Jeremy Paxman

Paxo turns fire on the Beeb

16 April 2014 18:02

Is Mr Steerpike alone in thinking that Jeremy Paxman can’t be bothered anymore? First there was his wet rag interview with the ‘Chrystal Methodist’ Paul Flowers, the former Co-op chairman.… Continue reading

Soham Trial Nears Conclusion

FGM is a shaming indictment of multiculturalism and mass-immigration

25 March 2014 15:05

A number of interesting things have happened recently: The Law Society has provided legal guidance to ensure that Muslims in Britain can have their wills judged according to Sharia. BBC… Continue reading

Duncan Weldon, Newnight's Economics Correspondent, admits that he had a teenage 'flirtation' with the early politics of Oswald Mosley.

Newsnight of the long knives

21 March 2014 14:19

The controversy over the appointment of TUC economist Duncan Weldon as Newsnight’s economics correspondent has taken a surreal twist. The former Labour Party adviser appears to have used his blog to deaden the impact of a… Continue reading

Investigation In Jimmy Savile Allegations Continues

Owen Jones: ‘the BBC is stacked full of right wingers’

17 March 2014 13:08

Owen Jones has denied that Newsnight’s appointment of former Labour adviser and TUC official Duncan Weldon as economics correspondent is more evidence of ‘left wing bias’ at the BBC. On… Continue reading

Those vans

The BBC’s immigration scare story

5 March 2014 12:11

The BBC’s enthusiasm for anything that might undermine the Government’s immigration policy was demonstrated yet again by the excitable tone of last night’s Newsnight report (above). The thrust of the… Continue reading

Jeremy Paxman

Who can save Newsnight when Paxo goes?

16 December 2013 11:18

Could Jeremy Paxman look any less enamoured with the new Newsnight setup? He stopped bothering to shave as soon as the new boss, Ian Katz, turned up, and an article… Continue reading

(Photo by Mark Nolan/WireImage)

Russell Brand: The Jeremy Clarkson of the left

25 October 2013 17:33

Until Wednesday I couldn’t decide whether Russell Brand was a fatuous buffoon or a misunderstood genius. But then nor, I think, could he.  I’m still unsure, although I suspect that he… Continue reading

Damian McBride has been omnipresent at Labour's conference in Brighton. Photo: Getty Images.

The confessions of Damian McBride

24 September 2013 20:19

The first copies of Damian McBride’s book dropped in Brighton today, and the former spinner has been explaining not just his actions in government but why on earth he decided… Continue reading


Video: Damian McBride’s Newsnight interview

24 September 2013 0:59

Damian McBride broke cover and made his first broadcast appearance this evening on Newsnight, defending his upcoming memoirs. McBride said he is ‘sorry and ashamed’ for those he targeted while in… Continue reading


A bridge too far for Ian Katz

16 September 2013 17:54

More adventures in television from new Newsnight boss Ian Katz. Fresh from his truthful-if-embarrassing slating of Labour’s Rachel Reeves, I hear that Katz has upset another Labour big-wig, Alistair Darling.… Continue reading

Rachel Reeves on Newsnight, was she boring? Photo: BBC.

Ian Katz was right the first time. And Rachel Reeves was being boring on purpose

10 September 2013 16:44

I’ve never met the woman that the Newsnight editor Ian Katz last night accidentally described as ‘boring, snoring Rachel Reeves’, so for all I know, the shadow chief secretary to… Continue reading


The curse of Newsnight strikes again

10 September 2013 9:53

Poor Ian Katz. Just days into his new job as editor of Newsnight and he’s already in hot water. Accidentally panning a guest behind their back is hardly the most… Continue reading


All else has failed. We have to liberalise the NHS

15 July 2013 23:50

What to do about the NHS? I’ve just been on a Newsnight which took as its premise that the model is broken and needs to be fixed. “Uncaring. Cruel. Inadequate.… Continue reading

Deputy editor of The Guardian Ian Katz is to replace Peter Rippon as editor of Newsnight. Photo: The Guardian.

Ian Katz is the new editor of Newsnight

16 May 2013 1:06

Shockwaves this morning in both Fleet Street and BBC land as the news comes in the Guardian’s bridesmaid, but never the bride, Ian Katz, is finally bored of waiting for… Continue reading

Jeremy Paxman's exasperation with the BBC's handling of the Newsnight investigation into Jimmy Savile was clear in his evidence. Picture: Getty

Five key points from the Pollard Review evidence on Newsnight and Jimmy Savile

22 February 2013 22:07

There are over 3,000 pages of evidence in the cache of transcripts, emails, statements and texts for the Pollard Review released by the BBC today. Some of the interviews covered… Continue reading

Redacted sections of a transcript of Jeremy Paxman giving evidence to the Pollard Review.

Censor’s black pencil hovers over BBC’s Jimmy Savile review transcripts

22 February 2013 12:12

The BBC has released its (redacted) transcripts and other evidence from the Pollard Review, which examined the decision to drop Newsnight’s Jimmy Savile investigation. There are thousands of pages of… Continue reading

Why has ex-BBC DG Mark Thompson been re-scheduling his meetings? Image: Getty

Time ticking away for Mark Thompson?

4 December 2012 19:32

Is the net beginning to tighten on Mark Thompson? The Sunday Times have run a story on either the ex-BBC chief, Savile or Newsnight every week since 28 October, and… Continue reading

Patten dedicates about eight days a week to the BBC, he said today. Image: Getty

Lord Patten’s select committee catfight

27 November 2012 22:28

Sparks flew this morning in the Culture, Media and Sport select committee, as Lord Patten came to verbal blows with Tory MP Philip Davies over the extent of his involvement… Continue reading

Could Tom Watson have predicted what came from his statement at PMQs? Photo: Getty Images.

Harman: I cannot vouch for the strength of Tom Watson’s evidence

11 November 2012 15:09

Tom Watson’s Twitter feed has gone a bit quiet recently. Strange, as he is normally quite vocal about media ethics and their failings. But his silence is well-judged: when he… Continue reading

Chris Patten gave a strong performance on the Andrew Marr Show, demonstrating that he had a grip on the crisis. Image: Getty.

Chris Patten claims he has a ‘grip’ on the BBC’s crisis

11 November 2012 10:23

Chris Patten has just appeared on the Andrew Marr Show to discuss the resignation of George Entwistle and to evaluate its fallout. Patten conceded that the BBC is mired in… Continue reading

George Entwistle has said that Newsnight will not be wound up after the latest round of scandal, but can it really survive? Image: Getty.

The end of the road for Newsnight?

10 November 2012 11:56

Oddly enough, re the latest Newsnight/BBC debacle, Esther Rantzen got it right. She was talking on Newsnight. She made the point that her old programme That’s Life regularly did investigative… Continue reading

IDS will be staying put at the DWP. Photo: Getty Images.

Exclusive: why IDS was offered Justice, and how he turned it down

4 September 2012 10:09

Yesterday afternoon, David Cameron met with Iain Duncan Smith. According to a Downing Street source, IDS was offered the job of Justice Secretary. But the Prime Minister did make clear… Continue reading


The coalition to defeat Ken Livingstone

4 April 2012 23:50

The most striking thing about tonight’s mayoral hustings on Newsnight was how often Brian Paddick attacked Ken Livingstone. Paddick, who turned in the most assured performance of all the candidates,… Continue reading


Gove versus Harman

10 August 2011 13:24

The Guardian’s Nick Watt already has a detailed and insightful post on last night’s Newsnight bout between Michael Gove and Harriet Harman. Here’s the video, so CoffeeHousers can watch it… Continue reading


Publishing the serious case review in the Edlington case is the best way to prevent more awful mistakes

22 January 2010 23:48

The Edlington case is shocking and depressing to think about. But I would urge you to watch Gavin Esler’s interview of Ed Balls on Newsnight where he challenged Balls over… Continue reading