Today’s doctors strike proves how the NHS needs radical reform

10 February 2016 7:49

This is a bleak day for the NHS. The doctors strike has gone ahead and some 3,000 operations have been…

"For The Love Of" Climate Coalition Rally Takes Place In Westminster

PMQs sketch: Kamikaze Creasy

3 February 2016 16:12

The referendum is slowly (very slowly) breaking up Cameron’s cabinet. It’s put him in a weird mood. Yesterday he was…


Government aide halts junior doctors interview: ‘where is Jeremy Hunt?’

12 January 2016 14:49

As junior doctors exercise their right to strike today over government plans to change their contracts, Jeremy Hunt has been keeping…

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The Tories messed up with junior doctors. Here’s what they should have done

12 January 2016 13:31

It takes some skill to turn the BMA into the NUM – but Jeremy Hunt has done just that. It…

A junior doctor on strike this morning (Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty)

Briefing: what’s behind the junior doctors’ strike?

12 January 2016 12:34

What’s the objection to the new contract? It applies to all junior doctors – that is, doctors who aren’t consultants and…

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How will the Tories recover their relations with junior doctors?

12 January 2016 8:59

Junior doctors are now on strike over their new contract, with recriminations between the two sides continuing as the picket…

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Nobody will ever forgive the right if they destroy the BBC

18 November 2015 12:49

Nowhere does the right show its isolation from its own country more vividly than when it demands the destruction of the…

Jeremy Hunt at Health Questions.

Jeremy Hunt clashes with opposition MPs on junior doctors’ strike

17 November 2015 13:46

Jeremy Hunt was grilled by MPs from Labour, the SNP and Green Party at Health Questions today on whether his…

Protesting the proposed changes to NHS junior doctors contracts (September 2015 - London, England)

Podcast: Jeremy Hunt’s catastrophic mistake

12 November 2015 9:30

Is Jeremy Hunt spoiling for a fight with the wrong people? On the latest View from 22 podcast, Dr Clare Gerada debates…

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Lord Warner resigns the Labour whip

19 October 2015 22:05

Lord Warner has resigned the Labour whip in protest at the direction in which Jeremy Corbyn is taking the party,…

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Watch: SNP’s Stewart Hosie asks interviewer ‘why are you doing this?’ as he flounders on NHS and oil

16 October 2015 18:26

Pity Stewart Hosie, the SNP’s deputy leader. He appeared on the Daily Politics today to defend the party’s North Sea…

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon delivers a welcome address to the 81st Annual SNP conference at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference centre on October 15, 2015 in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon explains how a second independence referendum could be ‘unstoppable’

16 October 2015 9:15

Nicola Sturgeon has a plan about how to achieve another independence referendum, even if there won’t be a pledge for one in…

Jeremy Corbyn answers questions from the media outside King's Cross Station on August 18, 2015 in London, England.

Cheat sheet: what Jeremy Corbyn stands for

18 August 2015 14:16

Given by most metrics Jeremy Corbyn is on track to win the Labour leadership contest, his policies deserve to be…


The Conservatives can become the party of mental health — here’s how

4 August 2015 10:00

For too long, Westminster has overlooked mental health. It has been languishing in funding obscurity for decades as a forgotten…

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What did ‘#IminworkJeremy’ Hunt actually say about doctors working weekends?

21 July 2015 17:36

Well, it’s fair to say that Jeremy Hunt’s going to have a fun time at the next doctors’ conference he…

People's Assembly Against Austerity Hold Demonstration And Festival

A trip to Greece might make Charlotte Church fear national debt

22 June 2015 17:11

It is amazing what some people are willing to listen to on a Saturday.  I have just watched Charlotte Church’s…

Prime Minister Gives Keynote Speech On The NHS

The government has found new momentum for NHS reform

15 June 2015 8:00

The PM’s first policy speech in this Parliament was devoted to the NHS and marked a big shift in tone…

Royal Sussex County Hospital, UK

Podcast: the high priests of health and the collapse of Andy Coulson’s perjury trial

4 June 2015 9:02

Is the NHS bossing around the British people too much? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Douglas Murray and Christopher Snowden discuss this week’s Spectator cover…

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Health podcast special: does technology spell the end of the waiting room?

3 June 2015 14:30

Technology has the huge potential to transform the healthcare system. In this View from 22 podcast special, The Spectator’s Sebastian Payne discusses…


Labour leadership contenders make their case at health questions

2 June 2015 13:15

The odd thing about the Labour leadership contest is that while it runs, two of the most different candidates, Liz…

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Illustration: Ian Tovey.

Jeremy Hunt reminds Simon Stevens about £22 billion in NHS savings

2 June 2015 9:13

Jeremy Hunt has fired a warning shot at the NHS, saying that the time for excuses over cost savings is over.…


Cameron’s seven-day GP service is a mad promise straight out of ‘Yes, Prime Minister’

21 May 2015 19:42

I love the series Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister for many reasons, among them the timeless, elegant dialogue that can…

Death in the NHS is becoming a matter of routine (Image: Getty)

Dying Without Dignity: a report on end-of-life care that shames the NHS

20 May 2015 7:18

The name says it all. ‘Dying Without Dignity’ is the parliamentary health ombudsman’s report into over 300 complaints of the neglect of…


What should Jeremy Hunt do next to the NHS?

19 May 2015 11:19

The Tories barely talked about the NHS during the election campaign. It was an area of Labour strength, and one…

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Why GPs are the London cabbies of the NHS

18 May 2015 13:13

GPs are the very personification of the description ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. Following so-called ‘specialist’ training, they emerge…