alan Rusbridger

Guardian hustings bode well for external candidates

26 February 2015 11:18

Yesterday the four internal candidates vying to succeed Alan Rusbridger as the Guardian editor-in-chief took part in hustings for the role ahead of a staff ballot, which will see one… Continue reading

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How bad are things for the Liberal Democrats?

19 February 2015 20:00

One of the most remarkable things about this parliament is how the Liberal Democrats have continued to hold their nerve in the face of truly dire poll ratings. Now, partly… Continue reading

Apple Hosts Event At Company's Town Hall

What are we willing to do to make our intelligence agencies’ job easier?

19 February 2015 16:45

Ottawa. Sydney. Paris. Copenhagen. Four major Western cities attacked in five months by Islamist terrorists and all committed by perpetrators with lengthy histories of criminal activity. When the next terrorist… Continue reading

Day Four Of The Liberal Democrats Annual Party Conference

Exclusive: Lib Dems run out of MPs to promote

10 February 2015 17:26

Following my earlier story about the Tories deciding they can only rely on Lib Dems who are ministers to form a coalition majority after the election, I have learned that… Continue reading

Nick Clegg and David Cameron

Exclusive: Tories could only rely on Lib Dem ministers in second coalition

10 February 2015 8:56

Tories in Downing Street have concluded that they cannot rely on the support of any Liberal Democrats who are not ministers after the General Election, Coffee House has learned. Even… Continue reading

Larry the Downing Street Cat Waits Outside Number 10

Will anyone be able to govern Britain after the next election?

8 February 2015 10:35

With every week that goes by, the more likely it is that the next election could result in a stalemate with neither Labour nor the Tories able to put together… Continue reading

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Exclusive: Nick Clegg complains to Cabinet Secretary about being left out

6 February 2015 16:22

Nick Clegg has complained to Sir Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary, that he was ignored before a government policy was announced, Coffee House has learned. The Deputy Prime Minister was… Continue reading

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Nick Clegg holds austerity conference at hotel which charges up to £19,000 per night

5 February 2015 18:49

Nick Clegg announced plans today to end austerity, promising to make sure that the wealthy pay a larger contribution. However, the venue for this sincere declaration from the Lib Dems was one… Continue reading

Image: Press Association

Coffee Shots: Clegg press conference packed to the rafters

5 February 2015 16:04

Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander may have been hoping for an inspiring backdrop to their tax policy launch today when they booked the Shard as the venue. Sadly, it was foggy.… Continue reading

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Something to hide? Nick Clegg not mentioned on Sheffield Hallam Lib Dem leaflets

5 February 2015 13:03

Nick Clegg is not having a good day. A survey of the Deputy Prime Minister’s seat claims he is behind Labour by 10 points in his Sheffield Hallam constituency. If… Continue reading


How does he do it? Nick Clegg finds time to party with Prince in Camden

3 February 2015 11:06

With party press officers keen to prevent scenes similar to the cringe-worthy moment of elections past when Gordon Brown dubiously declared his love for the Arctic Monkeys, Mr S notes that today’s politicians are… Continue reading

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Here’s why nobody has been able to verify the ‘Green Surge’ membership numbers

22 January 2015 13:39

‘The Green Surge’ has already become a fixed feature of the election campaign, but are we just reliving the giant damp squib of ‘Cleggmania’? According to Green Party officials, their… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

Parties stick in comfort zones for another Monday of campaigning

19 January 2015 9:19

It’s another election Monday and the three parties are still hanging about in their comfort zones, even though they appear to have moved on to other topics. David Cameron is… Continue reading

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg And Business Secretary Vince Cable Visit Ricardo Engine Assembly Facility

Why is Nick Clegg so happy?

18 January 2015 14:47

Nick Clegg always seems oddly upbeat when he’s doing interviews about just how badly his party could do in the General Election. Today when Andrew Marr asked him about Iain Dale’s… Continue reading

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Cameron’s reaction to the Charlie Hebdo attacks has been depressingly predictable

14 January 2015 15:47

Last Sunday, David Cameron marched through Paris in solidarity, so it seemed, with those who stand up for free speech. Anyone who thought he meant it must now be crying… Continue reading

Nick Clegg and David Cameron

What will the Lib Dem ‘red line’ on a ‘Snooper’s Charter’ mean for a future coalition?

13 January 2015 8:55

One of the obsessions that will only get worse over the next few months – along with checking every poll that comes out every day to see whether you’re six… Continue reading

Various heads of state at today's march in Paris (Photo: Getty)

Islam had nothing to do with this (and other fibs you’re likely to hear)

11 January 2015 19:58

I don’t always agree with Peter Hitchens but this is by far the best piece I’ve seen on the political reaction to the Paris attacks. As far as Cameron, Miliband… Continue reading


Five reasons why winning in May won’t be that much better than losing

8 January 2015 14:28

Defeat in May would be dire for either Cameron or Miliband. It would end their political career in ignominious failure. But winning would not be much better: they would be… Continue reading

David Laws and Nick Clegg visiting Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets on Septemebr 5, 2012.

The Laws according to David

6 January 2015 12:20

As Westminster clatters back to life after the Christmas break, so the steady stream of invitations land on Steerpike’s mat. Don’t all rush at once, but David Laws will be… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

Nick Clegg’s new year pitch for eternal power

5 January 2015 14:11

Nick Clegg has clearly had an exciting Christmas. He used his first press conference of the year to talk about people playing footsie, exes leaving late-night voicemail messages, frantic January… Continue reading

Miriam and Nick – husband and wife, 'not some kind of PR seesaw'. Image: Getty

Nick Clegg: I have a great fanbase

2 January 2015 12:07

According to a recent YouGov poll, Nick Clegg has an overall rating of minus 54, making him more popular than the hapless Ed Miliband by just one point. While that… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: Nick Clegg heats up in the hot seat

10 December 2014 17:32

Cameron is away in Ankara. His mission is to annoy the Germans by inviting Turkey to join the EU as soon as possible. It all sounds like fun. Let’s hope… Continue reading

Day Four - The Labour Party Holds Its Annual Party Conference

Who privatised Hinchingbrooke hospital? And does it matter?

10 December 2014 17:06

When it comes to rows about the NHS, these days it doesn’t rain, it pours. In fact, fights between the parties about who cares more/privatised the most are turning into… Continue reading

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Liberal Democrat Party Conference

PMQs: Nick Clegg delivers a perfect Cameroon performance

10 December 2014 14:16

Nick Clegg’s performance at PMQs reminded me of Field Marshall Bosquet’s verdict on the charge of the Light Brigade, ‘c’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas la guerre’. After a week… Continue reading