NHS reforms


Simon Stevens could turn out to be Jeremy Hunt’s Mark Carney

26 October 2013 15:04

Remember the name Simon Stevens. He’s is the new chief executive of the NHS in England and is going to…

Labour has attacked the Conservatives for increasing waiting times at A&E. Photo: Getty Images.

There’s more to fixing the NHS than chasing A&E waiting times

20 June 2013 16:00

NHS workers used to enjoy hearty backslaps for their ‘jolly hard work’ to bring down accident & emergency waiting times.…

The Francis Report into the failings at the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust is published today. Picture: Getty

Where’s the outrage?

9 February 2013 14:38

There’s normally no shortage of outrage in our politics. In Britain today, we specialise in working ourselves into a bate.…

The Health Secretary plans to revolutionise the NHS with IT. But can he gain the public's trust?

Will Hunt’s paperless NHS reform dream ever come true?

16 January 2013 16:45

Jeremy Hunt has announced new plans to shift the NHS into the twenty first century by removing all vestiges of paper by…


More evidence of the need for NHS reform

23 May 2012 16:45

If you want to know why the great Labour-NHS argument about healthcare is wrong, read today’s National Audit Office report…


Lib-Lab bonding over legal aid

17 April 2012 15:59

The Legal Aid Bill limps back to the Commons this afternoon, having had a rough ride through the upper chamber…


Lansley has won, in a way

27 March 2012 16:55

At two thirty this afternoon, the Deputy Speaker announced to the House of Commons that the Queen had granted Royal…

Nick rises to Harriet’s limp challenge

14 March 2012 16:06

Basketball in America. Netball at PMQs. Harriet Harman, Labour’s venerable form-prefect, took her leader’s place today and lobbed a few…

Nicola Sturgeon: We Must Kill Britain to Save Britain

6 March 2012 19:20

It is often said that the case for the United Kingdom needs to be made in a positive fashion. This…


Miliband can count on the NHS in PMQs, but not much else

29 February 2012 13:50

Today’s main PMQs drama came after the session itself had ended. Julie Hilling, a Labour MP who Cameron had said…


So much for taking the politics out of the NHS

28 February 2012 10:49

So here we are again. At least Lord Justice Leveson had the humanity to give us a couple of weeks…


Clegg shifts into NHS attack mode

27 February 2012 16:31

The letter from Nick Clegg and Shirley Williams to Lib Dem MPs and peers raises several interesting questions. The first…


Tim Farron wants competition dropped from the Health Bill

24 February 2012 15:50

Will there be further changes to the Health and Social Care Bill? Liberal Democrat President Tim Farron certainly wants some,…


Miliband snipes, Cameron deflects, Bercow bobs

22 February 2012 15:59

Let’s be honest. I shouldn’t say this but I can’t help it. I’m fed up. The NHS reform process has…

Miliband revels in his NHS attack

22 February 2012 13:21

Today’s PMQs was a reminder that whenever Ed Miliband goes on the NHS he is guaranteed a result. Indeed, I…


Miliband guarantees a return to Brown’s Big Idea for the NHS

20 February 2012 16:08

It would be so much easier for Ed Miliband to attract headlines if he could shout in Andrew Lansley’s face.…

Another headache for Andrew Lansley

20 February 2012 13:55

The Health Secretary confronted by former Unison rep June Hautot as he arrived for this afternoon’s NHS summit at No.10:


A question of trust for Andrew Lansley

20 February 2012 12:21

It’s not too surprising that people trust ‘organisations representing doctors nurses and other health professionals,’ well above David Cameron and…


Tory Ministers need to back the Health Bill

19 February 2012 10:55

Tomorrow’s Downing Street meeting on the implementation of the health reforms is meant to send the message that the bill…


Nick Clegg’s NHS squeeze

13 February 2012 15:51

Andrew Lansley’s career prospects were boosted yesterday — when Simon Hughes said that he should ‘move on’ after the NHS…


Lansley’s battle should’ve never been fought

10 February 2012 14:54

A small war has broken out over Lansley’s NHS Bill — ConservativeHome has three Cabinet members attacking it. I find…


In PMQs, Cameron plays for a draw on the NHS

8 February 2012 15:58

How much does it cost to change a light bulb? Three hundred quid, said David Cameron at PMQs today. Ed…

Miliband gets the better of Cameron on the NHS

8 February 2012 13:37

As expected, Ed Miliband went on the NHS and it helped deliver him a points victory. Whenever Miliband raises the…


Miliband finds his niche, and leaves Cameron looking boorish

1 February 2012 16:07

Miliband is getting the measure of PMQs. Not with respect to Cameron. With respect to himself. He’s learned that his…

Tories push benefit cap in PMQs, Miliband ignores it

1 February 2012 13:43

As expected, the Tories did everything they could to make the benefit cap the subject of PMQs. One Tory MP…