Nick Boles


Robert Peston falls for the Spirit Level theory of equality

20 October 2014 17:41

Robert Peston was recently at Lincoln’s Inn for the launch of schools charity Primary Futures, which all sounds very worthy. He started off apologising for looking scruffy, then spoke at some… Continue reading

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Reshuffle 2014: where is the radicalism?

17 July 2014 16:46

One of the more dispiriting things about this reshuffle has been the way in which important policy areas appear to have been downgraded. This week’s leading article in The Spectator… Continue reading

Why build in the countryside when you can build in dead urban space or in some of London's commons?

One solution to the housing shortage – build on Hampstead Heath

15 January 2014 11:03

If I was going to measure possible reasons to desert the Tories at the next election, and I can think of a couple, plans to concrete over the countryside would… Continue reading

Help To Buy Scheme Launched To Help First Time Buyers

Eric Pickles: Labour’s approach to housing shows how out of touch they are

16 December 2013 16:03

Under the last Labour Government, house building fell to its lowest peacetime level since the 1920s. Labour’s top-down Regional Strategies and eco-towns built nothing but resentment. Advised by Ed Balls… Continue reading

UKBA's £13M in adverse legal fees

Nick Boles: how to deport jobless EU immigrants

24 November 2013 21:42

From Fraser Nelson: David Cameron proposing delaying welfare payments to EU immigrants – which some might see as his listening more to Lynton Crosby and less to the likes of… Continue reading

Nick Boles would win Groucho Club Central. But nowhere else

Posh, intolerant Nick Boles is a danger to the Conservative Party

24 November 2013 18:54

In politics, there is a basic test of seriousness: linguistic self-discipline. You should never provide the opposition with ammunition; never say anything which could be quoted against your own party. This… Continue reading

A Labour party supporter poses for photo

Nick Boles is right: the Tory party must change.

20 November 2013 17:07

Another outbreak of the Tory Modernising Wars! What larks! Nick Boles’s speech to Bright Blue, a newish think tank for metropolitan swells folk who think the Tory message needs rethinking,… Continue reading

Nick Boles has called for the Tories to setup a National Liberal party. Illustration: Ian Tovey.

Nick Boles evidently needs your help

19 November 2013 18:36

Another interesting contribution to the great debate from Nicholas Boles, the MP for Grantham and Stamford and someone who is considered ‘influential’. Nick has explained away the Conservative Party’s unpopularity… Continue reading

Nick Boles has called for the Tories to setup a National Liberal party. Illustration: Ian Tovey.

Nick Boles calls for the Tories to set up a National Liberal party

19 November 2013 13:00

Nick Boles has always been one of the most intellectually interesting Tory modernisers. Back in 2010, he caused controversy with his call for a formal electoral pact between the two… Continue reading

Nick Boles would win Groucho Club Central. But nowhere else

Nick Boles meets his doppelganger

5 September 2013 15:33

The world of social media often goes through the looking glass, but today has been particularly bizarre. Housing minister Nick Boles has decided to join the fun and games on… Continue reading

Zac Goldsmith is leading a group of rebel MPs on homeowners' development rights. Picture: Getty

Planning ‘love-in’ fails to rouse good feelings

16 April 2013 9:06

So it doesn’t look as though last night’s ‘love-in’ that I reported went particularly well. Cheryl Gillan described planning minister Nick Boles last night as ‘completely unmoveable’. Meanwhile, Zac Goldsmith,… Continue reading

Nick Boles

Exclusive: Nick Boles to get roasting from No 10 over ‘rotten campaign’ comments

13 March 2013 17:04

Nick Boles is getting a roasting in Number 10 tonight for his comments in The Times about the Eastleigh by-election, I understand. There was considerable disquiet about the interview, in… Continue reading

Planning minister Nick Boles says we need to protect housing from the pressure of new migrants.

Planning Minister: Govt must be tough on new migrants to protect housing from more pressure

12 February 2013 9:30

MPs’ concerns about how many Bulgarian and Romanian migrants might come to this country when transitional controls are lifted aren’t going away any time soon, by the looks of things.… Continue reading

Homebuilders Barratt Homes Record Year On Year Profits Of 159%

Housing: the south's difficulty is the north's opportunity - Spectator Blogs

10 January 2013 18:44

Three cheers for Isabel’s post on the difficulties Nick Boles faces in pushing through his plans to make is slightly easier to build houses in Britain. I would add only… Continue reading

If Nick Boles wants to succeed in his mission for more homes, he's going to have to overcome some major obstacles. Picture: Getty

Nick Boles is ballsy, but his planning push faces some big blockages

10 January 2013 18:18

Nick Boles is to be applauded and rewarded for being so ballsy on housing need. It is heartening to read the minister describing current housing shortage as ‘immoral’ and a… Continue reading

Nick Boles gave evidence to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee yesterday. Picture: Getty

Nick Boles attempts to soothe planning critics

13 December 2012 12:00

Planning Minister Nick Boles admitted yesterday that he did not believe his controversial suggestion for Britain to build homes on two million acres of countryside should be put into practice.… Continue reading

Conservative MP Greg Barker has said that wind farms are ‘wonderful’ and ‘majestic’, and that they have become a ‘tourist attraction.’ Image: Getty

Why are Conservative MPs so intent on wrecking our countryside?

4 December 2012 12:37

Last week we had Nick Boles extolling the virtues of concreting over what green space we still have in order to tackle an alleged housing shortage. And now, in today’s… Continue reading

Nick Boles

Bold Boles’ planning push is a key example of ‘spreading privilege’

28 November 2012 23:35

Nick Boles has just put in a fierce performance on Newsnight over his controversial remarks on planning. Amusingly, the minister’s remarks aren’t a million miles away from Nick Clegg’s slightly… Continue reading

Nick Boles

Nick Boles: Where the Tories were wrong on modernisation

8 November 2012 17:39

Few people have been more important to Tory modernisation than Nick Boles. He co-founded Policy Exchange, the think tank that has developed most of its policy ideas, and has been… Continue reading

Spectator Cover Art

The View from 22 – Barack Obama’s hollow victory and remodernising the Tories

8 November 2012 9:46

Is there something underwhelming about Obama’s reelection? In this week’s cover feature, John O’Sullivan discusses impact of changing demographics of the America electorate and the challenges this poses for the… Continue reading

Planning Minister Nick Boles at the IPPR fringe event this evening.

Conservative conference: Nick Boles says Labour’s immigration policy contributed to housing failure

7 October 2012 19:20

Nick Boles started his first fringe as a minister this evening by saying that after years of trying to make controversial points at party conference events, he wasn’t going to… Continue reading

Nick Boles

How the Cameron project caught up with economic reality

7 September 2012 21:07

The modernising, Cameron agenda was conceived in times of plenty. It was underpinned by a belief that there would be healthy growth, the proceeds of which could be shared. Since… Continue reading


Modernisation 2.0

30 January 2012 19:01

One of the flaws of Tory modernisation was that it was never interested enough in pounds and pence. Social issues, the environment and public service reform were what the modernisers… Continue reading


Planning to ruin Lansley’s party

2 April 2011 12:56

How can Nick Clegg recover from defeat in the AV referendum? Andrew Grice considers the question in his column and reveals that Clegg is not too bothered about AV: his sight… Continue reading


Boles beats his old drum

3 January 2011 19:33

To accompany Fraser’s suggestion that Cameron and Clegg are planning a merger, it is notable that the ubiquitous Nick Boles has renewed his calls for a formal pact. Previously, Boles averred that… Continue reading